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A PowerPoint presentation detailing the importance of being able to tell time at the airport. Designed to be used in conjunction with a special education lesson plan regarding telling time.

Transcript of A Trip To the Airport

  • 1. A Trip to the Airport


  • It is important to be able to tell time.
  • Why is itso importantto be able to tell time when you are at the airport?


  • When you go to the airport, it is very important that you be able to read clocks and tell time. If you dont, you might miss your plane!

4. The Parking Garage

  • The first place you visit at the airport may be the parking garage.

5. The Parking Garage

  • You need to keep track of time and how long your car is in the garage so you will know how much money to pay.

6. The Parking Garage 7. The Airport Terminal

  • Once we park the car, it is time to go to the airport terminal.
  • The airport terminal is the building where people get their plane tickets, take their luggage, and wait for their airplane.

8. The Orlando International Airport Terminal 9. The Check-in Counter

  • The check-in counter is one of the first places you visit in the airport terminal.
  • The check-in counter is where people get their boarding passes for the plane trip.

10. The Check-in Counter

  • You have to get to the airport early, because you never know if there will be a long line at the check-in counter!

11. The Check-in Counter 12. Boarding Pass

  • At the check-in counter, you receive your boarding pass.
  • The boarding pass is the ticket that lets you on the plane.
  • The boarding pass tells you what seat to sit in.

13. Security Area

  • Once you have your boarding pass, you go through the security area.
  • The security area is where people and their luggage is checked.
  • This is done to keep you safe.

14. Security Area

  • You have to keep track of time.
  • The line at security can beverylong!

15. Departures and Arrivals

  • Once we get through security, we check the departure and arrival board to see if our plane is on time.

16. Departures and Arrivals

  • Departures
  • This is a list of the planes that are leaving the airport.
  • The planes are going to another city.
  • Arrivals
  • This is a list of the planes that are coming to the airport.
  • The planes are coming to Orlando from another city.

17. Departures and Arrivals 18. On-time and Delayed

  • Most of the time, planes leave at the time they are supposed to.
  • This is called being on-time.
  • Sometimes, planes leave later than they should.
  • This is called being delayed.

19. 20. The Gate Area

  • The gate area is where you sit and wait for your plane to arrive.
  • This is where people get on or off the plane.

21. While you wait..

  • There is a lot to see at the Orlando Airport

22. 23.

  • While you look around, you have to keep track of time, or you might miss your plane!


  • Luckily, there are lots of clocks around the airport that will help you keep track of time!

25. 26. Baggage Claim

  • When you get to the city you are going to, you go to baggage claim to pick up your suitcases.

27. Baggage Claim 28.

  • Practice telling time, or you may end up like this man, and miss your flight!