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Planning a trip to London

Transcript of A trip to london!

  • 1. A Trip To London! By: Mireia and Carol

2. The London Map Here is a map of the visitor guide of the London. http://www.quickmap.c om/walk2learn.htm 3. The Flight We are going to fly with Brithish Airways. We are going to land in Heathrow Airport. And we are going to meet the Queen Elizabeth II. 4. Heathrow Airport 5. The Transport We are going to go from the Airport to the hotel with the Business Van. And the duration of the route is 37 minutes and the distance 28.4 km. 6. The Hotel The Langham Hotel London We are going to stay in Langham Hotel because it is one of the best Hotels in London. Here a lot of famouse people have stayed.Langham 7. Our sightseeing 8. Restaurants For luch we are going to 5, Pollen Street. And for dinner we are going to go to Santa Maria, which is a pizza restaurant. 9. Madame Tussauds London In the evening we are going to go to Madame Tussauds, which is a museum of wax sculptures of famous people. 10. Harrods We are also going to go to Harrods, to do some shopping. 11. The concert We are going to go to the Justin Bieber concert. It is in the O2 Arena. Its a big place in the centre of London. 12. The Tower of London The second day we are going to go to the Tower of London. Is a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames. 13. The Tea time We are going to go to Fortum and Manson for the Tea time. And its also a store. 14. The Big Ben At the evening we are going to go to the big ben. 15. The Aquarium Club The last night we are going to go to the Aquarium Club. 16. Back Home We love London, but it is time to go home. We are going to go to Barcelona with British Airways.