A Sustainable Tourism Supply...

A Sustainable Tourism Supply Chain UNWTO Awards for Innovation in Non-Governmental Organizations January 16, 2017

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A Sustainable Tourism Supply Chain

UNWTO Awards for Innovation in Non-Governmental Organizations

January 16, 2017

Since 2008

Designs & executes socioeconomic community

development programs to position

Miches as a

sustainable tourism destination.

We strike multisector partnerships and work in four key areas:



Socio-cultural advocacy


Direct Flights to DR

5.6 million tourists per year

New York 3:40 hrs

Miami 2:00 hrs

Madrid 9:00 hrs

Local Access to Miches

Santo Domingo 175 km

Punta Cana 105 km

La Romana 86 km

Major International Airports

Santo Domingo

Punta Cana

La Romana

Miches An emerging, historically isolated coastal

community, located in one of the poorest

regions of Dominican Republic.

Economy based on agriculture, cattle rearing,

artisanal fishing and small businesses.

9.6% finish high


60% lives under

the poverty line

~ 50% under 30 years old ~ 21,000 people

A Sustainable Tourism

Supply Chain

Supported by the Inter-American Development Bank’s Multilateral Investment Fund (IDB/MIF):

Improves market access for entrepreneurs and farmers

Creates an inclusive business model linked to tourism

Supports sustainable agricultural and business practices in the region

Improve supply: quality, volume,


Business plans & education

Access to financing

Knowledge sharing

Strengthen associations and commercialization

Project Components




Actions for Farmers


• Agricultural diversification: passion fruit, watermelon, red peppers and ginger.

• Sustainable farming: More than 1,640 farmers trained in organic and sustainable production;

pesticide use; financial education; farm management and association.

• An ecological farming program is developed, customized to local conditions and implemented.

• At least 200 trained and 50 farmers produce ecologically.

• Carbon and H2O footprint for agricultural products is analyzed and communicated.

Actions for Farmers


• The Cooperative: A multiple-services cooperative is established to organize the commercialization

of the region’s diverse sectors of agricultural goods.


• Microfinance: Access to credit and new financial products developed especially for farmers. More

than U$100,000 in small loans disbursed.

Actions for Entrepreneurs


• Business Plan Development Program: Trains and mentors small business owner in tourism and

agricultural services.

• 24 entrepreneurs completed training and presented their business plans to an independent jury.

• 4 business plans accessed seed funding.


• Rotational Fund Program: A low interest rate fund that supports entrepreneurs linked to in tourism

or agricultural services.

Thank you!

Sofia Perazzo

Executive Director


[email protected]