A Study on Teaching Listening Skill Trough Watching Movies at the Eighth Year Students of MTs...

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new way improving english listening skill by using movies

Transcript of A Study on Teaching Listening Skill Trough Watching Movies at the Eighth Year Students of MTs...

1 CHAPTER I Introduction

This chapter discusses some points: background of the study, statement of the problems, purpose of the study, scope and limitation of the study, significance of the study, and definition of the key terms. 1.1. Background of the Study Everybody has learned their language since they were children, especially about their mother tongue. The process occurs naturally and properly with a view to communicate in society. Listening ability in English as foreign language also plays an important role in building communication skill. As we know, communication is a part of humans daily activities. Through communication by using language, we can share our ideas and thoughts with other people. In that way, a smooth interaction between people can take place. In line with the more sophisticated world, we are demanded to be able to communicate not only by using our mother tongue but also by foreign language, especially English which obviously more difficult to do since we have a limitation of knowledge about foreign language. On the other hand, as an international language, English is used to share information, which is often happening in science and technology field. As the foreign language in our country, English is widely taught for the first time at elementary school. The teaching at this level have goal to give basic knowledge of English using as foreign language. And it will be developed at junior and senior high school.

2 Teaching listening is one of the duties that have to be conducted by teachers of English to improve to the students listening ability in English. Listening is a skill that tends to get neglected for various reasons. Here are some of its: 1. Teacher thought by learning speaking, listening skill would be acquired automatically by the students. 2. No serious attention given to listening skill, we just give a nod or hand shake when we try to pretend that we understand others speaking, thought we are not. 3. When teacher teaches listening skill, actually they are not. They just teach more about other skills. In School Base Curriculum 2006, there are some competency standards and basic competencies which have to understand the meaning in simple oral transactional and interpersonal conversation to interact in daily context as the competency standards. The competency is to responds the meaning in simple oral transactional and interpersonal conversation accurately in daily life context, such as giving certainty, hesitancy, asking ones condition, attention or admiration. The indicators of the learning process of these competency standards have been mastered by the students are the student is able to: 1. Understand the speech about asking and giving certainty, hesitancy, repetition, attention and admiration. 2. Mention the meaning of sentences or words about asking and giving certainty, hesitancy, repetition, attention and admiration.

3 It is also necessary to mention that listening is the one of the important item in someone language test. That is enough reason listening skill being taught, besides listening is sometime enjoyable, such as: listen to the radio, listen to English songs, more over watching English movies also involving listening skill. In learning English sometimes the students are getting bored by teachers way of teaching. There are various techniques can be used by the teacher to teach reading, writing, speaking and especially listening. Some teachers thought that listening is the easiest skill to teach, so many of material or English handbook put it in the beginning of material. Actually we can use many interesting media to teach them those English skills. For example by using English songs, movies, or maybe chats in interesting English language. By watching English movies as one of the teaching learning media in English lesson helps to increase the students sensibility in hearing sense and participation. It is because movies are very interesting and the students at all ages like it. There are stories to follow and observe. It will make the teaching learning process getting more interested and enjoyable for both teacher and students. By the facts above, that is one reason why the researcher expected one new way to teaching listening, the alternative technique, motivating the students to learn English and can be useful for those who are interested learning and teaching listening. Moreover MTs Probolinggo is one of develop junior high school in this town. So, the students need to behave and learning English by the way they like is more helpful for them, in this case by watching movies.

4 1.2 Research Problem The writer meets some problems that appear in using English Movies as media to improve students listening skill. Here they are: 1. Is Watching English movie able to improve students listening skill? 2. Is Watching English movie effective to students listening skill?

1.3 Purpose of the Study Considering the problems above, the study is oriented towards the following purposes: 1. To find out whether watching by English movies to improve the students listening skill. 2. To find out the efficiency of watching English movies to improve the students listening skill.

1.4 Significant of the Study Listening is one of aspects in learning foreign language, including English. For many students, listening is very difficult skill to be acquired. So that, teacher has to get right media in improving students listening skill. English movie is one of the Medias which are very good to be used to improve students listening skill. It could help sensitivity to students sense of hearing. The influence of watching English movies is improving students listening skill, because they can get involved, they feel the situation happen in the movie and they can learn the language contextually. Many teenage students like to watch movie, not excepted students at MTs Nusantara.

5 Practically, the significant of using English movies as a teaching English media for the students of MTs Nusantara, the students will know the importance of understanding the movie overall, as good as the local movies they saw. They will study listening better in this way, because they didnt fell studying, they just enjoying they learning while watching movies. Here they can practice their listening ability, enrich the vocabulary and know how to use English for communication, real communication. For the teacher, this new media will enrich their alternative way in teaching English. The teacher can use way as the interesting way to teaches listening English and how to apply it in real communication. For the researcher, teaching listening skill through watching movies will provides new educational research improve the quality of education in the future.

1.5 Scope and limitation of the study Because limitation of the time and references the researcher only takes two variables to study. The first is the effectiveness of watching English movies on improving students listening skill. And the scope is limited to the eighth grade students of MTs Nusantara Probolinggo, which is on the way to became international standard school, which consist of 28 students.

1.6 Definition of key terms 1. Listening is conscious attention to the message of what is said (Shelagh Rixon: 1986). In this paper, what is meant by watching English Movies by students of MTs Nusantara Probolinggo at the eighth year. 2. Listening skills is students ability of understanding the plot of the story, the vocabulary use on the language.

6 3. Watching movies, is a progress to observe the movies scenes provide by the researcher to know what is the scene about. 4. Teaching listening, is teaching the students listening skills to understand what they had heard and give the response as the purpose or as ordered.

7 CHAPTER II Review Related to Literature


The curriculum of English Junior High School The curriculum of English in Junior High School at seven grade students of MTs Nusantara Probolinggo is related the standard competence is to understand the meaning of transactional and interpersonal short and simple conversation to get connected to the closes environment interaction. The based competence are giving response to the meaning of transactional (to get the things done) and interpersonal (socialization) short and simple conversation accurately, fluently and acceptable to get connected in an interaction with the closes environment which is involving act and speech: asking, giving, rejecting help, asking, giving, rejecting things, asking, giving, rejecting argument, and offering / taking / rejecting something. Some indicators that prove the teaching learning process are well done; the students are unable to (1) responding the asking, giving, and rejecting utterances; (2) responding the asking, giving, and rejecting things; (3) responding the asking, giving, and rejecting information; (4) responding the asking, giving, and rejecting argument; (5) responding the asking, giving, and rejecting offering. The allocation of time available for this point is 8 X 40 minutes. The source of the material can be taken from some media such as CDs, Proper text script, recording, picture, things model, environment, internet and book or worksheet.

8 2.2 The meaning of listening Listening is one of the language skills, in the case the writer quoted the definition of listening from: Kamus Besar Bahasa Indobesia: Mendengarkan (memperhatikan) baik-baik apa yang diucapkan atau dibaca orang. Oxford Advanced Learners DICTIONARY: To pay attention somebody/something that you can hear, to take notice of what somebody says to you so that you follow their advice or believe them. Ana Maria Schwartz stated on Listening in a Foreign Language Listening can be described as an on-going series which occur within the listener. The listening activities develop a wide variety of listening in details