A six step content marketing model

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The traditional advertising model is under pressure. Advertising is evolving towards content marketing: instead of a big bang, campaign-only, approach, companies should evolve to an always-on model in which content plays a very important role. This paper gives our view on content marketing. See it as a pragmatic way to start with content marketing in your company. This approach is created based on market research our company InSites Consulting conducted during the last year.

Transcript of A six step content marketing model

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  • ......... What to expect from this paper?......... A pragmatic 6 step approach to start with content marketing. For most marketers content marketing is intangible. This paper makes content marketing very easy to understand and it guides you through the basic principles behind the philosophy. This paper is based on research. InSites Consulting conducted a qualitative study among 27 international companies to talk about the integration of social media. Content marketing was one of the topics. Further, an in-depth analysis of 1,000 Facebook brand pages and 300,000 tweets about brands are used to write this paper. Finally, another source of inspiration was a quantitative study among 400 senior marketers in the US and the UK. The results of this research are translated into both strategic and pragmatic insights that should help companies to better understand and implement content marketing.
  • ......... The objectives of content marketing.........Content marketing is one of the key challenges Being recognised as an expert in your field: Strong and relevant content willfor companies these days. Most companies enhance the positioning of your company. Show that you are aware of the latest trendsacknowledge the need to change their commercial and that you are interested in innovation. This will help you to be seen as an expert inmodel due to the rise of social media. Most your field and will increase general awareness of your brand.companies are looking for ways to become Maintaining relations with existing customers in a positive manner: Share newresponsive towards questions from consumers on content at regular intervals. This will encourage your customers to keep in touch withsites like Facebook and Twitter. Companies also your brand. Do not bother them with new offers every five minutes, but provide themunderstand that they should be proactive and feed with information that is interesting and useful. Offering them relevant and valuablecustomers with conversation-worthy content. The content will make it more acceptable to launch a promotion every once in a while.latter is the main problem. Most companies dont Attracting new customers and grow business: Your content is shared with existingknow what content marketing means. customers and fans. If the content is strong enough, they will share it with their family,In this paper, we want to give a clear view on how friends and colleagues. This is how content brings your company into contact with newto implement content marketing in any kind of people. Relevant content can arouse the curiosity of new prospects, which makes thembusiness. want to discover more about your brand. In the end, content marketing should lead toIn case you wonder why content marketing is an increase in revenues.important, these are the objectives to achieve with Increasing social media reach: Finally, good content will automatically ensure thatcontent marketing. your company has a wider reach on social media. This will increase support for your content and increase its impact. A wider reach also makes it easier to achieve the first three objectives.
  • ......... A 6 step approach in content marketing.........Content marketing consists of 6 different steps. Each of the steps is equally important;they all play an important role in achieving the previously mentioned objectives.1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Content Editorial Create ManageTopic conversion content shareable content Measureselection: strategy: planning: content: conversation: success:define what you want to content marketing has once you have defined the right content once the content is the moment the contentbe famous for. There is to lead to an increase the topics and the domain (step 1) is launched, people will strategy is up anda content overload in in revenues. Think conversion strategy, important but not react to it. Be open to running you canthe world. The magic upfront about where create an editorial sufficient. The content this engagement from measure its impacthappens when you find conversion should calendar. Set up a needs to be easy to your audience and be through a set ofa topic you are happen. Define a top roadmap so you know share and worth ready to answer relevant KPIs. Theseknowledgeable in and conversion point and when and where sharing. People tend to questions or to give KPIs should be athat the market is still lead people to this point content will be shared. spread content that is feedback. Next to this combination ofwaiting for. Select your through your content Streamline the content positive, relevant, conversation business generationcontent domains calendar with all other appealing and contains management, think measures andsmartly and be marketing actions in a benefit. Take that into about the role of conversationalconsistent in your order to increase account during the industry influencers measures.choice. impact. The content creation of the content. during the launch of calendar should also your content. describe the level of intensity of each content action. The rest of this paper gives a detailed description of each step.
  • 1....Topicselection
  • 1.Topicselection:Looking at the current content overload we find on the By combining the internal (the extent to which you are unique) and external (whatInternet, it is essential that your company only offers people are looking for) dimensions, it is possible to create four main contentrelevant content. The choice of the fields you wish to categories:concentrate on will determine whether you aresuccessful or not. In order to make the right decision, To be avoided: content in which you are not unique and for whichyou must carry out both an internal analysis (What can there is little demand. In other words, a waste of time and money.you do and what can make you different?) and an This category must form 0% of your total content.external analysis (What is the market looking for?). Competitive: content which the market is interested in, but in which you are not unique. In view of the level of market demand, you willFirst and foremost, look for areas in which your occasionally, perhaps even regularly, need to use content of thiscompany can offer unique content. Also study carefully kind. Bear in mind that your competitors will also be sharing thiswhat the market wants. What topics are of particular kind of content, so limit your efforts to a maximum of 25% of yourinterest to your target group? You can track these topics total content.down by conducting a nethnographic investigation, by a Niche: not many people are interested in this content, but it doesdetailed online search or by market research in which differentiate you in the market. Invest where necessary, but limityou map the conversations of consumers. Combine all your efforts to 15% of your total content.these elements to make a smart content domain Focus: the content where you can really make a difference. Thereselection. is market interest, but your competitors are not able to satisfy this interest. 60% of your total content should fall into this category.
  • 2....Contentconversionstrategy
  • 2.Content One of the ultimate objectives of a content strategy is to attract new When creating your content, take into account the memory of Google. customers or persuade existing customers to re-purchase. In other Google has a great memory. By using the right words and titles, yourconversion words, content should lead to conversion and to an impact on your content will pop up quicker in Google searches. This creates a higher business. To achieve this, you will need to draw up a touch-point flow of readers, which eventually leads to a higher conversion.stra