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The goal of any transformation is to become light and free, just like the butterfly who emerges from its cocoon. It does not happen overnight, but it can happen with a bit of patience and your eyes on the prize.

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A Modern Metamorphosis

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Life feels better when you are free...


A Modern Metamorphosis

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A Modern Metamorphosis The Greek root of the word “metamorphosis” involves two concepts: meta refers to change, while morph refers to form. Thus, a metamorphosis is a change in form. For some plants and animals, the transformations they go through involve very visible changes to their bodies, such as when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The former hardly resembles the latter in any way. Humans, meanwhile, are capable of significant growth that never reveals itself to the outside world. Most of us are easily identifiable in our childhood photos, and the subtle changes that come with aging present themselves so gradually that even we do not always recognize them from year to year. The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity. So said the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. What was true a century ago is still true today: the most meaningful changes that we go through in life are hidden from view. This could be because they happen slowly, or because they happen deep inside of us, or both. Either way, these types of changes mean more to us than anyone around us, and the effectively change who we are, often at a cellular level.

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Deep Change If you are a woman embarking on a personal transformation, and especially if the metamorphosis has already begun and you are experiencing some of the pains associated with deep change, it can be a comfort to know that you are not alone. Not in your struggle, and not in your longing to become a better version of yourself. The desire to fly free like a butterfly is something any earthbound creature can relate to, sooner or later. There are entire communities of people who are going through some of the same things as you, right now.

What is it that drives our need to change? It could be dissatisfaction with some aspect of ourselves, such as our physical appearance or our poor communication skills that seem to cause more trouble than happiness every time we open our mouths. In the case of our bodies, it has always helped to think of it simply as the shell through which our real, spiritual selves are experiencing this world. Sure, an aging or imperfect body can make life a painful experience, just as a young and vibrant one can make us free to run and jump for joy as children do. The reality is that the only way to transform our body for the better is to care for it as best we can, while also accepting the fact that it is human, highly susceptible to flaws, and destined to decline with age.

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Emotions Are Physical An important part of physical health is emotional health. Did you think they were two separate things? Think again! Emotions are intricately linked to physical well-being, which is an even more important reason to care for our bodies with proper nutrition and sufficient movement throughout the day. You know how it changes your mood to feel hungry; often, the same listlessness results from inactivity, too. It is truly amazing what can happen to your emotional and physical health when you attend to these two simple requirements. Both involve energy: the input of energy in the food we eat and the output of energy in our physical activities which are so vital, not just to our physical appearance but to the health or our hidden systems, including our brains.

The inner monologue we all hear in our heads can be a culprit which allows or prevents positive change. Like cells that combine to form the organized units we know as organs, words work together to communicate meaning, both to ourselves and to others. It is important to remember that the language we use to talk about anything, including personal transformations, is based on a string of otherwise meaningless symbols, and we it take for granted that these symbols will communicate effectively with other people. Everyone is different, and comes to the table with slightly different mental perceptions of the meanings of words, so the next time you feel frustrated by interpersonal communication, you can relax a bit and blame it on the imperfections of language.

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Strength Is Beauty Once you have fortified your inner self and learned to accept the inherent fluctuations of emotions and language, you can focus on your external appearance. Chances are, dissatisfaction with part of your body may be what motivated your initial desire for a personal transformation. The first thing you should do is erase all images you have of the perfect woman, unless that image is yourself, as you are now but stronger and healthier. Of course people judge others based on appearance, but just as happens when a baby is born; the most important thing is that she is strong and healthy.

Why is it important to be strong? Not only does it increase our ability to weather life’s storms (including the aging process), but it gives us the freedom and flexibility to try new things, or to continue to do the things we love. Ignoring our health puts us at risk for a host of devastating diseases which rob us of the joy of life. In other words, with strength comes action. You are free to direct your energy and activities in the ways that are the most meaningful to you, but you will not be able to do anything if you are lethargic, bedridden and depressed. Doing is being. That may be a tad philosophical, but if you think about it you will realize the wisdom of that three-word phrase. Just as your mother probably told you that you are what you eat, you also are what you do, repeatedly. If you sit on the couch and watch TV all day, you are a couch potato. If you run every morning before work, you are a runner. If you volunteer your time building homes for disadvantaged people or spend your Saturdays at a soup kitchen, you are a philanthropist in your own way. The important thing to remember is that your habits define you, both to yourself and to others. So, think about what you do on a daily basis and decide if that is how you wish to be in the future, because doing is being.

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Environmental Change “Environmental change”, in this case, is not about global warming or overpopulation. A woman wishing to transform her life in a meaningful way will consider her immediate environment and the ways it influences her well-being. Being surrounded by too many needless things, or even too much noise in the form of a constantly blaring television, takes away from the deep need we all have for peace, order and simplicity. Why does it feel so good to visit a national park or a cavernous but light church, temple or mosque? The answer is that it contrasts so dramatically with our bustling homes and offices with their incessant chatter and influx of information and objects, never leaving us in peace for a moment.

It may not be possible to live in a tent in the wilderness or enter a convent just to enjoy the silence, but there are certain steps you can take to experience serenity now (apologies to Frank Costanza). To begin with, you should purge your space of anything that is not used or which does not bring joy to you for sentimental or whimsical reasons. Once you have done so, you should immediately experience a new sort of lightness. You may be tempted to enjoy the emptiness and observe how the energy of your space changes when air and light are more free to flow through your home. If some of your things were discarded due to damage or disrepair, you may need to replace them in the event that they contribute to a functional home or office space. The goal of any transformation is to become light and free, just like the butterfly who emerges from its cocoon. It does not happen overnight, but it can happen with a bit of patience and your eyes on the prize. If you need some motivation during the process, an excellent guide is the Tiara Transformation System. The system smartly addresses the root causes for why a woman might want to transform herself, and provides a series of steps which can be easily followed to keep her on track even during the more challenging times. It is the anti-diet, anti-workout system that allow a woman to continue to be her fundamental self while making the slight adjustments that permit her to eventually soar free of the heavy baggage of life’s problems like regret, resentment and non-acceptance.

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