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A Guide To Etiquette s. Simple Steps to Build Good Relations through Good Behavior. Overview. Why good manners? Basics of good manners Telephone etiquettes Gratitude and appreciation Introductions Punctuality Use of mobile phones Conversations Courtesy and chivalry. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Guide To Etiquette

A Guide To EtiquettesSimple Steps to Build Good Relations through Good Behavior

1OverviewWhy good manners?Basics of good mannersTelephone etiquettesGratitude and appreciationIntroductionsPunctualityUse of mobile phonesConversationsCourtesy and chivalryhttp://ssetu.ahduni.edu.in

2What is Etiquette?The dictionary defines etiquette as:

Conventional rules of social behavior or professional conduct.

Simply put, it is:Plain Good Manners



4Why Good MannersGood manners foster mutual respect amongst peers, seniors, friends & people in general.Make for a healthy and conducive work environmentReduce tension: Good for your health and general well beingImprove productivity at work http://ssetu.ahduni.edu.in

5Simple Steps to FollowAlways make eye contact and greet people appropriately.Always acknowledge the persons presence and greetings.Be cheerful and pleasant as you greet even if you are not feeling great.Remain consistent in recognizing friends as well as acquaintances.


6Basics of Good MannersIt is good manners to stand up when a senior, a lady or a guest enters the room.

After exchanging greetings sit down after your visitor is seated.

Your body language must appear focused and receptive.


7Basics of Good MannersStand up when:Shaking handsWhen doing Namaste etc.Always shake hands when offered.Wait for the senior person to offer his hand first.Let the lady offer her hand first.


8Telephone EtiquettesIncoming Calls:Greet the caller.Identify yourself.Make sure your tone of voice is normal and polite at all times.Your choice of words and tone should convey your positive attitude.


9Telephone EtiquettesAs you lift the handset, make sure you stop talking to the person with you.

Do not keep people holding the line.

Instead of rushing through the conversation, politely inform that you would call later and do call as promised.http://ssetu.ahduni.edu.in

10Telephone EtiquettesOutgoing Calls:Identify yourself and greet.- Be brief and to the point in your discussions.Leave a message in the voice mail if the caller is not in.Identify yourself clearly while leaving the message in the voice mail.


11Gratitude and APPRECIATION Make it a point to thank people for what they do for you.This applies even for receiving services you have paid for.Compliment people for good work done or help extended.Appreciation has its own rewards for the giver as well as the receiver.http://ssetu.ahduni.edu.in

12IntroductionsIn any situation, be it social or work related event, it is courteous to:Introduce people who do not know each other.When doing so:Mention the names clearly so that names of both persons are clearly heard by the concerned persons.http://ssetu.ahduni.edu.in

13IntroductionsIn a formal group self introductions can be encouraged/initiated. It is not necessary to introduce people in a public gathering.In office set-up, always introduce a junior ranked person to the senior.Use designations and add a few courteous words about the person.


1414IntroductionsWhen you are introduced:Make sure you get the name of the person right.In case you have not heard the name clearly it is ok to enquire politely.Remember a name remembered the first time is never forgotten.Show genuine interest in the person.http://ssetu.ahduni.edu.in

15PunctualityBeing late for a class, an appointment or meeting is discourteous to others or the person you are going to meet.It shows you have scant regard for the person(s) and his/their time.In case you are going to be late, either inform and apologize or make it a point to reschedule your meeting.http://ssetu.ahduni.edu.in

16PunctualityIf invited for a formal event it is necessary to be punctual. Do not make even your friends wait, even if it is for a casual outing.For meetings, set a reminder for the time so as not to be late .When you call a meeting make sure, no matter what, you must be there before others.http://ssetu.ahduni.edu.in


18Use of Mobile PhonesKeep your mobile phone silent during meetings or gatherings. It is rude to be preoccupied with it when in company.Keep it switched off during lectures, seminars & conferences.Dont be tempted to fiddle with it.It is a mark of disinterest and hence disrespectful to do so.


19Use of Mobile PhonesAt work place and in public places, keep the ring tone volume low.At work place avoid ring tones of popular film music.In common areas like lobbies, corridors, staircases etc. dont talk loudly.Be discreet and excuse yourself when you have to attend to a call.http://ssetu.ahduni.edu.in

20ConversationsShow genuine interest.Listen intently and wait patiently for your turn to speak.Dont interrupt or monopolize the conversation.Avoid expressing political views too strongly.Dont get agitated & lose temper.


21ConversationsAccept the fact that there can be other points of view also.In serious or focused conversations, be to the point and professional.Mind your language always.Dont get personal, keep it issue-based.Sense of humor helps to connect.Dont criticize or argue.Wait for your turn to speak.http://ssetu.ahduni.edu.in

2222Courtesy & ChivalryMake way for people in passages or corridors or narrow spaces.Dont intrude into a persons private space. Maintain a yards distance when in a queue.Hold the door of the lift or a room for the person behind you.Thank if the door was held for you.Offer a seat of privilege to others.http://ssetu.ahduni.edu.in

23http://ssetu.ahduni.edu.inThank You!