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  • 1.circulaire currency voor een circulaire economie a circulaire currency for a circular economy

2. 2 Who we are Barry Voeten 40 Information science Designer Kleureneconomie Teacher IT 3. 3 In Short Lineair economics Circular economics Paradigms of linear and circular economics Paradigms biology Design errors linear economics Kleureneconomie Questions Exercise Which Colour is it? World Caf Which shift does this colour elicit? 4. 4 Linear economics Uit: The story of stuff 5. 5 Linear economy is a tapeworm Design Error! 6. 6 Money and produce go in opposite directions 7. 7 Linear economics Material shortage Waste surplus Recycling not a built-in feature Need to buy a new product 8. 8 Cycle? 9. 9 Circular economics 10. 10 Mud Jeans 11. 11 Circular economics Optimal production and reduction Infinate recyclability Production and reduction for minimal energy cost Biomimicry 12. 12 Linear / Euro economy Circular economy Depletion Resilionce Possesion Use / Responsibility Waste Cycle Euro Euro Max profit Keep balance Competition Cooperation Large Scale Small Networks Darwin Sahtouris Paradigms 13. 13 Trapped in the economic web 14. 14 A circular business in a linear economy Required to grow in order to pay back loan / interest Supplyers and resellers are also required to grow Needs to be balanced financially Compete on a market where the lowest price wins Hopping on 2 thoughts economy or ecology 15. 15 Myth Economy is competition. Just like nature. 16. 16 Paradigma's in biology Charles Darwin 1859 Life is an endless competition for scarce resources Elisabet Sahtouris 2005 Life is continuing self- creation 17. 17 Conclusions part 1 We need a circular economy The linear system is not designed to support circularity Use euro -> money drain Circular economy is part of a new paradigm This new paradigm is also found in biology Economy = Darwinism : short-sighted. Why is there a money drain? 18. 27 November 2010 18 Design Error 1 Creation of Money 19. 19 Money is a debt 20. 27 November 2010 20 All Money is born as a debt Principle of money creation Example: Mortgage 100.000.- Money in tell 5.000.- New money: 95.000.- Interest 1st year: 5.000.- 100.000 (1+0.05)^20= 265.329,77 21. 27 November 2010 21 When is the interest money created? Money is a debt Debt interest The blue money is never being created Pay interest = fetch money from newly created debt Someone will be screwed. 22. 27 November 2010 22 Fiat-money Fiat = approval State fiats private bank (FEB, ECB, DNB) to create money And borrows it State pays interest to private bank Since Babilonia Companies fill pockets States are broke 23. 23 No definition of Monetary Unit 24. 27 November 2010 24 Value of money 25. 25 Free market / euro-economy Money creation with interest Competition Forced growth Cheapest possible production Definition of money. What's money worth? Stock markets Consumer confidence 26. 26 Kleureneconomie Attempt to set Economy = Ecology Distinguish energy, material and waste in 3 dimensions : R G B Red = Energy Green = Material within its cycle Blue = Material lost from its cycle 27. 27 Paradigm Colour Economy Economy = ecology Defined Units of Currency Holistic systems approach Life Cycle Strive for balance Transparancy Responsiblity Local / regional Self organisation 28. 28 Retailer Raw Materials Supplier Producer Consumer Destructor 29. 29 Definition 1 red = energy in 100 gram sun flower oil = 3400 kJ 1 green = 100 gram material within the cycle 1 blue = 100 gram material lost from its cycle 1 1 1 30. 30 31. 31 32. 32 33. 33 Where to apply Kleureneconomie Consciousness / reclection Product Labeling investment indexing Barter (b2b) Material exchange Energie swap Complementary currency Education Community Cmmercial business Banking NGO Governments . ! 34. 34 Exercise: where to put ... 35. 35 World Caf Shift by Colour Pick a table. Fysical Tables Red Green Blue in the tent Irc.xs4all.nl #redtable pass: red #greentable pass #bluetable pass: blue Which shift does this colour elicit? +- 15 minutes until . 36. 36Which shift does this colour elicit? 37. 37 Which shift does Red elicit? 38. 38 Which shift does Green elicit? 39. 39 Which shift does Blue elicit? 40. 40 Stichting Kleureneconomie Founded 2003 Bookds: Een evenwichtige Economie (2006) Colourcash (2010) kleureneconomie.nl Everything copyleft / Creative Commons Workshops Courses Custom Projects 41. 41 Social Media @kleureneconomie Omgekeerde economie (groep)