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  • What Babies Are Teaching UsA Collection


    Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D., R.N.

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    McCarty, Wendy Anne.What Babies Are Teaching Us: A Collection/ Wendy Anne McCarty.

    First ebook 2005 McCarty Collection, February 6, 2005.

    ISBN 0960658-0-0

  • Copyright 2005 Wendy Anne McCarty. For copies, www.wondrousbeginnings.com.

    What Babies Are Teaching UsA Collection


    Being With Babies Booklet Set

    Volume One An Introduction

    Volume Two Supporting Babies Innate Wisdom

    The Call To Reawaken and Deepen Our Communications with Babies

    Keys to Healing and Preventing Foundational Trauma

    The Power of Beliefs

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  • Copyright 2005 Wendy Anne McCarty. For copies, www.wondrousbeginnings.com.


    This collection contains my Being with Babies Booklets and three previously publishedarticles. You will find some overlap in that each publication is an introduction for anew group. Each article brings in new elements as well.

    Being With Babies: What Babies Are Teaching UsVolume One & Two

    These publications were written in response to parents request during theirinvolvement at the BEBA research clinic. I was working therapeutically with infantsand their parents at the BEBA Clinic. Families who had heard of our work, hadchallenging births, or had infants who were showing some stress/trauma symptomsor difficulties would come to the clinic. The agreement was that they would allowtheir sessions to be video recorded and allow the material to be used for researchand educational purposes. We would work with the baby and parents for 10-30sessions until the babys stress patterns appeared to be resolved and the familyresourced and ready to complete.

    During this time, we were modeling and teaching parents new ways of being withtheir babies that incorporated prenatal and perinatal psychology principles and avariety of therapeutic skills. As we modeled the principles with how we interactedwith their babies, they saw and felt the difference and healing changes in theirbabies. Yet, it was a different orientation that what was in the mainstreamAnd they asked if we could write something simple something that they couldshare with their parents, friends, child caretakers, and other professionals workingwith their families. I wrote these booklets to meet that need. Now they are global.(They are still available in the original gift-quality printed format through mywebsite.) For years, I have wanted to come back to writing more in the series, butinstead, I helped to create the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. Now, I amcurrently writing a parenting book that will greatly expand these originally publishedprinciples and others as well.

    The CALL To Reawaken and Deepen Our Communication with Babies

    I wrote this article as I was writing my Welcoming Consciousness book and I beganthe paper much like my book. The article was for the doula community. Often doulaswould say that they intuitively knew or felt some of the principles emerging out ofPPN research, yet because these concepts and principles are still so different than ourcurrent mainstream ideas, they would feel hesitant to go there publicly with theirfamilies. I wrote this article to provide information, support, and encouragement toincorporate these ways of perceiving, conceiving and relating with babies into theirpractice.

  • Copyright 2005 Wendy Anne McCarty. For copies, www.wondrousbeginnings.com.


    Keys to Healing and Preventing Foundational Trauma

    This article was actually assembled by the ISSSEEM staff. They contacted me sayingone of their staff members had heard me present at the 2003 ATLC meeting. Theythought my message and the handout I had provided conference attendees was veryvaluable. They had gone to my website and read Luis family story and had put thesetwo pieces together as an article. I revised it slightly, and an article was born. It is agreat little article with a list of prenatal and perinatal psychology (PPN) principles anda list of questions to ask in terms of exploring aspects of early experience. Luissstory beautifully portrays key PPN principle and one way to utilize this material withones children. It was oriented towards the Subtle Energy and Energy Medicinecommunity.

    The Power of Beliefs

    This article was based on a presentation I made at the Association of Prenatal andPerinatal Psychology and Health Congress in 2001. The importance of theimplications that young babies already have imprinted behaviors and beliefs wasaddressed in this work and has been a primary theme of mine. It truly changes ourentire understanding of babies and our beliefs about babies as we begin to see thatmany of babies behaviors, challenges, and ways of being in the world are reflectionsof what they experienced, imprinted, and learned during the prenatal, birth andnewborn periods. This paper was the beginning of the articulation that has lead tothe integrated model I began to articulate in Welcoming Consciousness (2004).

    Thank you for valuing this material and what babies are teaching us.Enjoy.

    Wendy Anne McCarty2/6/05

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  • Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D.5662 Calle Real, #221

    Goleta, California 93117

    CopyrightNovember 19, 1996Revised May 2000

  • I want to express my gratitude to the families and babies that I havehad the opportunity to work with in the BEBA Clinic and in myprivate practice. Their integrity, courage, love and commitmenthave truly been inspiring. They are the true teachers of what iswritten here.

    I want to thank the many teachers that I have had the opportunityto work with and four that have helped me build the foundation formy work today: William Emerson, Ph.D.; Franklyn Sills, R.P.P.;Peter Levine, Ph.D.; and Raymond Castellino, D.C. R.P.P.

    I want to thank my friends who believe in the importance of thismessage and who have graciously given me their feedback andsuggestions.

    I also want to acknowledge and thank my many beloved friends inspirit. This book is dedicated to Bill, my partner in spirit, whowas devoted to the messages contained in this volume.

  • The principles and ideas in this booklet areas true for the prenate, the baby being born,

    and the newborn as for an older baby.

  • Babies, children and adults have been telling their stories of what itwas like for them to come into this world - what it was like for thembeing inside their mothers womb, being born and coming out intothe world with all of us. Over the last thirty years, a new field ofprenatal and birth therapy has developed that focuses on these earlyexperiences. This new therapy is profound and is helping babies,children and adults heal the stress or trauma that may have occurredduring that time. One of the most significant discoveries in this workcomes from babies, children and adults showing us ways of beingwith them that would help them as they come into our world.

    If someone has given you this booklet, you probably have a baby inyour life. In this booklet, I share with you some very importantprinciples we are learning from babies about how to help them intheir transition into life. Incorporating these principles into yourrelationship with babies and children can have profound impact.

  • What we are learning is revolutionizing thefundamental beliefs we have about

    prenates and babies and our ways of beingwith babies to support them.

  • Our experience from the first moments of conception, from the timein the womb and birth itself has profound and lasting impact. Theseearly experiences imprint and establish our core view of the world,our feelings about ourselves, our health, our body, and how weare going to relate to it all. Being a conscious and aware being doesntdepend on our brain development or physical body. We come inthat way!

    We are the naturally empathic. From the beginning, we are wiredto be very sensitive, responsive, receptive beings that merge withothers around us, especially mom and dad.

    We learn by feeling and experiencing with others and are thereforeaffected by others. And, we learn about who we are by how othersaround us relate to us.

    We have been repeatedly awestruck by the level of presence andawareness prenates and babies have. They are able to understandwhat is said to them, follow the meaning of it, and they respondappropriately. They are very sensitive to what we think, feel, sayand do.

  • Babies are communicating and responding to us and their environ-ment all the time. Their expressions are not random, rather theyare intentional and meaningful. Some expressions are quite overt,while others are very subtle. Babies express themselves through:

    Facial expressions.