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  • Discover Explain Typically, an opening sequence will contain: Details of cast and crew. The film's title. An introduction to character or character type. Indication of place. Indication of historical period. Information regarding mood and tone. Date Term ?, Lesson ? 1
  • Discover Explain Typically, an opening sequence will contain: Introduction to signature theme tune. Information about genre. Questions that the viewer finds intriguing (sets up enigmas) Patterns and types of editing that will be echoed in the remainder of the film. Mise en scene and cinematography that will be echoed or elaborated upon later Date in the film. Term ?, Lesson ? 2
  • Develop 9 Key Frames The quickest way to analyse a sequence is to build a 9 Frame Analysis By selecting and looking at 9 frames in detail, you can see HOW the opening sequence establishes the key elements Have a look at this student example what level would you give it and why? Date Term ?, Lesson ? 3
  • 9 Frame Analysis By Lianne Woolley
  • This logo is for the New Line Cinema institution. It looks dark and mirky suggesting that the film is going to be dark and mirky too. Frame 1 The background is Black suggesting that the film is going to be jumpy. It is shown at the start of the film to create tension before the film starts. The purple glow around the edge draws the audiences eye towards it and creates a sense of supernatural.
  • This frame is shown before the film starts, it slowly tracks across the screen. This helps to build up tension before the film starts. Frame 2 The dark background is black and red suggesting blood and disaster. The sign says Do you believe in fortunes. This relates to the film because it all started at a theme park and the whole film is based around fortunes-life and death.
  • This next frame is where the film starts. The shot is at a low angled shot of the ride going up and down. It also looks like it is a point of view shot through someones eyes. This angle looks like it is going to land on the audience creating tension . Frame 3 The black sky contrasts with the red ride. The red stands out and suggests blood and death within the film.
  • This high angled shot shows that this character (the first one to be shown) is going to be the main character in the film. Her red coat suggests something is going to go wrong because it stands out in the darkness. The red suggests blood. Frame 4 The camera is shown as a symbol in this frame because it links into the film later on.
  • This frame, is a the group of friends/couples. It is in a busy place suggesting that there is going to be a lot of deaths with in the film which is true. Frame 5 This shot follows the characters as they are walking along gives the effect that you are actually there. They all look like there having fun, just like normal teenagers which helps the audience connects to the characters because they can relate to them because they are just like them.
  • This frame is a close up of the camera that the girl had being taking pictures of. The close up shows that the camera is going to be important within the film and is going to play a big part. Frame 6 This shot slowly zooms in to the camera as the 2 characters are still talking, showing the importance of the camera. The background in this frame is quite light and not dark which is not normally used in a horror film. It could suggest that the camera is going to be useful in the film helping the characters in some way.
  • This is frame shows different stalls at the theme park. This frame shows some clowns which is a typical convention in a horror film. This is because a lot of people have a fear over clowns suggesting that the characters are going to be come paranoid. Frame 7 The background again is not dark which contrasts with the clowns because they look scary and intimidating. This shot is a close up of the clowns as the camera slowly moves onto the next shot giving it effect because it shows how many there are.
  • These look like 2 vulnerable blond girls that are more than likely to be killed within the film at some point due to their characteristics. Frame 8 This frame is where the girl is taking a picture again, this brings the audience to the camera again showing that the pictures on the camera are going to be important. This shot is where the girl is taking a picture of the two girls meaning that the camera is still like the audience is taking the photo.
  • The statue of the devil looks big that shows how much power it has. It links to the roller coaster in the background because of the colours of the devil is the same colour as the tracks. Frame 9 This looks like the devil and the roller coaster are linked to the film, because it is showing that the girl is scared of the roller coaster, another typical fear. This shot also zooms into the devil making it closer and closer to the audience creating tension.
  • Develop 9 Key Frames Open the template in STUDENT COMMON/MEDIA STUDIES/AS MEDIA Select your 9 Key Frames from your chosen opening (remember to consider your genre!) Analyse each one in detail! Date Term ?, Lesson ? 14
  • Trailer Frame Analysis:
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  • Develop Homework 1. Your mind map of the conventions of a title sequence (using www.bubbl.us) should be completed by THURSDAY 21ST 2. Complete your 9 Frames Analysis by TUESDAY 26TH 3. Update any missing posts from your blog! 11/11/2013 Autumn 2, Lesson 3 17
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