8095 - Research by Edelman on Gen Y

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The 8095 Exchange: Gen Ys, their actions surrounding brands and the dynamics of reverberation.

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Research conducted by Edelman on Generation Y and its members habits and behaviour in relation to brands.

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  • 1.The 8095 Exchange:Gen Ys, their actions surrounding brands andthe dynamics of reverberation.

2. TROPHY KIDSDIGITAL NATIVESMTV GENERATIONNINTENDO GENERATION LOST GENERATIONMILLENNIALS GEN Y 3. TROPHY KIDS 8 in 10 Gen Ys say they are satisfied with their lives. -STRATEGYONE SURVEY FOR 8095ECHO BOOMERSDIGITAL NATIVES MTV GENERATIONLOST GENERATIONGENERATION Y MILLENNIALS World events in their lives include the global recession, 9/11, 2004 Asiatsunami, Japanese Earthquake, Google and the Facebook phenomenon. 4. OUR FOCUS: 1980-1995Why Gen Ys matter tomarketers 4 5. THE AVERAGE AGE OF THE WORLDS POPULATION IS 28.-CIA WORLD FACTBOOKTHE OLDEST GEN Ys TURNED 30 THIS YEAR.BY 2015, 47 PERCENT OF THE WORLDS POPULATION, NEARLY THREEBILLION PEOPLE, WILL BE UNDER THE AGE OF 25. -WORLD BANK5 6. Gen-Ys on marketersMarketers assume we have trouble focusing or staying faithful to brands,as if were always moving on to theMarketers think were young next, bigger thing. and irresponsible. There aremany of us who are advanced- MALE, 21, INDIAin our careers, were married,we have kids.Marketers think they can wave shiny things in front of us and we will -FEMALE, 26, U.S. follow - not true. With the technology we have, were more able to research products before we buy. -MALE, 24, AUS 7. A challenge in defining Gen Ys is that they areprogressing through fundamentally different life stages. Life is vastly different from 15 to 30. Adolescence toadulthood, high school to university or the workforce,single to married, becoming parents. 8. INTRODUCING8 9. Global POV, Supplemental ongoing focus group GLOBAL STUDY 3,100 MILLENNIALS IN EIGHT COUNTRIES CONDUCTED WITH STRATEGYONE BRAZIL, CANADA, CHINA, GERMANY, INDIA, ITALY, UNITED KINGDOM, U.S. SEGMENTED: MALE AND FEMALE AGE GROUPS (15-18, 19-24, 25-30) LIFE STAGES (HS, COLLEGE, YOUNG PROFESSIONALS) LOCATION (URBAN, SUBURBAN, RURAL) MOMS AND DADS 8095 LIVE ONLINE COMMUNITY OF 500 MILLENNIALS IN THE U.S. 10. WHAT WE FOUND10 11. KEY INSIGHTBRANDS AS A PARTNERSHIPAND FORM OF SELF-EXPRESSION 12. Brands help 8095ers define their personal brandBrand preference is the #1personal identifier Gen Ysare willing to share online. 8095ers said they are more willing toshare their brand preferences onlinevthan any other piece of personalvinformation, including theirhometown, personal photos, employername, websites they view and manyothers. I like brands on Facebook because it posts it on my wall to all my friends so they can see what I like. - 28-year-old female 12 13. 8095ers: Not as fickle as you may think Brand loyalty is strong overall for 8095ers. Globally, 70 percent of 8095ers say they keep coming back to companies or products that they like. 13 14. 8095ers: Engaging with trusted brands6 in 10 8095ers willshare more personalinformation with trustedbrands.14 15. In building brand trust, nothing matters more thanquality, authenticity and integrity.1 in 31 in 31 in 5depend on brands to say they look for say give me toolslearn about new brands to make ato help me in othertrends. positive impact onaspects of my lifethe world. 1 in 5 and I will likelywant brands to help switch brands.them achieve theirpersonal goals. 16. KEY INSIGHTINFORMATION IS A KEY TOINFLUENCE 17. Information sharing fuels their sense of self Many 8095ers say their happiness increase with each person they share their success stories with. 8095ers look for information about brands online an average of 7.4 times per month. Gen Y mums led the way at 9.2 times per month. 18. 8095ers are not making brand purchase decisions in silos Half of 8095ers use four or more sources of information to help them make brand purchase decisions. 31 percent use seven or more sources of information. 19. 8095ers: Always on A constant flow of data feeds 8095er thoughts and conversations, and they are rarely disconnected from technology. 75 percent of 8095ers say they are disconnected for an hour or less every day. 1 in 7 globally say they are never disconnected (1 in 5 in the U.S. and nearly 1 in 6 in the UK).19 20. KEY INSIGHTTAKING ACTION ONBEHALF OF BRANDS IS ACORE VALUE 21. 8095ers: Taking action is a core value THE AVERAGE AGE OF A FIRST TIME MOM IS 25. -MINTEL, US From joining brand sponsored online communities9 in 10to viewing and recommending videos or news stories, action has become a part of the fabric of social interaction.8095ers take 20 percent of 8095ers have attended a brand sponsored event within the last 30 days. Of thoseaction on behalf who attended, 65 percent purchased a product featured at the event.of brands online Nearly 70 percent of Gen Ys recommend theirand offline everyfavourite products to friends and family.week. 22. 8095ers: I like you8 in 10 8095ers havejoined a brand sponsoredonline group.1 in 4 have joinedseven or more brandgroups online. 23. 8095ers: More positive than negative 8095ers want their social networks to know about their brand experiences online. 47 percent of 8095ers write about positive brand experiences online, while 39 percent write about negative experiences. 24. Opportunities for marketers Help 8095ers help you: 8095ers want to engage directly with brands and will help market your products in exchange for investing in them.Be a source of credible and relevant information: 8095ers dontmake brand decisions without reaching out to multiple sources. Maximise points of reverberation: Open a conversation with 8095ers where they are most likely to share positive experiences with others; from shopping to social networks to brand events. Think beyond digital: While digital is a key channel when targeting 8095ers, offline experiences and word-of-mouth both face to face and via mobile, make a significant impact. High end electronics and fashion brands are not the be all end all: 8095ers will become advocates for brands in all categories if marketers engage them in relevant ways. 25. 8095: Continuing the conversation FACEBOOK.COM FACEBOOK.COM/EDELMAN KEY UPDATES AND INSIGHTS- TUMBLR EDELMAN8095.TUMBLR.COM OUR BLOG, VIDEO INTERVIEWS, 895X365, ASK A MILLENNIAL TWITTER TWITTER.COM/EDELMAN8095 QUICK DAILY UPDATES AND INSIGHTS IN 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS. SINA WEIBO T.SINA.COM.CN/EDELMAN8095 QUICK DAILY UPDATES AND INSIGHTS IN 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS. 26. THANK YOU