8 Types of Worktops to Enhance Your Kitchen D©cor

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Know here about 8 exquisite types of worktops that will enhance the beauty and gives a royal touch to your kitchen and bathroom areas. MKW Surfaces offer Quartz, Granite, Natural or Engineered Marble, Limestone, Onyx, Quartzite and Ceramic types of worktops for your kitchen and bathroom. We are also associated with some top stone brands like Compaq, Quartzforms, Caesarstone, Silestone, Technistone, Diresco and more. Visit http://www.mkwsurfaces.co.uk/ to know more.

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8 Types of Worktops to Enhance Your Kitchen DcorWorktops are an integral part of every kitchen.Kitchen worktops enhance the overall look and feel of any cooking space.

We offer a wide range of worktops to add a touch of royalty to any kitchen

Stone worktops are definitely one of the most popular and recommended varieties.

Quartz Worktops in London

Quartz worktops are non-porous and are a great choice of material, owing to their looks and magnificenceThese are made of natural quartz, silicon and oxygenThey are known for their excellent durability and strengthGranite Worktops in London

The aesthetic appeal and stellar looks of granite worktops are enough to make you forget that they are not naturally occurring.Yet they have beautiful stone crystals ingrained in them which lend them their beautiful stain.Natural Marble Worktops in London

Natural marble worktops are re-crystallized rocksThey have been extensively used to build great architectural featsEngineered Marble Worktops in London

NaturalMarbleCalcareousmineralsPigmentsResins+++Limestone Kitchen Worktops in London

Limestone worktops are composed of skeletal fragments of marine organismsThey are known for their fibrous textureEasy stain removal process can be applied to them with the use of mild alkaline productsOnyx Kitchen Worktops in London

Onyx worktops are made up of silica and quartzThe glassy sheen that this stone exudes is due to the semi-precious stones involved in its composition.Available in a range of colors, they can easily draw eyes whether in a home or a commercial kitchen. Quartzite Kitchen Worktops in London

Quartzite worktops have beautiful crystallized quartz grains in them.This spectacular, naturally occurring stone can give you kitchen a glassy and elegant look. It is one of the most durable options. Ceramic Kitchen Worktops in London

Made out of compressed clay or sand which is then baked and glazed, ceramic worktops can give you the perfect finish to your dream kitchen. They are highly heat resistant and have great longevity Choose from our worktops for high quality and competitive prices.

SilestoneCompac QuartzDirescoCaesarstoneTechnistone

We have a team of specialists working to bring together the right material, design and color to give your kitchen an aesthetically pleasing look.Why MKW?

Our team of experts not only help execute the installation process of these worktops but give it the perfect finishing touch.

MKW Surfaces20-22 Wenlock RoadLondonN1 7GUTo buy any of these exotic stone worktops, contact us:Tel: 020-3078-8912E-mail: hello@mkwsurfaces.co.uk

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