7.6.11 West Canopy & Interior Work

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Transcript of 7.6.11 West Canopy & Interior Work

  • 1. Phase 2A
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    West Canopy & Interior Work
    July 8, 2011

2. New west side canopy completed with all lighting installed.
3. New copper gutter installed on north canopy adjacent to Plaza.
4. A large roll-up door installed on the west wall.
5. The future baggage area gets a new door with brass fixtures and restored windows that allow plenty of light.
6. This beautiful marble counter was reinstalled.
7. The freshly refurbished grand staircase steps and new stainlessness rail.
8. Mechanical systems under the plaza in the final stage of installation.
9. Communications equipment room under construction.
10. Staircase and lift door (right of stair) to mezzanine space above future Amtrak offices.
11. At the mezzanine level this area will serve as restrooms and locker rooms.
12. Future Amtrak break room on the mezzanine level.
13. Additional interior partitions installed for future use.
14. This space, under the northeast corner of the plaza, will be the recycling room. Metallic, automatic roll-up doors provide convenient access.
15. A new steel guard plate installed to protect Jackson Street structural wall.
16. On the stations west side crews installed 31 additional geothermal wells expanding the efficient, sustainable heating and cooling systems.