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Terminodour Odour control for the 21st Century

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  • Terminodour™

    Odour control forthe 21st Century

  • Terminodour™

    Terminodour system at Tenbury Wells for Severn Trent Water Services

    Terminodour™ and the EnvironmentTraditional odour control systemsconsume a significant amount of energyand, in many cases, utilise large quantitiesof chemicals, water and media requiringregular and expensive disposal.Terminodour™ offers a low carbonfootprint solution for odour abatementas power consumption is a fraction oftraditional systems and Terminodour™does not require any chemicals, wateror media.Terminodour™ provides costeffective proven odour control in anenvironmentally beneficial manner.

    Terminodour™BackgroundThe first Terminodour system wasinstalled in the UK in 1996 since thenthe process, through a programme ofresearch and development, has becomeone of the most exciting developmentsin the field of odour abatement.Extensive process development has nowresulted in a tried, tested and provensystem that is providing our clients withcost effective odour control andimproved air quality. Our referencesspeak for themselves but we will happilyprovide you with contact details so youcan check our credentials.

    The Terminodour™ProcessThe Terminodour™ process combinesventilation and ionisation technologyto provide efficient air distributionwith maximum oxidation capacity todeliver highly effective odour controlwithin a building or any enclosedspace.The Terminodour™ processencompasses a holistic approach toeffective odour abatement and, wherepeople are present, ensures goodinternal air quality.

    OperationMost odour control systems extractodour from the point of source andfeed via ductwork to an abatement

    system where the odours are eitheroxidised or absorbed before thetreated air is emitted to theatmosphere.The Terminodour™ systemdoes not extract the odour but actuallyoxidises the odour at the point of

    source using either the buildingsuperstructure or space beneath thetank cover as the reaction vessel.

    Fresh air is drawn by a fan (3) into theTerminodour™ system via an externallouvre (1) and is then filtered (2) toremove particles.The filtered air is thenpassed into the plasma reactionchamber (4) where the hydrogen andoxygen molecules are electricallycharged in a 5:4 ratio (negative/positive).The resulting ions are then distributedaround the building according to thelocation and severity of odour emissionpoints within the building or chamber.

    The ductwork system design is anextremely important part of the process

    and is a critical element of the design toensure that ions are distributed at theright quantity and rate to meet the levelof odour generation at specific points.

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  • The heart of the Terminodour™ processis the Terminodour™ air handling unit(AHU) that contains the principal systemcomponents; these include the inletfiltration section, fan(s), plasma reactionchamber, ionising modules etc.

    Terminodour™ Reaction Terminodour has the capacity to oxidiseall organic odours, efficiency is a functionof contact time and the length of themolecular structure of the molecule tobe oxidised. Hydrogen sulphide is thetrace indicator gas found in wastewaterand given sufficient contact time with theions produced by the Terminodour unitwill be oxidised to a benign, non-toxicsulphate ion.

    Terminodour™PerformanceCSO Technik can provide performanceguarantees for odour abatementefficiency on both new build and retrofit

    applications. Performance efficiencyvaries according to a number ofparameters however we typically offerodour reductions of 80 -95% within abuilding and up to 99% for storage tankor wet well applications.

    Terminodour™ApplicationsTerminodour™ has been proven to beefficient in numerous applicationsincluding :

    • Municipal wastewater• Industrial wastewater• GRP or FRP manufacture• Food processing

    Terminodour™ Benefits at a Glance• Cost effective odour abatement • Combines odour abatement and

    ventilation in one package• Low carbon footprint• No chemicals, water or media disposal

    costs• Instantly effective – no start up delay• Can handle variable loadings• Simple non specialist maintenance • Reduces sulphide inspired corrosion • Improves internal air quality• ATEX rated

    Terminodour™ Health and SafetyCSO Technik have designed theTerminodour™ system specifically fortreating odours in areas that maypotentially have explosive gassespresent such as wastewater treatmentplants.The system has full ATEXcertification.

    Although it is perfectly possible forionisation equipment to produceozone the Terminodour™ designensures that any ozone produced isminimal and far below the occupationalexposure level of 0.1ppm.

    Scope of SupplyCSO Technik offer a complete turn-keyservice including: odour surveys, design,manufacture, supply, installation,commissioning, testing and after salesservice. In addition to Terminodour™we are able to offer a wide range ofalternative odour control systems andancillary products such as GRP covers.

    Terminodour™ system providing odour abatement for a pumping station atVaguarda, Spain adjacent to local amenity area

  • Reference Applications - Municipal Wastewater and General Industrial

    Project Name: Swansea WWTW, UK

    Client: Dwr Cymru

    Completed: 2007

    Application: Installation of Terminodour™ system to the lamella areas, inlet works and fats, oil and grease (FOG) areas

    Building Volume: 16155m3

    Odour load: Hydrogen Sulphide

    Objective: 80% H2S reduction within 1.5m of odour source

    Achieved: >92% H2S reduction within 1.5mof odour source

    Project Name: Edar Lolin Anchovy Processing Plant, Spain

    Client: Edar Lolin

    Completed: 2008

    Application: Food processing wastewater treatment plant.

    Building Volume: 275m3

    Odour load: Hydrogen sulphide (

  • General Industrial

    Project Name: Ash Meadows WWTW, UK

    Client: United Utilities

    Completed: 2006

    Application: Municipal wastewater wet well and combined sewage/storm water storage tank

    Tank Volume: 396m3

    Odour load: Total odour


  • Terminodour™ Combination Systems

    Odour Abatement - Solutions

    In certain applications, specifically whereodour levels are very high,Terminodour™may not be a stand -alone solutionhowever in combination with variousscrubbing systems it can provide a lowercost solution by treating the highvolume/low load odours withTerminodour™ but extracting the lowvolume/high load odours to a separateodour abatement scrubbing system.A typical application would be a sludgecentrifuge building.This provides thefollowing benefits:-

    • Smaller scrubbing system – lower capital and running costs

    • Much lower power demand due to lower pressure drops

    • Reduced footprint• Improved internal

    air quality

    CSO Technik believe that no singleodour control system is suitable forevery odour problem, consequentlyCSO Technik provides a full range ofodour abatement solutions includingthe following:-

    • Biofilters• Bioscrubbers • Dry Chemical Scrubbers • Wet Chemical Scrubbers• Catalytic Iron Filters

    CSO Technik provide a complete turnkey project service including supply andinstallation of ancillary equipment suchas control panels, kiosks, ductwork,covers etc.

    Specialist VentilationSystemsCSO Technik provide specialistventilation systems for the water,pharmaceutical and general industry, ourexpertise covers:-

    • Safe man entry systems• Boiler make up air• Dust extraction• Staircase pressurisation systems• Investigation, testing and reporting on

    existing ventilation systems.

    Terminodour™ Scrubber

    Bio-trickling filter with polishing carbon filter for Dwr Cymru 2 No. carbon filters and emission stackfor a styrene abatement plant

  • CSO Technik provide a wide range ofGRP covers to suit most applicationsincluding rectangular tanks, circular tanks,channels, screw pump covers etc.

    Covers can be manufactured to suit awide range of loadings according to need.

    Our high security range of covers havedouble seals and are guaranteed not tolift or separate from the structure.The covers are fixed using bolts andembedded nuts to ensure a high qualityseal and that covers can be removedand replaced easily.The high securityrange is specifically for highly sensitivesites or where microbiological hazardsare a concern.

    We can also offer a budget range ofcovers with a single seal arrangementwhere the benefits of the high securityrange are not a high priority and price isof paramount importance.

    Odour Abatement - Covers

    High security flat covers with non tripfixtures, double seals and bolted fixingswith embedded nuts into GRP

    Double seal arrangements andbolts fixed into embedded nutswithin the GRP

    2 No. 38m diameter covers forThames Water at Crossness

  • Also from CSO Technik

    CSO screens

    Inlet screens and screenings handling equipment

    Drum screens

    Flow regulators

    Tank flushing systems

    Heat exchangers (sludge/sludge – sludge/water)


    Flap valves

    Digestion enhancement systems

    Aeration systems

    Specialist ventilation systems

    Local Partner:CSO Technik LtdChequers Barn, Chequers Hill,Bough Beech, Edenbridge,Kent TN8 7PD United Kingdom.

    Tel +44 (0) 1732 700011Fax: +44 (0) 1732 701050Email: [email protected]