7 Signs of the Post Social Media Era

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Market indicators show a business-wide movement into new Internet trends beyond social media. The period of heavy, world changing innovation via social media is closing. The comment box and share is no longer special, and best practices have taken hold.

Transcript of 7 Signs of the Post Social Media Era

  • 7 Signs of the Post Social Media Era
  • Start Ups Are Moving Beyond Social as an End #WhatsNextDC 2
  • 1) The Medium Changed #WhatsNextDC 3
  • 2) Wall Street IPOS Are Waning #WhatsNextDC 4
  • 3) The Rise of Dark Social Image by Blake Herman #WhatsNextDC 5
  • 4) Thought Leadership Vacuum Image by Adam Tinworth #WhatsNextDC 6
  • 5) Commoditization of Social Media Content Image by Food Buddha #WhatsNextDC 7
  • 6) Gaming Google Gets Harder #WhatsNextDC 8
  • 7) Hot Social Is TV? Image by CBS LA #WhatsNextDC 9
  • STOP: Social Is Not Dead #WhatsNextDC 10
  • But Big Breakthroughs Will Come via Other Means #WhatsNextDC 11
  • Questions? Image by Aaron Squires #WhatsNextDC 12