7 lessons about community building

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Community building isn't an easy thing to do. Based on experiences building the OuiShare community and the international conference Here is some advice

Transcript of 7 lessons about community building

  • 7 Lessons about Community Building Francesca Pick @francesca_sp Leergang | Kongress zum Leerstandmelder | October 2013
  • What is OuiShare ?
  • with the mission is to build and nurture a collaborative society by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust. A global community and think and do-tank
  • It all started with a Blog, a #hashtag
  • The circle grew quickly.
  • Then we needed a name
  • #1 Rule : M.P.R.L. Meet People in Real Life
  • community building think tank knowledge production do thank project incubator services what we do:
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/piratenpartei/3908069700/ 1 Team distribuited accross the globe
  • OuiShare Connectors
  • What we did
  • Community Building 2 Global Conferences 2 Tours (LATAM/Europe) 3 Internationale Summits 100+ OuiShare Events In more than 25 cities in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East
  • Think Tank Since July 2012 240+ Articles (FR/EN/ES) 60+ contributors 30.000+ Unique Visitors/month 10.000+ Facebook Fans 6.000+ Twitter followers Research and articles about the collaborative economy magazine.ouishare.net
  • Think Tank 70+ Online FB groups - Local - Transversal in EN, FR, ES, P, IT & D - Thematic - Project based - Organisational Grouping 1500+ contributors from > 20 countries
  • OuiShare Fest, Paris 1. International conference about the collaborative economy
  • 150 Speakers 50 volunteers over 200 contributors
  • One website, translated into 16 languages in 2 weeks
  • How did we do it?
  • Create a feeling of togetherness without a shared location
  • Openness Transparency Independence Impact MeetPeople InRealLife Action PermanentBeta Feedback Inclusion Play Shared Values
  • Shared Mission Accelerate the shift to a more collaborative economy
  • Shared Culture
  • Stigmergy Individual autonomy and freedom to create something, regardless of its acceptance or rejection by the group.
  • Hierarchie Group controlled by individuals Consensus Individuals controlled by the group
  • 7 Lessons About Community Building
  • 1. Provide purpose http://www.flickr.com/photos/sidewalk_flying/3534131757/,
  • 2. Give love + show appreciation
  • 4. Empower by distributing responsibility
  • 5. Set low entry and exit barriers http://www.flickr.com/photos/visualpanic/3982464447/
  • 6. Create small work packages
  • Inspired by simbyosi.com
  • 6. Use the right tools
  • Collaborative Translations
  • Empowerment vs. Control
  • Collaborative Project management
  • 7. Find the right team
  • Francesca Pick [email protected] @francescapick Questions? A special thanks to Simone Cicero, Albert Canigueral, Benjamin Tinq, Arthur de Grave