6.1 Launching a New Nation A New Nation. 6.1 Launching a New Nation The Issues of the Day.

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6.1 Launching a New Nation A New Nation

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Transcript of 6.1 Launching a New Nation A New Nation. 6.1 Launching a New Nation The Issues of the Day.

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6.1 Launching a New Nation A New Nation Slide 2 6.1 Launching a New Nation The Issues of the Day Slide 3 A new nation where Americans will have to work out: Who has the power in which circumstance? What does the Constitution say about who has the power? What about things no one thought of when they wrote the Constitution? There is a growing tension between the northern and southern states.. Slide 4 6.1 Launching a New Nation Different Types Of Powers In The Constitution Slide 5 Powers as defined by the Constitution: Reserved: as found in the 10 th Amendment. These are powers only for the states Delegated: found in Article I Section 8: exclusively for the federal govt (also called enumerated or expressed powers) Concurrent: shared powers between federal govt and state govts Slide 6 Remained neutral in politics. Disliked political parties. Too much disagreements he thought. Washingtons Presidency Slide 7 G Washington creates the first presidential cabinet It doesnt say anything in the Constitution about a cabinet. This is one of those implied powers Slide 8 Political Parties begin to develop they are split over how to run the govt Slide 9 People still debate on how the govt should be run Anti federalist Under Thomas Jefferson Federalist Under Alexander Hamilton This is the basis for future division of political parties Slide 10 The parties views of the government Republicans Federalists Strong central govt and the educated to lead the nation States rights and the common man Slide 11 Appeased the Anti-Federalists #1-9 stop Congress from impinging on rights #10 Powers not mentioned reserved to the state govts The Bill of Rights Slide 12 Important Court Case Slide 13 1 st Court System Judiciary Act of 1789 Made a Supreme Court with Chief Justice and 5 associate justices (today it is 9 members) 3 federal circuit courts 13 federal district courts state s court decisions to be appealed to federal court when constitutional issues raised. Guarantees federal laws are Supreme Law of Land. Slide 14 Important Court Case Judicial review is established Marbury v Madison 1803 Slide 15 Important Court Case It states that the Constitution is the supreme law of the nation. This is the Supremacy Clause. sometimes it is called the Commerce Clause McCullough v Md 1819 Slide 16 Supremacy Clause It states that the Constitution is the supreme law of the nation. This is the Supremacy Clause. sometimes it is called the Commerce Clause Slide 17 Important Court Case Federal govt has the right to regulate interstate (state to state) trade Gibbons v Ogden 1824 Slide 18 The new country is worried about debt and finances Slide 19 Create a national bank Tax whiskey Makes the govt look stronger to other countries Hamiltons Financial Plan Slide 20 VA and other large states dont like debt idea Small farmers protest taxes & National Bank Some people think this isnt right because it does not say in the constitution that we can have a national bank! Those who are against the national bank Slide 21 The govt decides to tax whiskey to make some money Slide 22 Whiskey Rebellion Tries the New Nation 1794 PA farmers are mad about the excise tax on whiskey They rebel Slide 23 Whiskey Rebellion Tries the New Nation 1794 Proves federal/national power in domestic events Slide 24 Rebellions 1676 Bacons Rebellion 1786 Shays Rebellion 1794 Whiskey Rebellion Slide 25 Political Parties begin to develop they are split over how to run the govt Slide 26 The parties views of the national bank Anti Federalist or Democratic- Republicans Federalists Supported Natl Bank what the country needs for economic growth Opposed the Natl Bank too much power in hands of govt Slide 27 Foreign Affairs Trouble the New Nation Slide 28 French Revolution Britain and France engaged in war American neutrality declared 1. Jays Treaty 2. Citizen Genet 3. British impressment of sailors Foreign Troubles Slide 29 Jays Treaty Jays Treaty b/w Great Britain and US. 1.Averted war 2.Settled issues which had been unresolved after the American Revolution and the Treaty of Paris 1783 3. Created what would be ten years of peaceful trade b/w US and GB This made the Jeffersonian Republicans mad. They thought this treaty would only benefit the Hamiltonian Federalists Slide 30 Political Parties begin to develop they are split over how to run the govt Slide 31 The parties views of Jays Treaty Anti Federalist or Democratic- Republicans Federalists Jays Treaty is important to avoid war so we can concentrate on economic growth Jays Treaty only helps northern manufacturers. It hurts Southern farmers. Slide 32 Edmund Genet The Genet Affair Edmund Genet a French diplomat who comes to the U.S. He doesnt obey diplomatic procedure but instead starts recruiting Americans in the pubs to join in Frances Revolution Washington demands he be sent home Genet stays in the U.S. and becomes citizen John Adams Pt 5 31:40-36:51 Genet and Jefferson resigns Slide 33 Quasi War with France 1798-1800 Slide 34 Relations with Britain, still smarting from the loss of her colonies, worsened in the early 1790s 1)impressment of American seamen. They kidnap them off the boats & make them work on British shipsimpressment 2)continuing British occupation of western posts within U.S. borders. British Impressment Slide 35 Impressment Slide 36 Washington declares official American Neutrality Slide 37 Political Parties begin to develop they are split over how to run the govt Slide 38 The parties views of Quasi War with France Anti Federalist or Democratic- Republicans Federalists Support Quasi War with France. Britain is our trading partner and that is most important Quasi War with France is wrong. We should be against Britain and we should support French Revolution. Slide 39 Westward Expansion Slide 40 Domestic Disturbances 1783 Treaty of Paris never mentioned the Native Americans The Native Americans want their tribal lands British still in forts along the rich Ohio Valley Americans want to move west into those rich farmlands past the Appalachian Mountains Slide 41 Battle of Fallen Timbers 1792 Ohio area Battle of Fallen Timbers Gen. Wayne destroys the Indians and destroys the forest Slide 42 2 nd President Slide 43 The Election of 1796 Federalist nominate John Adams Democratic- Republicans nominate Thomas Jefferson Slide 44 Slide 45 XYZ Affair Slide 46 Meanwhile, in France XYZ Affair French insult us by trying to bribe our diplomats Slide 47 Are we at war with France? It is a quasi war.. Slide 48 Americans are mad! Federalist take advantage of the anger to pass the Alien and Sedition Acts These acts threaten the First Amendment rights.freedom of Speech, press, assembly, religion, etc. Slide 49 Alien and Sedition Acts Alien Act Residence requirement now 14 years! President can jail or deport any undesirable immigrant Sedition Act Jail for anyone interfering or uttering falsehoods about the gov t Slide 50 What about our 1 st Amendment rights? Thomas Jefferson James Madison (the Democratic-Republicans) Saw this as THE PROOF of federal govt abusing individual rights Of course, they go to the States! Slide 51 Jefferson and young Henry Clay from KY create a document The Virginia Kentucky Resolution which says the states DO NOT have to obey the federal govt and Alien and Sedition Acts its states v federal, again Slide 52 The Virginia Kentucky Resolution States have the right to null and void any act of Congress they think is unconstitutional this is the principal of Nullification Slide 53 Political Parties begin to develop they are split over how to run the govt Slide 54 The parties views of Alien and Sedition Act Anti Federalist or Democratic- Republicans Federalists Alien and Sedition Acts protect the govt in time of war Alien and Sedition Acts prove the national govt is too strong and will trample the rights of the states! RIP Slide 55 3rd President Slide 56 Slide 57 THE MIDNIGHT JUDGES As Adams is about to leave office, he pushes through Congress the Judiciary Act of 1801 He adds 16 new federal judges! Slide 58 JEFFERSON S REACTION TO ADAMS PACKING THE COURT Furious! Jeff argues that some of the documents authorizing the appointments had not been delivered by the time Adams left office, they were invalid THIS LED TO ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT COURT CASES OF ALL TIME: MARBURY v. MADISON Slide 59 This creates the case of Marbury v Madison which is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT COURT DECISIONS in U.S. history The Supreme Court has the power to judge a law to be constitutional or not constitutional Slide 60 Eli Whitney invents the Cotton Gin Slide 61 Louisiana Purchase 1803 New territory investigated by Lewis and Clark Led by Native woman Sacajaweah Slide 62 Embargo Act of 1807 Slide 63 War Is Approaching The War of 1812 Slide 64 We go to war with Britain again! Slide 65 War Hawks They are mad. They think Britain is hurting us in 1. trade 2. Impressment 3. Still own some of land in northern Ohio areas. They want war. Slide 66 War of 1812 1.War in Canada and at sea. 2.British in DC 3. Andrew Jackson in battle of New Orleans 4. Treaty of Ghent Slide 67 Life After the War of 1812 Life is good