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Magazine article on the Beauty Moves Salon in Scratch Magazine.

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igns of shock and bewilderment began to unfold on Jane Sheppards face as she steered her car towards her family home in Atherstone, Warwickshire. The mother of three was welcomed by hoards of neighbours and friends, a film crew and overall-clad strangers; waving banners and cheering wildly as she shakily parked the car. Her husband, Chris, had secretly applied to ITVs 60-Minute Makeover programme after a run of bad luck had left the family feeling low. About eight years ago now I was made redundant twice in the space of just two years, explains Chris. Around the same time, Janes dad was diagnosed with cancer and we lost him within a year and shortly after that Janes mum passed away. They were a horrible few years and the circumstances had a negative effect on our mood as a family, which showed no signs of lifting. Jane and I had been wanting to redecorate the house for years, but Im hopeless at DIY, so I filled in the 60 Minute Makeover application form online and the next thing I knew I was frantically trying to organise a way to get Jane out of the house for long enough so that a researcher and cameraman could visit.

a facelift, along with the unusual request to transform the garden shed. Since completing an NVQ in beauty therapy in 2001, Jane had dreamed of having a private space at home in which to create a relaxing atmosphere for client nail treatments, waxing and tanning. I was a mobile therapist for some time, but found that I wasnt able to create the calming ambience I wanted in someone elses home, explains Jane. I tried working from one of the rooms at home but with three teenage boys, a husband and a dog, it was fairly disruptive! It was one morning, at 5am, that I suddenly woke up and scrambled to the shed at the end of the garden with a tape measure. I had a vision of using it as my working area; creating a treatment room in which I could create the atmosphere I so wanted for my clients with the added convenience of being close to home. But it was one of those circumstances where time flew and we never got around to doing it. A few days before the 60MM team were due to transform the house, Chris and Jane headed to Essex to visit family members. I was getting

60By HelenA BiggS46 Scratch


The family mood has been uplifted thanks to Chris brainwave and the work of the 60 Minute Makeover team.

MAgicImagine returning home to discover tV presenter terri Dwyer standing on your front lawn with a film crew. thats exactly what happened to beauty therapist Jane Sheppard, whose garden shed was transformed into a treatment room live on a tV makeover show

Opposite page: Chris and Jane in their makeover living room This page (top to bottom): Inside the transformed shed; the couples bedroom; view from the living area; the treatment shed

Between April and September 2008, the 60MM team made several trips to the Sheppard household taking measurements, planning designs and asking questions about Janes colour preferences. I had to let a few of Janes friends in on the surprise, explains Chris. If Id started asking Jane about her favourite colours and cushion textures shed definitely think something was up! After discussions with the 60MM design team, Chris had decided that the family living room, the master bedroom and the bedroom shared by the couples two youngest sons should be givenScratch 47



numerous phone calls from the production team, says Chris. It had been so hard to keep the surprise from Jane for five months, and I was desperately worried that shed suspect something when I kept disappearing with my mobile. The surprise had almost been exposed on the childrens school sports day that July. A member of the team came to take some more measurements, and thinking Jane would be occupied at the school for most of the day, I thought wed be safe. But then the heavens opened and sports day was cancelled, so her friends had to ask a stranger to block Janes car in so I had enough time to vacate the house! It was such a relief when a friend whisked Jane to a spa the day before the makeover. Her friends came to help pack away all of the items in our cupboards and we were left with just the large pieces of furniture and some surface items before the 40-strong team arrived at 7.30am the following day bringing with them storage vehicles, a skip and a huge catering van. I didnt suspect a thing, says Jane. My friends had been behaving rather oddly for a few months but Id just put it down to having odd friends! The house was stripped to pieces from 9am that cool September morning, five months after Chris had sent his application to ITV. The 60MM team members, including three of Janes friends, began the 17,000 makeover; ripping down wallpaper and cutting the family sofa in half before hauling it into the skip, painting walls and laying flooring. The living room began to exude style and colour as the old-fashioned fireplace was ripped out and replaced with a chic, contemporary 500 alternative over stripy, modern wallpaper. The orange hues in the master bedroom were replaced with black and gold designs48 Scratch

clockwise from top: The family living area; a happy Jane inside her treatment shed; the boys bedroom; accents of plum in the makeover living room

and a sleek black wardrobe, while the boys had their football-themed room made over with chrome furniture and sophisticated turquoise and brown walls. The lawnmower and table football unit were removed from the secluded garden shed, leaving a large area to line with dark brown flooring and paint in a relaxing shade of cream. Filming paused at 9.30am while presenter Terri Dwyer interviewed Chris, the team took a well-earned break and walls were allowed to dry - all the while Jane was being pampered with a friend in a spa, unsuspecting of the transformation taking place at home. It was getting quite late in the day, explains Jane, I just wanted to go home so my friend eventually had to let slip that Chris had a surprise waiting, so I had to stay at the spa for longer, but I still had no idea what it could be. It did cross my mind that Chris may have bought me a scooter but I really hoped not! Chris is an old romantic at heart so Im used to his surprises!

I wouldnt have been able to choose the dcor myself, but I love it. Ive tried to keep it modern and minimal, but I have to scatter the odd teddy here and there! >>

SalonspotlightAs the team spent the final half an hour adding finishing touches to each of the rooms, Jane left the spa to collect her two youngest sons from school. Coincidentally, or so she thought, her eldest son was also waiting at the school gates for a lift home. Jane drove, the three boys in the back, towards the house. Spotting her brother-in-laws car, and then two of her friends cars, her mind began to boggle before her mouth dropped, seeing Terri Dwyer and a crowd of cheery, paintsplattered faces on her front lawn. I was completely overwhelmed, explains Jane. Im a big fan of 60 Minute Makeover and the shock of being on the show was like being hit by a double decker bus that I didnt see, but the surprise was absolutely amazing. Jane was led upstairs by Terri to the boys bedroom, followed by Chris and her two youngest sons, who saw their redecorated room for the first time. Jane stood at the door, still awestruck, while her sons were asked what they thought of their new living space. The boys absolutely loved it, says Chris. The room was really nice and so grown up. The old carpet had been replaced with silver lino and theyd been given two separate desks so thered be no more arguing. There was a huge whiteboard on the wall and the bunk beds were exceptional, even down to the mattresses. Crossing the landing, Terri slowly opened the door to a sumptuously decorated master bedroom. Jane stood, hands to her mouth as she took in her surroundings; black velvet cushions neatly positioned over gold and black bedding on a leather bed, black and gold wallpaper and thick, harlequin curtains draped beside the grand master window. The dark colours and variety of textures were amazing, says Jane. Chris said on TV that he wanted a sexy bedroom; decorated in dark colours as our window is so big and allows a lot of light through. And I was overjoyed when I saw it!

left: The nail bar in the treatment shed laden with Jessica products Above: The massage chair in the private treatment room Below: Janes reception area

A crisp nail bar covered in Jessica products topped off the lavish area, providing a comfortable space for Jane to perform her signature manicures.Following the camera crew downstairs, they approached the living room. The combination of brown and beige furniture was perfectly accented with touches of plum; from hand blown glass vases to plump purple cushions. Above the contemporary new fireplace, three paintings adorned the wall, created by the 60MM resident artist. The only original item that remained was the large family TV. I wouldnt have been able to choose the dcor myself, but I love it. Ive tried to keep it modern and minimal, but I have to scatter the odd teddy here and there, Jane explains. Before she could take a seat on her plush new suite, she was whisked through the kitchen and up the garden for the surprise finale the transformed shed. The silver key, ornamented with signature J key ring, turned in the lock as the spectacular treatment room came into Janes eyeshot. It was beyond my wildest dreams, she explains. Before her stood a stunning beige treatment couch, draped with new, fluffy chocolate-coloured towels. Blinds and thick, decadent curtains lined the windows to provide a haven of seclusion and relaxation for Janes clients, and in the corner of the room sat a huge cream massage chair, perfect for client pedicures. A crisp nai