6 Surefire Ways to Increase Referrals for Software Engineering Hires

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A guide to increase you employee referrals for software engineering hires. Harnessing an effective employee referral program could see your referral rates increase by more than 50%.

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2. 1ASK CURRENT EMPLOYEES Your employees are your greatest resource in the referral game. After all, they understand what you need. They also know who will t, both in terms of company culture and skills level. Plus, they probably know other developers, either from their university, professional organizations, or members of their network.! 3. One-on-one meetings with current employees are a great way to tap into topics you wouldnt normally get a chance to discuss. For example, think about scheduling casual interviews with existing software engineering employees. In these interviews, ask about their thoughts on your hiring process, their personal experiences with it, and how they think it can be improved. At the same time, you can also nd out if they know any engineering professionals who would be a good t. CURRENT EMPLOYEES CONTINUED 4. 2SET UP AN EMPLOYEE REFERRAL PROGRAM Many referral recruitment softwares come with a variety of tools for organizing and engaging talent -- past, present, and potential. Plus, plenty of these software programs integrate with existing CRM or recruiting software to help you organize job candidates cover letters and resumes. You can also keep track of the actual referrers and engage in follow-up conversations at different stages of the hiring process. ! ! 5. There are three types of referral programs that create different results, particularly with external engineering hires: ! ! Generic programs, those with ad hoc management, often produce 24-27 percent of external hires. Formally managed programs produce on average greater than 34 percent of their organizations external hires Strategic programs, ones that prioritize jobs, link social media and mobile efforts, and involve employer branding, now often produce 48 percent or more ! ! The true employee referral program winner is obvious: Strategic programs allow you to focus your resources on attracting top engineering talent, developers, and innovators. Ultimately though, its up to you to chose the referral program that ts best with your needs. EMPLOYEE REFERRALS CONTINUED 6. 3CREATE DETAILED JOB DESCRIPTIONS While they are important for any job opening, detailed job descriptions are particularly vital when youre looking for the right engineering candidates. For instance most software engineering positions require specialized skills, a certain educational history, or levels of certication in order to be considered for the job. When your job descriptions are complete with this information, you help your referrers to nd the right candidates, as well as cut down on miscommunication and wasted time. 7. In addition to educational history and skills needed, job descriptions should include the following: company information, position overview, application material requirements, contact information, and details about the hiring process. This moves the process a long, while bringing you the most qualied engineers for the job. ! ! JOB DESCRIPTIONS CONTINUED 8. 4TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EMPLOYEES SOCIAL NETWORKS Pairing social networking with referrals can further amplify the process. For example, lets say you have 50 employees at your software engineering rm, each with 200 friends on a social networking site like LinkedIn. Thats a total of 10,000 contacts to potentially tap into for a job referral. Though not every contact will be relevant for your open position, social networking can bring you closer to that superstar software engineer.! 9. Your company can harness the power of social recruiting by encouraging existing employees to share engineering openings on their personal or professional social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Then, you can keep track of progress, such as which social networks bring in the most qualied engineering candidates or which ones create more engagement.! SOCIAL NETWORKS CONTINUED 10. 5USE MOBILE Mobile is the way the world is moving. With the advancement of mobile technology comes the need for other tools to evolve, as well. Employee referral programs must follow suit or risk falling behind. If companies want to connect employees with the best engineering candidates, they need to do so by utilizing the devices people use the most. 11. Here are a few tools you need to have in your referral arsenal: ! Mobile career sites: Since many referrals use tablets or smartphones to seek out these opportunities, having a mobile compatible career site will ensure a smooth candidate experience. ! Mobile referral program applications: These applications allow employees to access the referral program from their mobile devices, not just through an ofce computer or in-house operational system like an intranet. This is particularly helpful for those employees who want to refer quality engineering candidates from outside the ofce, such as from a conference or networking event. ! Text and push notications: Since your employees could have a lot on their plates, they may not remember to check out job openings or refer engineering candidates on a regular basis. Text and push notications are key drivers that can assist your employees to stay active and engaged in the referral process. MOBILE CONTINUED 12. 6PROVIDE REWARDS Rewards are not only a participation incentive -- they can also lead you to more qualied engineering candidates. ! Your rst thought may be to offer large cash rewards or bonuses for referrals that turn into hires. While this is a good idea, small rewards and team rewards go much further than occasional cash payment. Plus, when rewards for referred hires are large, there is a high level of due diligence, as well as tax implications.! 13. Instead, create a rewards program that reects your company, as well as one that appeals to employees. The most successful employee referral systems actually reward referrals, as opposed to hires. That is, you reward for effort. These rewards can be small, such as subscriptions to software engineering publications, professional development opportunities, a day off, public recognition in the ofce or social recognition online, an additional paid vacation day, or even the opportunity to telecommute. !