6 Psychic Skills You Didn't Know You Had

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6 Psychic Skills for Innovators & Creators everywhere. More? See http://intuita.com for Innovation & Intuition Training Workshops http://SpeedIntuition.com - On-Line Training to Turn Insight On & Accelerate Your Intuition Books: Ting! A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better, rated 4 stars by Training Magazine US, & Spark - Raise Your Mind to the Power of Infinity & Create Anything available on site.

Transcript of 6 Psychic Skills You Didn't Know You Had

  • 6 Skills You Didnt Know You Had
  • You have the ability to see things that dont exist. Specialized cells in your mind enable you to conjure a vision in 3D and even 5D, even if you have never seen it before. We usually call it imagination. Or a dream. http://intuita.com
  • You can communicate with people at a distance without using technology. If you have ever thought of a loved one while they were away, or received a message from someone at a distance, you know this.We are totally connected with each other, no matter where we are located.The universe is everywhere and everywhen. http://intuita.com
  • You have the ability to change the past. Just by seeing things in a different light you can reconstitute the past and envision everything completely differently. http://intuita.com
  • You have the ability to change and project your thoughts. The ideas that you have are already shaping and influencing others whether you realize it or not. We are one large connected organism with many identities and individualities. http://intuita.com
  • You can create the future. You can change your life, your job, your hobby, your relationships. You can create things.You can go to new places. You can experience new things. http://intuita.com
  • You can transmit happiness and love to others. This is the easiest thing in the world. Love is the only thing that is continually replenished as it is spent, both for the giver and the receiver. You can change the world today. IntuitaArupa Tesolin http://intuita.com http://speedintuition.com