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Manual Operación Grúa Camión Grove GMK 5160

Transcript of 5160 Operators Manual


  • Title pageVehicle engine Table of ContentsVehicle engineStart vehicle engineChecks after startingEngine BrakeCruise ControlVehicle Engine Maintenance

    Crane engineStarting the crane engineMaintenance

    Operating InstructionsOverview Table of ContentsFundamental safety instructions Table of ContentsApplications Engineering Table of ContentsDescription of truck crane Table of ContentsVehicle engine Table of ContentsStarting Check listInspections before starting up vehicle engineStarting Vehicle engine

    Driving truck crane Table of ContentsChecking the truck crane before drivingGeneral OperationOff the road driving Separate steering (additional equipment)Heating and ventilitionTowing a trailer (additional equipment)

    Description of truck crane - crane section Overview of crane sectionInstrument panelEKS panelControl leverOutrigger control boxFunctional Description of display and operating instrumentsFunctional description of safety devices

    Crane engine Table of ContentsStarting / turning off the crane engineInspection after starting crane engine

    Crane Operation Table of Contents Working with the crane check listPre-heating the hydraulic oil Operating the safe load indicatorCrane work with main boomBeaufort scaleHoistsDerricking gearSlewing gearTelescoping gearFast speedCritical load controlCooling the hydraulic oilDriving a rigged crane Work breakCrane cab heating and ventiliation

    Rigging work Table of ContentsCheck list for rigging work for crane operation with main boomChoosing a suitable siteApproximate values for th eload bearing capacity of the ground

    Outiggers Counterweight Rigging work on the main boom

    Working with lattice extension Table of ContentsWorking with lattice extensionBoom extension ( additional equipment) Auxiliary single -sheave boom tipDriving with rigged crane and lattice extension installedTwo-Hook operation

    Rigging for on the road driving Table of contentsRigging for on-the-road drivingRigging the outriggersRigging the main boom

    Malfunctions on the carrier Table of contentsEmergency stop device on the carrierBreakdown in road trafficTowing the truck crane Tire changeJump-Start-preheating- Charging carrier batteriesFusesMalfunction tablesProcedure in the event of malfunctionTroubleshooting for malfunctions in the auto gearbox

    Malfunctions on the superstructure Table of contentsMalfunctions on the superstructureTroubleshooting for malfunctions that occur during crane operationElectrical SystemFusesSLI Fuses

    Malfunction tablesMain hoist malfunctionsAuxiliary hoist malfunctionsDerricking gearTelescoping gear malfunctionsSlewing and Counterweight malfunctionsOil cooler malfunctionsUnlocking telescoping section I mechanicallyMalfunctions on the SLI

    Technical specifications Table of contentsTechnical description of the truck craneSuperstructure descriptionTechnical DataDimensions and WeightsCounterweight VersionsCarrier informationSuperstructure information

    Table of Contents Alphabetical index