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What are the Traits of Gen-Z and How they will affect the talent Management Process?

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What are the Traits of Gen-Z and How they will affect the talent Management Process?

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Empowering HR

As this is Gen-Z which is born after 1995, fully exposed to the internet environment, making the largest representation on the online platform, is also termed a iGenreration. It is said that this generation does not knock at the doors on their arrival, in fact they communicate thru SMS, whatsApp about their arrival. Like all type of generations they too are dreamers, but yes with a slight differential edge over the previous generations, as that they are fully informed about the ingredients and further execution methodology of their dreams. As this Generation Z is still not out for earning livelihoods, yes they are all preparing them self and are on the edge of taking their final leap towards earning livelihood. Hence the generation (X & Y) which is at the helms of affairs for short listing and hiring, needs to know their characteristics, understand them fully and then prepare themselves so that conducive working environment can be engineered.

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Empowering HR

1) One of the prominent differentiator feature which was possessed by Previous Generations was “Experience” and the same has been complimented by Generation Z with “Knowledge”. Hence to reach out and influence them, effective online presence needs to be made available.

2) They live in a universe which is termed as on line community and the preferred mode of communications is through utilisation of electronic and Social media. Generation Z will be the strong contender in taking the blame of diluting and extinguishing the physical medium or orthodox mode of communications.

3) Two different and dedicated strategies needs to be adopted by the hiring organisations one towards polarisation of the talent and the second towards farming the talent. As this bifurcation will lead towards longevity and stickiness.

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Empowering HR

4) This Generation avoids public meetings and is termed public shy, for them knowing each other is not at a face to face level but purely knowing and meeting through digital platforms.

5) along the year performance appraisals, Counseling them and not evaluating them will help to connect and yield effectively.

6) Their focus needs to be channelized towards lateral thinking instead of process Compliance, as then only the mutual growth expectations can be met and fulfilled.

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Empowering HR

7) Unlike Gen X and Y ,‘Differentiation of role’ instead of ‘Money’ will be the key element to retain a talent in the organisation.

8) Classroom trainings will be replaced by Digital content and curriculum (D2D).

9) They would like to be provided by a work environment which is without physical boundaries has minimal constraints. This means implementation of innovative process and policies including ‘virtual office space’, ‘work beyond boundaries’,‘flexibility’.

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