5 things i learned when i was jobless

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Transcript of 5 things i learned when i was jobless

  • This is a simple presentation of my personal experience and what Ive learned when I was jobless, to get my first job as Process Engineer . I know that there are many looking out for job in their own subjective and desired field , while this 5 things can be applied for job in any field but my focus is in Chemical Industry , in India. Disclaimer: This wont guarantee you a job ! For simple reason that there are many other factors , but, YES, this will definitely help you to move Forward and Guide you in the right direction. You may or may not agree/follow , no issues , its upto you but I will appreciate it if you share with someone who is looking for a job especially FRESHER in Chemical Industry and probably this will help them somehow , someway . This has worked for me but it may or may not for you , but if you read and apply it you might get a clue of what Im saying. ALL THE BEST !! visit www.chengineer.in Tweet me @ursSumitAsrani
  • Any Skill - it can be your passion or required by the Industry, your take ! Make passion your Skill or Make your Skill as your passion. REMEMBER-ILL PREPARE MAY BE MY CHANCE WILL COME
  • Why at least ONE SKILL ? You have to make someone believe in you enough to hire you , which means you have to figure out why youre worthy of someone believing in you .You have to become worthy. So whats better than to have at least one skill to show , to build trust ,to point at something and to say ..(well it can be anything) Listen I know this better than others out there , I can show it to you, now. Which skills shall I posses ? There are many but you can focus on this few of them- Pumps & Pumps Curves,Calc. of NPSH, Pressure Drop, Line Sizing, P&ID, Valves & Valve Selection,Process data sheet,Design of HEx by Kerns method (TEMA types). UTILITIES-All Chemical & Allied Industries uses directly or Indirectly UTILITIES. Softwares like AUTOCAD-Majority of companies uses this for 90% of their work. Learn or know basics of Aspen,Unisim,HTRI,Chemcad etc.
  • Now since you have mastered that one skill- Your Key. Go ahead, talk about it, show your work on LinkedIn profile, in Resume, spread the word that you know and mastered it teach who doesnt know. If you have any doubt ask in Groups, Forum, see what others are talking about in the group, what queries others have-CAN You RESOLVE that, yes, Answer it. Ive done this many times even if they are experienced & senior (because one cant MASTER ALL & neither can drink whole sea water all alone )they might not know the answer but if you know -JACKPOT
  • I learned this from My hard working, Self Employed Father- He taught me, whatever the situation of market up/down, good/badbe there . Always Show up because you never know ,Whats going to happen, do you ? But if you arent there you might miss it. BUILD TRUST WHILE ALWAYS BEING THERE.
  • Everyday I used to REPEAT Im NOT GOING BACK HOME as a LOST SOLDIER When I was outside my home.
  • Sometimes you have to stick around for a long, Long, LONG time before you are heard but does that mean you wont SHOUT.well, yes, if you have another option. BUT option is for others NOT FOR YOU.and you know WHY Because YOU ARE NOT GOING HOME BACK AS A LOST SOLDIER ! Thats it .
  • Probably pretty soon ! CHANCES FAVOR THE PREPARED
  • If you Liked it, Share it Especially with FRESHERS Looking for JOB . If you are a fresher & follow this & you land up with a job , spread the word & tweet me (@ursSumitAsrani) about it ..Ill be waiting for it Always. Any feedback or comments are Welcome. If you are Senior/Experienced person in the Industry & want to add something ..Let me know. Thanks for Stopping by . Hope it will help someone , someway. -Sumit Asrani visit www.chengineer.in