5 sales mistakes tech startups make by Authentic

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5 common sales mistakes that tech startup companies make. Timely selling, growing the pipeline and crafting the right message make all the difference!

Transcript of 5 sales mistakes tech startups make by Authentic

  • Made by tech startups S e l l i n g f o r t h e r e a l w o r l d .
  • If you think your startup has sales covered, think again. Scott Handsaker, Co-founder and CEO Attendly
  • Selling
  • Tech startupS often start selling LATE.1
  • Tech startupS often sell to technology Groups, Not users. 2
  • Tech startupS DONT often Prospect Enough.3
  • Tech startupS often neglect PIPELINE management.4
  • Tech startupS often TouT Features, Not RESULTS.5
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