5 Must-Have Mobile Productivity Apps

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5 Must Have Mobile Productivity Apps IOS APPS FOR BUSY PROFESSIONALS ON THE GO

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Nowadays, we need to do more and more of our work on the go - our phones need to be a venerable powerhourse if we want to match what we can do at our desks. Luckily, there are many apps we can use as tools in this pursuit. So, without further ado, here are our top 5 best iOS apps for mobile productivity

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  • 1. 5 Must Have Mobile Productivity Apps IOS APPS FOR BUSY PROFESSIONALS ON THE GO
  • 2. Turn spare moments on the go into productive inbox-clearing action
  • 3. Tipbit Tipbits smart inbox integrates your mobile email, calendar and social along with personal search - into a minimalist-yet-powerful app UI. By integrating what you need, Tipbit solves many of the dilemmas caused by multi-app usage. The Features: Contextual Indexing engine automatically delivers relevant content to you, e.g. it will find the email with documents relevant to a specific meeting without leaving your calendar. Search within Tipbit and find associated emails, social media activity, and Dropbox files. Our Arbitrary Rating: Must Have!
  • 4. Never forget a big idea
  • 5. AudioMemos AudioMemos is a robust voice note recorder. Marrying a full-featured recording platform with sharing and connectivity, AudioMemos is all you need for voice memos on your device. The Features: In-app editing and quality enhancement software enable more control over your memos than the stock iPhone voice app. AudioMemos gets high marks for simplicity and a refreshing attitude: it has a specific job and does it better than anyone else. Our Arbitrary rating: 94/100 Get it!
  • 6. When a picture may be worth much more than a thousand words
  • 7. Skitch Skitch gives you a new way to communicate important ideas to your friends, family and co-workers using your phones camera. Snap a picture and then mark it up within the app with arrows, text or color. The Features: Clever users (like you!) can use Skitch to convey their thoughts and ideas without boring things like words. Built-in social sharing and airdrop capability connects this app to anyone in your circle Images are stored in Evernotes cloud to be accessed from anywhere. Our Arbitrary Rating: Pick it up!
  • 8. Stop being a card-carrying member of loyalty programs. Literally.
  • 9. LifeLock Wallet LifeLock Wallet allows you to back up every card in your wallet securely. It offers an airtight way to store all of the information in your wallet or simply downsize the clutter of countless gift cards, membership cards, business cards, and pesky insurance and credit cards. The Features: Organizes and saves everything akin to passbook Provides barcodes and QC codes to scan for your membership cards, so you wont have to carry them anymore. Business cards and coupons are stored so you can file the hard copy at home and still always have it with you. Our Arbitrary Rating: You Need it!
  • 10. Ease the pain and paperwork - of managing expenses on the go.
  • 11. Expensify Expensify eases the pain of managing expense reports on the go. Take pictures or auto-scan all of your receipts and Expensify will parse them and drop them into its expense report for your current trip. The Features: Create, Share and Store expense reports from your mobile device Makes it easy to track your mileage using either your odometer or your phones GPS. Keeps track of time; hours worked can be logged and dropped into the expense report. Our Arbitrary Rating: Necessity!
  • 12. Links Click on the icons to download the apps from the iTunes store. Unless you already have them, in which case we applaud your taste, intellect, and initiative. And charming good looks.
  • 13. Thanks for reading, Enjoy your new apps!