5 Common Mistakes in TV Advertising

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Transcript of 5 Common Mistakes in TV Advertising

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    Copyright 2014. The TV Agency

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    5 Common Mistakes in TV Advertising This information is a guide only and is the opinions and work of Anthony ONeill, MD @ The TV Agency. With over 10 years experience working in TV Advertising, I have worked with some of the largest agencies and clients in the UK, as well as small regional clients and agencies.

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    Copyright 2014. The TV Agency

  • Tel +44 191 375 9013

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    Copyright 2014. The TV Agency

    1 - Timing

    If it is not normally a busy month in August, why would

    you want to launch a new TV campaign that month?

    Occasionally, clients will say to me, Should I not

    advertise when Im not so busy, so that I am busy all year

    round? It seems a reasonable question but ask yourself

    this, is there a reason youre normally quiet on a

    particular month? If its down to demand being less for

    that month, as is often the case, then advertising on TV

    might have a slight increase, but I would argue that

    advertising on your busiest month would be more

    effective, because following the same guidance, if this is

    a busy month, because its when your product or service

    is often bought, then advertising at this time will help you

    reach more of your target audience at a time when theyre ready to buy. Sometimes you will have several

    months a year or seasonal trends when demand is high, if

    youre lucky it may even be all year round, but these are

    the months you should advertise. Cost is also a

    consideration and in TV the price changes on a monthly

    basis, for example, your budget in January will go far

    further than in October due to the difference in demand

    for TV advertising.

    Time is right!

    2 - Call to Action

    Ive lost count of the number of times a new client

    complains that their TV campaign delivered poorly,

    in terms of sales or responses. I then look over the

    commercial they ran only to find that there is no call

    to action. If you dont give viewers a reason to

    engage with your commercial/ brand then they

    wont! Be aware, a branding campaign will not

    deliver instant sales! Offers or events etc. should be

    mentioned several times in the commercial, if not

    throughout to gain the maximum response. Adding

    a location, address, website or phone number at the

    end of the advert is a mistake! The first ten seconds

    of your commercial are the most valuable as that is

    when viewers are most engaged, and its now

    becoming an art where advertisers are taking their

    commercials on to the likes of Youtube and getting

    the offer across in the first five seconds, before you can skip!

    One of the countrys first direct response


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    Copyright 2014. The TV Agency

    3 - Choosing a Production company In my experience, your commercial can be the biggest factor in a successful TV campaign. Anyone with a camera will

    tell you they can make a TV advert, in reality though, its a lot more complex! Dont get unnecessarily stressed with a

    inexperienced production company! Ask the broadcaster about whos hot at making TV adverts locally. Avoid

    unnecessary expense on your TV advert. Yes the John Lewis advert cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to make,

    but you can get a basic graphic advert from less than 1,000 and live action from around 3,000. What can often

    affect cost are actors fees, music rights and voice over artist fees. Make sure you are aware of your usage rights - you

    dont want to have to pay every time you run your advert or even risk having someone refuse a relicense, leaving you

    with an advert you cant use any further! Remember, you own all the footage so if you feel you need to change to

    another production company, get a copy of everything shot!

    4 - Appointing a TV buying agency It seems obvious, but ask yourself and the agency if they have bought a TV campaign before. If not, then how do they

    qualify in buying your TV advertising? You would be surprised at how many times I came across an agency that had

    decided (or the client had) that they wanted to book a TV campaign, having never booked one previously, thinking

    they can pick it up along the way. Or you have an agency who comes across as having TV experience and show you

    clients they work with who are large TV advertisers, only to find they dont actually handle the TV, they only do the

    digital but use another agency to handle your TV buying, marking up the costs. Check with the broadcasters if their

    credentials are valid.

    5 - Get a Quote Always get several quotes! You want to make sure you are getting the best value! Ask any agency what service they

    can provide for your TV booking? If its just delivering you a schedule or if they struggle to answer, it is unlikely they

    know how to buy TV correctly. A quick way to tell is to ask some basic questions, for example: What is a TVR? Or ask

    the broadcaster what their media spend is, if its less than 1 or 2 million, then its unlikely they are experienced in TV

    advertising. Ask for a copy of their professional indemnity, since TV advertising is not covered by standard agency

    professional indemnity, as it is a specialist media. Do they have any specialist media software? If not, then they should

    not be buying TV advertising, as they cant provide you with accurate BARB data, meaning they cant determine the

    final value of your TV campaign.

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    Copyright 2014. The TV Agency

    Action Points

    Choose a month to advertise when chances of success are high and cost to advertise is low (January often

    falls in to this category).

    Promote a call to action throughout Call now! Sale On! Event this weekend!

    Set budgets on production, 20% of your media spend is the norm but it can be less or more, depending on

    how often the advert will be used.

    Make sure your production company is Clearcast registered! What is their clock code? What do they expect

    to have to substantiate in your advert? What Supers will appear on screen?

    Appoint a TV buying agency with experience; ask what their buying power is and confirm this with


    Its very reassuring working with The TV Agency! Their

    knowledge of the TV industry is second to none and they have proven that to us time and time again. Working with them, from production all the way through to planning,

    buying and managing our campaigns means that we have confidence in our TV advertising from start to finish.

    Steve Ferry Sales & Marketing Director Vertu Motors

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