5 Big Mistakes of StartUp Entrepreneurs

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5 Big Mistakes of StartUp EntrepreneursAbout Me - Ridho IrawanCo-founder and Chief Marketing at @eXoDigital , digital agency based in Jkt, serving international and local companies such as Electronic Arts, IMVU, LG, CIMB Niaga, Anker Beer, Martha Tilaar, etc.Co-owner and Community Manager of Timnas Indonesia’s Facebook Page, one of the largest soccer communities in Indonesia.Twitter: @RidIrawanFacebook: fb.me/ridhoirawan1. Keep Ideas Secret, Otherwise Someone Will Steal The IdeasThey wontThey will tell you what they thinkThey will introduce you to potential partners/investors/ customersIt's not what you know, it's who you know that mattersPitch everyone!2. Don’t Seek MentorsFind out what other people have done to achieve successMost entrepreneurs are willing to help out a fellow business owner3. Don’t Get Involved in the CommunityOpportunities are generated by connecting with other entrepreneursYou will get new business opportunities, partners, investment, media attention, ideas, advicesYou will get resources that would take you years of trial and error to figure out4. Rushing into FundingStarting a business is all about survivalPlanning always leads to more intelligent use of fundsBuild a profitable and sustainable business model5. Doing It All Alone, Not Hiring Right AwayFind out who can be brought on board to help youSpend your time working on the business and not in the business

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