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Mr. Rafiuddin AhmedMBA (DU), MS (MIB, Unimelb, AUSTRALIA)


Department of Master of Business Administration

American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)

Submitted byNAME OF GROUP MEMBER Ehmed Kushal Imtiaz Towfique Ur Rahaman Md.Ataur Rahaman Md. Zakaria Bulbul Shimul Ahmed ID 10-93592-1 08-92348-2 08-92488-2 09-93050-2 08-92239-1

Course: Brand Management Semester: Fall, 2010-11 Program: MBA Section: ASubmission Date: December 13, 2010

American International university-Bangladesh

Table of ContentsTopics Pgs Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------10 Situation Analysis-----------------------------------------------------02 Four Ps Strategies-----------------------------------------------------07 Positioning Guideline----------------------------------------------------10 Category Identification------------------------------------------------11 Core Brand Association------------------------------------------------12 Brand Mantra For Daab------------------------------------------------12 POD and POP Development---------------------------------------------14 Porters Five Forces Analysis----------------------------------------- 15 SWOT Analysis---------------------------------------------------------19 PEST Analysis---------------------------------------------------------- 20 Ten Success Factors--------------------------------------------------- 20 Brand elements----------------------------------------------------------22 CBBE model for Daab--------------------------------------------------- 23 Limitations--------------------------------------------------------------- 25

After independence the food habit of Bangladeshi people has been changeda lot. Besides our traditional food consumer of Bangladesh like to take western food also after 1980s. As a result of global marketing this was not too hard for the consumers. Different foreign food companies were established in Bangladesh. Beverage industry is one of them. But more interestingly we dont know beverage is also our cultural food because beverage doesnt mean only carbonated drinks. Yoghurt, soup and lacchi are also beverage of our own tradition which consumed for the last 100 years in Bangladesh. But carbonated beverage is new in Bangladesh and today our research is on carbonated beverage market in Bangladesh and consumer reaction to it. Carbonated beverage entered into our market in the later part of 1980. At that time there were only few companies in Bangladesh. But by the change of time and western culture influences its become very popular in Bangladesh. By year 2000 more than 12 Beverage Company operating business in Bangladesh and most of them are foreign companies (Bangladesh Beverage: 2006). As a part of building a new brand, our company XYZ is planning to launch a new product (soft drink) Coconut Water, named Daab, which definitely add new value offerings in our Bangladeshi market. In order to introduce a new product in our market, we must create brand recognition so that people can easily identify and differentiate our product. To build a new brand first we must incorporate some fundamental analysis in our study which helps us to navigate the way we should build our brand. Lets examine each factor one by one as it appeared below.

Situation AnalysisAt present Bangladesh has a very competitive market of beverage. Bangladesh has a relatively hot weather and people tend to be thirstier. So they prefer to take soft drinks most of the time. Beverage took the market of Bangladesh in the first half of 1980. In that time two or three soft drinks were available in the market. But now lots of beverage found in the market. Some of them are popular and some are not so popular. Beverage List: All Age Groups Total 6 product(s) found in category of Beverage for all age groups in Bangladesh. Vita Fresh (Orange) [2008-04-26]

Kohinoor Chemical Company (BD) Ltd. [City: Dhaka] Vita Fresh (Orange) is a delicious drink of orange prepared from natural orange juice crystals. No artificial sweetener is added to preserve the natural taste and flavor of orange. Each sachet pack contains 25ge of dried Orange powder enough to prepare a glass of rejuvenating drink. [Net Weight: 25g]

Premium Classic Mango/Orange Juices [2008-04-26]

The ACME Agro vet & Beverages Ltd. [City: Dhaka] ACME Premium and Classic mango and orange juices are unique because of their taste and flavor. [Pack Size]: Available in 250ml hygienic UHT packs. Vita Fresh (Mango) [2008-04-26]

Kohinoor Chemical Company (BD) Ltd. [City: Dhaka] Delicious drink in powder form extracted from rich and fabulous garden fresh mango crystals. No artificial sweetener is added to preserve the natural taste of mango. Each sachet pack contains 25ge dried MANGO juice enough to prepare a glass of rejuvenating drink. [Net Weight: 25g]

ACME Juices [2008-04-23]

The ACME Agro vet & Beverages Ltd. [City: Dhaka] ACME Premium and Classic mango, orange and Mango range juices are unique because of their taste and flavor. [Pack Size]: Available in 1000ml hygienic UHT packs. ACME Premium Drinking Water [2008-04-23]

The ACME Agro vet & Beverages Ltd. [City: Dhaka] ACME premium drinking water is synonymous to purity. Arsenic Free Mineral water contains proper mineral balance, is suitable for all age groups and bottled in Environment friendly PET bottle as per guide line of BSTI. [Pack Size]: Available in 500ml, 1000ml, and 1500ml bottles.

Danish Mango Juice [2008-03-17]

PARTEX Group [City: Dhaka]

Danish Food Products, a Partex Group concern produces highest quality fruit drinks under the brand name Danish Fruit Juices. Bangladeshi customers have welcomed the mango fruit and orange flavored drink hygienically packed in 250ml aseptic packs. Every age group can enjoy this drink, especially when served chilled in our hot summers. [Packing]: Pack/ quantity 250 ml, Quantity /Carton 36pcs, Carton 3 ply corrugated. Pack/ quantity 200 ml, Quantity /Carton 48pcs, Carton 3 ply corrugated. (Bangladeshi Products: 2008)

Beverage list: Young Consumers In Bangladesh the choice of young people are always different from other age groups. They prefer to take the following 15 categories of soft drinks.

At present there are 19 beverage companies operating business in Bangladesh. They are:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Transcom Beverage Ltd Sun Crest Beverage Industries Ltd Abdul Monem Limited K.Rahman and Company Eastern Beverage Industries Ltd. Sanowara Drinks and Bev. md. Ltd. Asia Business Ltd. Desh Beverage Co. Ltd. Northern Beverage Ltd. National Beverage Industries Ltd. Bridge Corporation Limited Tezarat Enterprise Southern Beverage Ltd. K.Rahman and Company Bangladesh Beverage Ind. Ltd. Dhaka Beverage Industries Ltd Sunny Foods and Beverage Ltd. Tabani Beverage Co. Ltd. K.Rahman and Company

(Bangladesh Beverage: 2008)

Four Ps StrategiesProduct: Coconut Water has traditionally been consumed as a refreshing beverage in a majority of coconut producing countries. Growing consumer interest in the product both as refreshing beverage and as a sports drink has considerably broadened its market opportunities. These growing market opportunities have, how ever, necessitated that coconut water be accessible in a more convenient format and have thus let to development of technology for the preservation and sale of the product in bottle format. Bottling of coconut water not only reduce the cost of bulk freighting and transportation of immature coconuts overlong distance, but it enhances the self-life, adds value and generates income and employment fro small farmers and coconuts water processors. Compositionally, coconut water is relatively high in potassium and is of low sodium content. It majors constituents are sugars which range in concentration from 1.4 to 5% depending on the coconut variety and the maturity stage of the nut from which it is derived. Coconut water also contains small quantities of protein (0.7%) and fat (0.2%) as well as Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals. The commercial production of canned coconut water has traditionally employed a high-Temperature/ short t-time preservation process. The product of this process has, however, found limited consumer acceptance in coconut producing region, owing to distortion of the delicate flavor of the product by the high temperature apply in the process. Cold preservation is, therefore, the method of choice for extending the self life of the product. The cold preservation of coconut water essentially involves collection of the coconut water, filtration and bottling under hygienic conditions. Various levels of bottling and filtration technologies, requiring various levels of skill and investment can be applied in the cold preservation of coconut water. The self-life and cost of the product are greatly influenced by the level of the processing technology. The all natural image of cold preserve bottled coconut water and the fact that it can be produced without the inclusion additives are two winning points with consumers of the product. This guide describes a Middle Level of cold preservation technology, for producing coconut water having a self-

life of at least ten days under Refrigerate condition. This Midlevel of technology employs a single coarse filtration stapes and chilling of the product. Price: For pricing, we follow the competition based pricing strategy. Consumer will base their judgments of a products value on the price that competitors charge for similar product. One form of competition based pricing is going rate pricing, in which a firm bases its price largely on competitors price, with less attention paid to its own cost or to demand. The fir