4 Easy Ways to Grow Your Association with Non-Dues Revenue

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Transcript of 4 Easy Ways to Grow Your Association with Non-Dues Revenue

  • 4 EasyWays to GrowYour Association With Non-Dues Revenue June 18, 2014
  • AboutWebLink SaaS company (Software as a Service), leading software provider to business associations and chambers of commerce Established in 1996, 60 employees, based in Indianapolis, IN 94% customer retention rate 2
  • AboutWebLink Association Management Software Website Design & Development Non-Dues Revenue Programs Partner in Your Success 3
  • Instant Commerce iPad app for mobile commerce Integrated credit card reader New member sales Event registrations Pay open invoices
  • Partner Plus WebLink handles all marketing, sales, ad creation, ad placement and renewals Customized ads and free consultations with members Opportunity for additional website exposure and business referrals Real-time metrics
  • WebLink Blog
  • About Me 6 Years experience in Local Media Advertising Consult on print, online directories and SEO/SEM 2 years at WebLink Helped 100 association raise $1,000,000 in 2 years Launched non-dues website ad campaigns in over 50 associations in last 18 months 9 Justin Greenwalt Business Development Manager WebLink International
  • What is Non-Dues Revenue? Annual sponsorships Events attendance Event exhibitor and sponsorship fees Website advertising Newsletter advertising Webinars/training Merchandise Print publications
  • Why Non-Dues Revenue? Adds revenue to the bottom line Keeps you relevant Additional member benefit
  • Session Agenda 4 Easy Ways to Grow Your Association with Non-Dues Revenue Engage Members/ Market the Program Distribution/Sales Value Proposition to Members Renew the Revenue 12
  • Engage Members/Market the Program
  • New Member Orientation Packets
  • Email Marketing
  • LeverageYour Newsletter
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Teleprospect
  • Strategy + Effective Execution = Greater Participation!
  • Distribution/Sales
  • Sales Campaign Planning
  • Non-Dues Revenue Should Fit IntoYour Overall Marketing Strategy
  • TimeYour Campaigns Sell in cycles or on a campaign basis Limit sales time for each initiative Organize and save time Generate a sense of URGENCY when selling Does not have to be a separate entity
  • Staff Resources Evaluate internal talent and resources Assign staff or trusted third party contractor to manage the initiatives Sales experience is a must
  • SellingTactics Listen to member needs Get in the know Understand the value of what youre selling Present ROI Close the deal
  • Sales Distribution Wrap Up Organization in your Association is key for determining: When? What? Who? How?
  • Value Proposition
  • DeliverValue toYour Members Youve engaged Your staff signed them up to participate in the program NOW! deliver value
  • Value Proposition Value Deliver what is promised Advertising (Print, Online, Newsletter) Deliver ad copy aesthetically pleasing Deliver LEADS ads have to work Exposure All media and sponsorships are done for exposure
  • Pricing The perceived value must be greater than or equal to price. This is essential for renewals. Repeatable revenue stream Print directory pricing is reflected by distribution Website advertising pricing is determined by traffic on website E-newsletter pricing is determined by number of recipients and open rate
  • Renew the Revenue
  • Renew the Revenue Make a Plan for Renewals Growth Renewals make year over year revenue growth possible Pricing Remains the same or incrementally increases with Value Proposition Timing Same time as last years or last cycles sales campaign Consistency Deliver what you promise
  • 4 Key Ideas Revisited Engage Members/Market the Program Distribution/Sales Value Proposition to Members Renew the Revenue
  • Bonus:Total Inclusion
  • Total Inclusion List all members AND potential members in your Business Directory Members and prospects Content rich business directory Re-create the online Yellow Pages, Yelp, or Angies List through your association directory
  • Search Engine Optimization Major Search engines recognizes local associations as a local, credible source for information. The more content, the more opportunity to be identified Drives more traffic & makes your associations website more valuable
  • Upsell to Prospects Leverage the appearance in the online directory to sign new members Some prospects will not have an interest in membership, but will have an interest in advertising/enhanced listings Banner ad sales to prospects Non-members in some cases will pay top dollar to market to your membership I.E. Regus short term, temporary offices chamber audience Industry specific vendors Sunbelt Rentals for Builders Associations
  • Reward Members Give members a higher listing rank than non- members Grant non-members/prospects a line listing at the bottom of their category
  • Increase Member Loyalty More traffic = more referrals derived from the association or chamber website More value in membership Higher lifetime value of a member
  • Coming Up: 3 Questions
  • WebLink Recap:An Integrated Solution ONE web-based centralized database Prospects, members, non-members and all reps in same system Financials, events, email, committees, website, reporting
  • CMS Select Simple to drag and drop content Responsive website design Automatically adjusts for any screen Fully integrated database and website
  • 3 Questions Please answer these to receive a copy of the presentation.