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Launching an ad campaign with Google AdWords is relatively easy, even for novice advertisers. However to capitalize on the full potential of AdWords, most beginners need extensive instruction. These 33 bite-size tips will help you solve the Google AdWords puzzle so all the pieces fit together and function optimally for your advertising needs. See the complete blog post, including source links for each tip, at: http://www.ethos3.com/blog/ Use presentations, infographics, and motion design to enhance your marketing and advertising campaigns. We can show you how. Call Ethos3 today to get started: 1-800-215-3692 Ethos3 is a presentation design agency with premier PowerPoint and presentation designers. We can create the perfect presentation for you: http://www.ethos3.com/contact/

Transcript of 33 Google AdWords Tips, in 140 characters or less

  • 1. D 4IN 140 CHARACTERS OR LESSBY ETHOS3Learn the basics.Ads are placedWatch your To protect your Quality Score;Quality Score, in order of it affects your block IP Ad Rank.exposure and addresses for Ad Rank =the cost your company Quality Score x per click.and your Bid.@SmallBizTrends competitors. @Forbes @Koozai Check yourQThink beyondLearn from yourQuality score one-word competitors.here:keywords.Try @iSpionagehttp: //ethr. ee/Single word to get PPC,1xvL3Ha keywords rarely keyword, @GoogIe convert.ad insights,@whitesharkMedia and more. @SEJournalBuild brandQCreate uniqueUse Remarketing.awareness with Adwords Experts agree that the Display campaigns for Remarketing is Network.Drive Search and the place to start conversions with Display Networks.for Google's the Search @AndrewLoIk Display Network.Network.@WordStream@ECWseoQFor the best ROIQAvoid overlyQResearch RLSA.with Remarketing broad In 2013, campaigns,only Remarketing approximately 1% show ads on campaigns.Filter of Google websites that your visitors by advertisers were relate to your on-site activity.aware of business.@EntMagazine Remarketing @SouthernWeb Search Ads. @senginePeopleQCalculate the Max CPC.Max CPC =(profit per customer) x (1 - profit margin) x (website conversion rate) @KissmetricsQDont lead traffic to your home page.Direct traffic to a landing page optimized for conversion.@WordstreamQUse different landing pages tailored specifically to each ad group.@EconsuItancyQTrackQIf your ads willQWrite ads that conversions.drive phone calls,offer a solution to Add a Google set up Website your customers tracking code to Call Conversion needs.the confirmation tracking.@Rocco_Zebra_Adv page that follows @TechCrunch a conversion. @DeIuxeCorpQDon't default toQEnhance yourQInclude keywords the vague,ads with in your ad title uninspiring "click additional and description to here CTA links.improve your CTR call-to-action.Use Site Links and and Quality Score.Use a Ad Extensions.@PPChero benefits-oriented @HuffPostSmBiz CTA@Crazy-EggQCreate new adsQweed outQUse Google'sregularly.Keep impressions that Web Designer andtrying to beat won't lead to Doubleclick your best sales.Use Studio to createperforming ad.negative interactive ads.@Forbes keywords.@TechCrunch@WordstreamQAvoid sloppy adQFor the best ROIQIf you don't have groups with for a display the resources to thousands of campaign,select manage an words all pointing the Conversion Adwords to some loosely Optimization campaign,related ad.bidding option.consider using @ForDummies @TrafficMotion Adwords express. @JenAJohnstoneQTo thoroughlyQUse "dayparting"QUsetrack customer to schedule ads.segmentation.behavior,link Get more Know which your Adwords visibility during segments convert and Analytics peak hours.best in your accounts.@Wordstream market and bid@GoogIe higher on those segments. @BizReviewUSAQSchedule time every few months to do a PPC audit on your account.Try the interactiveQ"Test,test andthen test again. " @WebsNineQUse motion design video ads to stand out.Use presentations and infographicschecklist via on your @Unbounce landing page.@Ethos3IMPROVE YOUR MFIRKETING. USE MOTION DESIGN VIDEOS,INFOGRAPHICS,AND PRESENTATIONS.WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW.EMAIL US AT: STRT@ETHOS3.COMETHOS3.COM