30 Books That Belong In Every Marketer's Library

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Transcript of 30 Books That Belong In Every Marketer's Library

  2. 2. Lets start with a few crowd favorites.
  3. 3. Joe is a content marketing forefather. This book serves as a whats what and how-to. Its one of the rst books you should read when it comes to content marketing. Anne MurphySr. Managing Editor
  4. 4. Gary Vaynerchuk reminds us that innovation is alive and well, that all relationships matter, and that business is the cultivation of relationships. A great read. Liz O NeillContent Marketing Manager
  5. 5. This book resonates deeply while trying to build genuine communication with an audience through social media or any digital means. It teaches how to have meaningful conversations. Andrew J. CoateCommunity & Content Manager
  6. 6. Once youre bought into the strategy of content marketing, the next reaction is often now what? Robert and Joe answer that question with practical advice you can get behind. Jean SpencerContent Marketing Manager
  7. 7. This book - featuring contributions from three marketing all stars includes not only best practices, but also valuable case studies which illustrate how to get things done. Liz O NeillContent Marketing Manager
  8. 8. Marketers frequently cite these next ones as must reads .
  9. 9. Jay is a frequented referenced expert when it comes to understanding how to converse with potential buyers. He lays it all out in this NY Times Bestseller. Anne MurphySr. Managing Editor
  10. 10. Understanding your customers is what s driving business success. The companies that know their target markets the best, see the most success. Jesse NoyesSr. Director of Content Marketing
  11. 11. This book details some unique partnerships that will make you keep your eyes open for creative partnerships to increase demand for your products and services as well. Andrew J. Coate Community & Content Manager
  12. 12. A really easy read. Comprehensive enough for even the beginners to get a grasp of the digital brand space. Jean SpencerContent Marketing Manager
  13. 13. This book is a must have in the collection of any company about to embark on the journey that is content marketing success. Lays out perfectly the argument for content creation. Liz O NeillContent Marketing Manager
  14. 14. Your reading list is growing. But there s more
  15. 15. This book by Hubspot co-founders highlights the greater success rates of inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing. A few years later, this is still a great one to read. Jesse NoyesSr. Director of Content Marketing
  16. 16. B2B Companies, take a look at this. This is the ultimate guide in how to become a better marketer, because its not just the B2C companies that are doing it. Jean SpencerContent Marketing Manager
  17. 17. This is a great one for both marketing and sales professionals. It teaches how to prepare messaging that expresses value rather than just a list of features. Anne Murphy Sr. Managing Editor
  18. 18. Almost a decade old, this book still paints a great pictures as to why the internet is such a powerful force on society.Mike Lewis President & Co-Founder
  19. 19. Looking for writing inspiration? Read on
  20. 20. Every content marketer should have a copy of this book on their desks. Jesse NoyesSr. Director of Content Marketing
  21. 21. If youre just starting a blog or looking to improve on an existing blog, this book needs your attention. Jeff offers on how to nd your audience, what to write about and how to optimizing your writing. Andrew J. Coate Community & Content Manager
  22. 22. If youre a writer, looking for an entertaining guide on the how to be an excellent writer, read this book. Stephen King offers very practical tips through a very personal lens. Anne Murphy Sr. Managing Editor
  23. 23. This is my favorite book about writing. Anne Lamott doesnt sugar coat anything and youll love her for it. Her raw, hilarious, devastating advice on writing will punch you right in the gut. Liz O NeillContent Marketing Manager
  24. 24. In her delightful defense of puncutation, Lynne Truss explains how the proper use of semicolons, commas and apostrophes shape the very meaning of our content. Jean SpencerContent Marketing Manager
  25. 25. Marketers can learn from sales-focused books too
  26. 26. Robert Cialdini lays out six researched-based principles that have dened views of persuasion and inuence since. Read this book to understand the psychology of yes. Jesse NoyesSr. Director of Content Marketing
  27. 27. Takeaway quote from this one: Give rst. Become known as a resource, not a salesperson. Your value is linked to your knowledge and your willingness to help others. Andrew J. Coate Community & Content Manager
  28. 28. Peter Coughter gracefully demonstrates the art of the pitch through real life examples, as opposed to just giving a checklist. Highly recommended. Jean SpencerContent Marketing Manager
  29. 29. Inspired yet? Theres still more to go.
  30. 30. Since reading this book I consistently view data differently, looking for small things that might lead to a greater impact on my efforts. Fascinating read. Andrew J. Coate Community & Content Manager
  31. 31. Written by the writer of The Innovators Dilemma, this book applies the best business principles to your own life to maximize happiness. Mike Lewis President & Co-Founder
  32. 32. Jobs story offers lessons about what it takes to become one of the most innovative leaders of the 21st centuryand what it costs. Liz O NeillContent Marketing Manager
  33. 33. More than just a bunch of pretty pictures to look at, this book does a tremendous job of inspiring what makes captivating visual content. Mark PeckWeb Designer
  34. 34. A very fun read and a great way to challenge yourself to consult your inner artist no matter who you are. Jacob Collins Videographer
  35. 35. This was a life changing read for me. Since adapting those to all areas of my life Ive been able to hammer through work at a blazing pace while still staying sane. Andrew J. Coate Community & Content Manager
  36. 36. A good read about why many people come up with the same idea and why most big ideas come out of cities. Mike Lewis President & Co-Founder
  37. 37. If you havent read this and youre in the business world, you should. Its a staple piece of literature. Anne Murphy Sr. Managing Editor
  38. 38. Now, thats a library.