3 Ways to Ask for Referrals

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  • 1. 1. Ask referrals from your existing client bas
  • 2. Capitalize on your existing customer base and ask them for rethat the first person that you ask is one of your best clients. S already raving fans and theyre boiling over with people thaalready benefit from your service. However, dont wait for thtake the initiative to ask them to share 2-3 people that they t from your service. They will be boiling over with excitement with you. They can refer you to potential customers that wi business and fit your ideal client profile.
  • 3. For example, say I have taken so much pleasure working wiyou as my client. I would really love to have the opportunity and provide service to your family and friends. Maybe y appointment for us so we can meet? That would be truly
  • 4. Or you can simply ask for the names and contact informationyourself, but open the conversation with (the name of your and thought you would be able to benefit from our
  • 5. Dont forget to send a thank you gift as a token of gratitudeThis will make them happy and may even lead to more refer
  • 6. 2. Establish alliances with small businesses that cater to th
  • 7. Build associations with other businesses in your community t the same market as yours. Relax; were not talking abou competition. What youre going to do is approach busines different products or services than yours.
  • 8. For example: If youre selling health and wellness products, t youre likely to build an alliance with are: the local gy associations, and alternative medical practition
  • 9. Introduce your products to these organizations and ask if thetheir clients. Lay the benefits and advantages that the partne them like telling them that youll also refer their businesseDoing so can easily gain their approval since its going to be a for both parties.
  • 10. 3. Ask referrals from local churches and charit
  • 11. How? These institutions have one thing in commonthey a organizations. They need to raise money to sustain their op programs they offer. Take advantage of this opportunity t
  • 12. Simply acquire a list of donors that already gave contribu institutions. Then look for the right people that you need t propose that for every referral that is sent from their orga business, you will take a percentage of the sales and donareturn, these institutions will agree to promote your busines situation for both parties.
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