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  1. 1. 3.) Splice Analysis
  2. 2. This opening shot of animal X-rays show some sort of medical r scientific background. It is haunting and eery music is being played.
  3. 3. This shot is underwater and we are given the feeing that it is in a small space or in an organism due to its lack of light and the green/darkness.
  4. 4. The fast shot of bubbles implies that the depth is increasing and we are going deeper. This shows that something is hidden or waiting to emerge.
  5. 5. The names have been presented as if they were part of the organism. This shows transformation or change of some sort. It is gothic and natural.
  6. 6. The scales represent something reptile-like and an animal, as well as the X-rays in the beginning. The scales are green and dark and are underwater. This creature connotation implies the genre and subject. The name is partially faded, showing anonimity.
  7. 7. Once again the use of the scales fading away imply that something is going to be revealed and that what is underneath is dangerous.
  8. 8. During this scene we are travelling through something and we are being taken on a journey to uncover somthing. The lighting is still dark and there is non diabetic deep droning with a low tone.
  9. 9. The beating of this flat surface implies that whatever we are looking at through these extreme closeups is alive, with a heart beat. The writing now however is small and now interweaved with the image.
  10. 10. The viewer can now clearly see that this surface is some sort of animal and the emerging object coming from within is implying growth or adaptation. The underwater diabetic droning is playing in the background as well as peeling of skin.
  11. 11. This extreme closeup of a snake like surface reveals veins and tissue, whilst the camera pans along the surface.
  12. 12. Finally in the last clip the title is revealed through green veins and it slowly emerges breaking the big build up which was created. The surface looks like skin and is very vivid.