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Natural Disasters Can you name the natural disasters shown in the coming slides?

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  • 1. Natural Disasters Can you name the natural disastersshown in the coming slides?

2. Whats happening? Its an avalanche!purrfectcatshelter.org:8080/james/ideas/idea014.html 3. See how the snow tumbles down themountain!http://nsidc.org/snow/gallery/avalanche.html 4. Whats going to happen? A volcanic eruption! http://www.rsiphotos.com/gallery_detail.php?PhotoID=119 5. http://www.visualparadox.com/wallpapers/eruption.htm 6. See how the plantation is sc by the overfloorchedwing lava!http://gohawaii.about.com/cs/photogalleries/l/blvolcano15.htm 7. This house has been set ablaze by lava!http://gohawaii.about.com/cs/photogalleries/l/blvolcano16.htm 8. What has happened to the land?http://www.iaca.it/the_times.htm 9. All the plants will die if the drought continues!http://msa.monash.edu.au/representation/enviro/MCCG?D=A 10. Beware if the sky is overcast like this! http://www.kstwisters.com/ 11. roaching! A tornado is apphttp://www.shakirafanz.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5985 12. Do you see why a tornado is also called a twister?http://www.bryce.pl/tornado.html 13. Imagine what will happen tothe buildings along the pathof a tornado!http://www.boldering.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t10506.html 14. The buildings are all debris now!!!http://english.pravda.ru/accidents/21/97/385/16421_tornado.html 15. Whats going on here?http://www.ideers.bris.ac.uk/shaken/img/landslide.jpg 16. re has been a landslide!Thehttp://i.timeinc.net/time/photoessays/salvadorquake/landslide.jpg 17. See how the road is damaged!http://www.planning.org/landslides/docs/main.html 18. A landslide is often caused by massive floodinghttp://agrolink.moa.my/did/hydro/album/banjir/pages/landslide_Kdipang1.htm 19. Look at the mess caused by the flood!http://www.thestandard.com.hk/stdn/std/China/images/flood0625.jpg 20. Is this Venice? No. Its China on June 24, 2005http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/world/images/050624chinaflood.jpg 21. o r boats? se carsAre the http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/forcesofnature/flooding.html 22. Are these boats going out surfing?NO !A tsunami is coming!http://www.bc-enschede.nl/wgrassroots/vakken/aardrijkskunde 23. The waves are coming inland!http://www.awitness.org/journal/dragon_tsunami.html 24. Run for your lives!http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=1405110610408 25. The visibility is really low today!Its not smog or fog.Its a heavy snowstorm!http://community.webshots.com/photo/yahoo 26. http://spine.cx/modules.php?name=Forums&viewtopic=974&9 27. How deep, do you estimate, is the snow?http://spine.cx/modules.php?name=Forums&viewtopic=974&9 28. Whats on theground?Rain? Snow? http://www.fxtech.com/gallery/hail/hail_4 29. Its a hail storm!http://www.earthchangestv.com/breaking/June2002/0607hail.htm 30. Imagine hail stones of thissize hitting you on the head! 31. Many of the climatic changes you saw above are natural phenomena.But sometimes they happen suddenlyat unlikely times in unlikely places.Can you think of the causes?