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  • 16th Jun., 2009

  • Compressed air cylinder, Turning gear, Jacket water pre-heater unit,

    11kV outlet cable rack have been mounted on the engines

  • Main engine works completed, sensors/meters

    checked and replaced, instrument cabling checked-

    Engine 1 and 2s exhaust piping insulation finished, now working on engine 3 and 4.

  • Water pump motors tested and

    ready, LO separators heating module installed, LO separator and

    booster unit connecting to the fuel


  • Separator room: HFO separator in

    position, incoming power ready, now

    working on all piping and wiring

    connections. Also waiting for the 2

    transfer pumps in air-flight and 1

    sludge pump

  • Radiator cooling system: Mainly completed. Just need to do painting of the support

    structure, final run connection to the motors and meters in front of the heat


  • Tank farm -

  • 11kV and LV switchgear panels:

    Commission tests done with satisfactory

    results. Most CBs have been put back into panel, termination work for the 11kV cable

    to the switchyard completed

  • Engine monitoring panels: Commission

    tests completed no major defects except some meters to be changed.

    System control panel: To be


  • Fire fighting pump room Both diesel and electrical pumps in position. Diesel pump

    was tested to be ok -

  • Switchyard -

    11kV cable laying between power plant

    and switchyard completed

    Termination on the transformer side to

    be completed in this week -

  • 2 x SF6 outdoor circuit breakers up and ready -

  • 2 x horizontal disconnectors up and ready - 2 x pantograph disconnectors up

    and ready -

    Once the OHL, busbar and insulators arrive

    everything can be connected together and the

    switchyard is completed -