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  • 8/13/2019 24460652 Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry


    kate Mckinnon

    techniques+ explorations

    j e w e l r y


  • 8/13/2019 24460652 Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry


  • 8/13/2019 24460652 Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry



    5075 g of fine silver clay for Amphora

    5075 g of fine silver clay for chain (optional)

    1 glass 14 63 mm tube bead or size of choice

    1" (2.5 cm) of 10- or 12-gauge fine silver wire to

    snugly fit bead hole16 or more dry fine silver clay 8mm rings

    12 or more dry fine silver clay 3mm balls

    2 fine silver 15 mm jump rings and 2 finesilver 13 30 mm S-clasps or 8" (20.3 cm) of12-gauge fine silver wire

    Liver of sulfur

    2-part epoxy resin


    Work surface


    Rolling guides

    Texture pads or rubber stamps

    Sharp tissue blade

    Heavy-duty flush cutters

    Soft paintbrush and water

    Cocktail straw or small drill bit and drill

    5mm circle cutter

    Ball-end burnisher





    Flat- or chain-nose pliers

    Torch (optional)Kiln brick (optional)

    Large round-nose pliers (optional)

    Brass brush

    Lampworked bead by Stephanie Sersich

    o f m fv f -

    , h p,

    v b v, gv

    m g m b f

    m v vd. M

    g m g

    ff fv bd,

    , fg, mg

    d b-bdg , d

    v -dd p d

    m dv.

    Finished size

    necklace 22" (56.5 cm)

    pendant 1" 2" "

    (3.2 7 1.3 cm)



  • 8/13/2019 24460652 Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry


    4 sculptural metal clay jewelry

    01| BACK. Roll and txtur a t offr mtal clay to a nid tickn

    of 34 card. Cut an longatd fan ap,

    158" 318" (4.1 8 cm), to form t am-

    pora back. Cut dcorativ window

    in t back of t pic, to ow t

    bad from bind, and to cut t wigt

    of your nid pic. Cut anging

    ol at t top rigt and lft cornr,

    itr wn t clay i bon dry, uing a

    mall drill bit, or wn it i fr, uinga cocktail traw. If you cut fr, you

    can rmov t cut matrial from your

    cocktail traw and itr u it to roll a

    littl ball of clay for an gg or a ball-nd

    ad pin. Lt t back pic bcom

    ard-latr ard to bon dry, and, if

    you wi, appliqu mall pic of dry

    clay to it for intrt. I ud tr plaincircl, cut from a tinly rolld t

    wit a drinking traw and attacd

    tm bon dry, wit a wa of watr.

    Project notes

    This lovely project can be made entirely of metalclay. Just create larger hanging holes and attacha metal clay chain directly to the pendant. I usedS-hooks to connect my piece so the chain couldbe removable, giving the option of wearing theamphora on a plain, less expensive chain ifdesired.

    techniques + eleMents

    Box building

    Rivet post





    Fused rings (optional)


    It can be helpful to lay your 8mm bone-dry clayrings onto the freshly cut sides, to help youposition your divots.

    NOTEI used a long, narrow lampworked

    bead for my design, but you can use any

    large bead for yours; just design the setting

    to accommodate the bead size.

    02| SIDE RECTANGLES.Roll and

    txtur a t of fr mtal clay to anid tickn of 34 card. Cut two12" 3" (1.3 7.6 cm) rctangl. U a

    ball-nd burnir to mak mall div-

    ot along t lngt of t rctangl

    wr youll add t dry clay ring. U

    t circl cuttr to cut out a fw of t

    divot; t ring will fram t ol

    latr. Lt t rctangl bcom ard-

    latr ard to bon dry.

  • 8/13/2019 24460652 Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry


    03| BASE. Roll a plain t offrmtal clay 6 card tick. Cut a 58"

    1" (1.5 2.5 cm) rctangl to form

    t ampora ba. U t wir tat

    will upport t bad to mak a ol

    in t ba wr a rivt pot will go.

    Kp in mind tat t ol may notb dad cntr, dpnding on t t of

    your bad in your tting. Lt t ba

    bcom ard-latr ard to bon dry.

    NOTEThis rivet post will hold your bead in

    place, so be sure to choose a wire gauge that

    ts your bead hole tightly. Beware of large

    beads with tiny holes; you want your wire

    to be thick enough to support the weight of

    the bead without bending.

    04| U watr and prur to quidg

    t dry clay ring to t two dry 12"

    3" (1.3 7.6 cm) rctangl o ty

    fram t divot or cut-out ol. Fort ring tat fram a divot, ll t ring

    wit a drop of watr and drop in 1 dry

    Place the dry clay balls in the drop of water in yourdry clay divots, and let them get sticky.

    amphora necklace 5

    clay ball. Lt t ball t up briy,

    and, wn ticky, pr and rotat tm

    in tir divot to cur.

    05| U a mall amount of watr

    and prur to quidg t box id

    togtr, ambling an opn box form.Bru t join wit a damp paintbru

    to gntly moot and clan tm.

    06| Lt t box dry compltly. Fill

    any rror in your joinry, if ncary,

    wit tiny nak of frly rolld clay,

    and moot in plac wit a tin wa of

    watr or lip. Lt t box compltly dry.

    07| OPTIONAL. Mak and ambla 16" to 24" (41 to 61 cm) mtal clay

    cain for anging t pndant.

    The prepared box back, sides, and base, bone dry,and ready for assembly.

    The finished box form, ready for the post imbedand firing, and a finished Amphora box in thebackground. Note the different look of flush vs highsides.

    08| Rt t rivt pot into t

    ol in your ba, wic ould av

    runk in drying. Ti i on of my

    favorit tcniqu to gt a rally good

    t on a larg wir imbd; mak t ol

    in wt clay, t t pot in t dry clay.

    T drying proc offr jut noug

    rinkag to nur a tigt t of t

    wir in t ol. Fir t box and cain

    for 2 our at 1650 F (899 C).

    09| Aftr ring, work-ardn t

    cain by ammring t link on t

    anvil and a bzl mandrl.

    10| Attac 1 commrcial or and-

    mad n ilvr jump ring to ac oft anging ol. Fu t ring clod

    if dird.

  • 8/13/2019 24460652 Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry



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    6 sculptural metal clay jewelry

  • 8/13/2019 24460652 Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry


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  • 8/13/2019 24460652 Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry


    MAsTeR TeACheR and jwlry artit Kat

    McKinnon bgin Sculptural Metal Clay

    Jewelry wit an ovrviw of mtal clay

    baic: trm, tcniqu, and tool. Nxt,

    offr dtaild intruction for crating

    a varity of mtal clay and n ilvr

    wir lmnt: componnt, tting,nding, attacmnt, 3-D form, and

    txturd ffct tat ar t foundation

    of r ignatur jwlry dign.

    T tcniqu ction i followd by 10

    uniqu projct tat combin foundation

    tcniqu wit on-of-a kind dign

    lmnt. Projct includ:

    +tr-dimnional ring+organic cain dign+mtal clay and lampworkd bad pndant

    hr dign av multipl componnt

    mad from mtal clay and n ilvr wir,

    including not only clap, cain, and

    tting, but alo movabl and rmov-

    abl pic, unuual txtur and patina,

    uniqu contruction and nginring, and

    crativ way to incorporat bad.

    All of t tcniqu ar own wit

    crytal-clar tp-by-tp potograpy. For

    addd intructional aitanc, t autor

    and r tcniqu in action appar on t

    nclod DVD bound in t back of t

    book. Ti book and DVD combination

    offr jwlry artit bot t tcniquand dign inpiration ndd to crat

    gallry-lvl jwlry tat i truly art to war.

    about the artistKate McKinnon is a mixed-media artist wholives and works in Tucson, Arizona. Her workfocuses on the engineering of how elementswork together, connect, and grow into finishedpieces of jewelry. She won the prestigious RioGrande Saul Bell award in 2003 for her innova-tive design with metal clay, and has taughtand lectured internationally. Kate is the authorof several self-published books on jewelry

    design, a mixed-media book, and a novel aboutrebuilding Thoreaus dream in a form to suit thedigital agean urban Walden.

    Paperback w/flaps, 8 9160 pages + DVD

    150 photographsISBN 978-1-59668-174-3$26.95Available April 2010