20th Century Conflict


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Page 1: 20th Century Conflict

What were the main features of twentieth-century warfare?


• What do all wars have in common?

• Opposing sides

• Opposing views

• Weapons

• Casualties

Page 2: 20th Century Conflict

Why were wars worse in the 20th


You are going to see 7 images from the 20th


For each image you have;

1 minute to write down what you see

American Civil War

19th Century

Page 3: 20th Century Conflict

Write down numbers 1-7 in the back of your books, leaving space to put answers!

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Page 11: 20th Century Conflict

On your tables

Working in groups come up with three themes which link these pictures.

2 minutes

Write the title

What were the main features of twentieth-century warfare?

Page 12: 20th Century Conflict



link these


Page 13: 20th Century Conflict


Write a paragraph explaining the things that 20th century wars have in common.

What made them worse than earlier wars?

Page 14: 20th Century Conflict

Korean War

First World War

Cold War

Iran-Iraq War

Gulf War

Second World War

Vietnam War

A war fought in Asia between America and Vietnam 1959-1970. 300,000 military killed. 4 million civilians killed.

A short war fought in Kuwait between America (plus allies) and Iraq 1990-1991. Soldiers killed 200,000 civilians 100,000.

A global conflict between 1939 and 1945. 25 million soldiers killed. 40 million civilians killed.

Local conflict between 2 neighbouring countries in the middle east 1980-1988. 800,000 soldiers killed civilian deaths unknown.

A global conflict between 1914 and 1918. 10 million soldiers killed. 7 million civilians killed.

War between America (plus allies) and North Korea 1950-1953. 500,000 military casualties, 2 million civilian deaths

An unofficial war between the Soviet Union and the United States. No official casualties. 1947-1991

Match these conflicts with the descriptions

Page 15: 20th Century Conflict

Numbers of People killed

The Year




Make a line chart to show the numbers of people killed in major 20th

century conflicts. One colour for military one for civilians.






First World