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The Extreme History Project held its Annual Meeting on January 25, 2014. The goals of the meeting were to introduce our new venture "Adventure Through Time" and encourage the team to make Extreme History work for them.

Transcript of 2014 presentation

  • 1. Introductions Whos on Board? Who are you? Name Penny Story What brought to Extreme History What can Extreme History do for you?

2. Organizational Goals To preserve, research, engage and educate about the history and site of Fort Parker. To build an understanding of foundational and theoretical principles which support The Extreme History Project mission and philosophy To educate the public about the importance of an understanding of history to community, policy and society To create an Extreme History Model for other organizations and communities to follow 3. 2014 Goals Complete Oral History Projects Launch Adventure Through Time Finish articles: Bradley Fellowship MAS Book to draft form Assist with securing the purchase Fort Parker Fund documentary 4. Adventure Through Time Local History Focus Provides Sustainability to Extreme History Supports our Mission Education through Social Media Blogs and FB posts on Bozeman History Facebook: Adventure through Time Website: www.adventurethroughtime.org 5. Historic Walking Tours Collaboration with BHPAB/City of Bozeman Merchant Sponsors Specialty Tours Pub Crawl Investigative Historic Ghost Tours Eight Walking Tours Downtown Red Light District Historic Churches Womens History Walk Bon Ton Historic District Historic Cemetery Tour Between the crosses, row on row, that mark our place Ghost Tour (partnering with Bozeman Paranormal) 6. Bus Tours Crow Agency Bus Tour June 14 Madison Bus Tour - August 30 Air-Conditioned Bus Increase rates to $55/person, $100/couple Partner with MOR and Museum of the Beartooths 7. Ellen Theatre Partnership with the Ellen Theatre Four Performances in July New Native Voices Who Killed John Bozeman Voices from Fort Parker Women Work Women Vote: Honoring Womens Suffrage 8. What Was 2013 Lecture Series Fort Parker surface field work Virginia City Field School Piloting walking tours Conference Presentations MAS Plains Montana History Conference Madison Bus Tour Kickstarter Campaign 9. What is Oral History I Oral History II Documentary Launch Adventure Through Time Bradley Fellowship / Article 2014 Lecture Series Archaeological Conservancy purchase Virginia City Field School 10. What Will Be Adventure Through Time Fort Parker Fundraising Sweet Pea Parade MSU Preservation Certificate Program Fort Parker photo book Anathema Fort Parker Fieldwork 11. Funding Extreme History Grants Fundraising Kickstarter Fort Parker Brewery fundraiser Membership 12. Team ExtremeTitles Worksheet Define your role Design your future Create a place for yourself in Extreme History What project would you like to bring to Extreme History? 13. Summation Reaching our goals Adventure: A new Venture! Our past, present, future Show me the money! Building our Team Building our Board Making XH your own 14. Workshop Documentary AbbeySweet Pea Parade CourtneyFort Parker Fundraising Tessa 15. All a Board! The Extreme History Board Meeting 16. Dream Big Report on workshops Establish quarterly meetings Create projects and finish worksheet What is the future of Extreme History Word map 3 words that express Extreme History Sign up for projects