2014 Global mWellness Workshop

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University of Southern California February 5-7, 2014

Transcript of 2014 Global mWellness Workshop

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YOUR MISSIONThroughout the workshop, working groups are competing against each other in a race for a $1,000 donation to charity. Walk at least 250 miles (400km) by the end of the week for a team total of 1,000 miles. The team with the most miles will decide which charity receives the $1,000 prize. The announcement will be made Friday, February 7. Get moving!

GET STARTEDDownload and launch Bupa’s Ground Miles free app at http://groundmiles.bupa.com or search for Ground Miles in your Apple or Android app store. Once downloaded and registered, join the appropriate team (according to the workshop working group you’ve been designated to) by adding one of the following codes:

Stress & sleeping: The SleepWalkers Code: SleepWalkersHealthy diet: The NoFriesPlease Code: NoFriesPleasePhysical activity: The FitGeeks Code: FitGeeksScreening & risk awareness: The RiskChangers Code: RiskChangers

For more information, see the insert in your workshop folder or go tohttp://www.bupa.com/mwellnessworkshop

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Dear Workshop Participants,

Welcome to the University of Southern California! On behalf of the USC Institute for Global Health, I am honored our team is co-hosting such an experienced and diverse group of international experts on our beautiful campus for the 2014 Global mWellness Workshop.

This pioneering workshop embodies USC’s trans-disciplinary approach to global health. A university-wide initiative, the USC Institute for Global Health supports students and faculty from across the university in research, partnerships and the promotion of healthier communities worldwide.

There is growing recognition that non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease, dominate health care needs and expenditure in all developed and most low and middle-income countries. NCDs cause an estimated 36 million deaths every year, including 9 million people dying prematurely before the age of 60.

In recognition of this global threat, in 2012 the World Health Organization (WHO) partnered with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to launch the Be He@lthy, Be Mobile initiative, focusing on the use of mobile technology in preventing and controlling NCDs. Part of the initiative, the 2014 Global mWellness Workshop brings together a broad coalition of United Nations, government, academic and private sector partners to establish the practical steps needed to implement national programs targeting diet, physical activity, stress and risk factor management.

With the number of mobile-cellular subscriptions approaching 7 billion worldwide, now is the time to take advantage of the growing capacity to drive behavior change through handheld devices.

The next few days will be packed with meetings but we have included wellness breaks and a fun !tness competition to ensure we put our visions of wellness into practice. I hope you enjoy your time with us and I look forward to the productive conversations and partnerships in store.

Let’s “Fight On” for mobile health!


Heather Wip"i, Ph.D. (@hwip"i)Associate Director, USC Institute for Global Health Assistant Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine and School of International Relations University of Southern California


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Location: USC Davidson Conference Center

08:00AM Shuttle from Doubletree Hotel to USC

08:15AM Registration & Breakfast Lobby

08:45AM Workshop OpeningBoard Room Heather Wipfli, USC

08:50AM Participant IntroductionsBoard Room All Participants

09:30AM Welcome AddressBoard Room

Michael Quick, USC Vice Provost

09:45AM Setting the SceneBoard Room

Sameer Pujari, WHOHani Eskandar, ITU

10:00AMNeeds & Wants: Country Perspectives on mWellness Board Room

Chair: Nick Banatvala, WHOSpeakers: Mariama Ka-Cisse, Ministry of Health, SenegalOliver Harrison,WHO Consultant (Abu Dhabi)Erik Auguston, National Institutes of Health, US

10:45AM Wellness BreakLobby

11:00AMCapacity & Innovations: Academic Perspectives on the Evidence-Base for Mobile Technology-Driven Behavior Change InterventionsBoard Room

Chair: Heather Wipfli, USCSpeakers:Donna Spruijt-Metz, USCAlain Labrique, Johns HopkinsRobyn Whittaker, University of Auckland

11:45AM Valuing mHealth: Private Sector Perspectives on the Future of the Global mWellness Market & Contributions to HealthBoard Room

Chair: Andres Martin, BupaSpeakers:Clint McClellan, Qualcomm LifePeter Preziosi, VerizonNathan Plowman, Nike

12:30PM Lunch: USC Global Health Student Case Competition FinalsVineyard Room



Page 5: 2014 Global mWellness Workshop


Global mWellness Workshop Day 1 Sponsored by

Veecon Foundation Through a Generous Donation from

Gaurav Kumar Srivastava


Working Group Breakout SessionHealthy diet | Alumni APhysical activity | Alumni B Screening & risk factor awareness | Figueroa BStress & sleeping | Figueroa A

Healthy diet co-chairs:Donna Spruijt–Metz & Heather PatrickPhysical activity co-chairs:Genevieve Dunton & Fiona AdsheadScreening & risk factor awareness co-chairs:Ellie Nezami & Oliver Harrison Stress & sleeping co-chairs:David Baron & Vivek Shetty

03:50PM Wellness BreakLobby

04:00PM Working Group Breakout Session, ContinuedWorking group rooms above

05:30PM Plenary Wrap-Up & Group PictureBoard Room

06:15PM Shuttle from USC to Doubletree Hotel Dinner on your own

Page 6: 2014 Global mWellness Workshop


Location: USC Davidson Conference Center

08:00AM Shuttle from Doubletree Hotel to USC

08:30AM Breakfast Lobby

09:00AM Plenary Introduction to Day 2 Aims & ObjectivesBoard Room


Working Group Breakout Session, ContinuedHealthy diet | Alumni APhysical activity | Alumni B Screening & risk factor awareness | Cardinal RoomStress & sleeping | Gold Room

10:45AM Wellness BreakLobby

11:00AM Working Group Breakout Session, Continued (Prepare working group report)Working group rooms above

12:30PM mWellness Student Project Showcase LuncheonEmbassy Room

02:30PM Plenary Session (Group presentations and discussion)Board Room

04:00PM Wellness BreakLobby

04:15PM Final Discussion of Plans and Agreement on Next StepsBoard Room

04:30PM Final Vision Speech, Special Guest OlympianBoard Room

04:45PMRemarks by Clint McClellan, Senior Director, Qualcomm Life & Blake Tye, Staff Analyst, Qualcomm Wireless ReachBoard Room

05:00PM Closing Reception Sponsored by Qualcomm Vineyard Room

07:15PM Shuttle from USC to Doubletree Hotel


Page 7: 2014 Global mWellness Workshop




Qualcomm believes access to 3G, 4G and next-generation mobile technologies can improve people’s lives. Qualcomm Wireless Reach™ is a strategic program that brings wireless technology to underserved communities globally. Wireless Reach invests in projects that foster entrepreneurship, aid in public safety, enhance the delivery of health care, enrich teaching and learning and improve environmental sustainability. For more information, please visit www.qualcomm.com/wirelessreach.

Global mWellness Workshop Closing Reception Sponsored by

Qualcomm Wireless Reach™Graphic Device - “Bug”Vector EPS Format

Page 8: 2014 Global mWellness Workshop

Location: USC Davidson Conference Center, Vineyard Room08:00AM Shuttle from Doubletree Hotel to USC

08:30AM Breakfast

09:00AM The Global NCD Agenda & the Roles of the mHealth Initiative Nick Banatvala, WHO

09:30AM Country Experience in the mHealth Initiative Mariama Ka-Cisse, Ministry of Health, Senegal

10:00AM NGO Experience in the mHealth Initiative Katie Dain, NCD Alliance

10:30AM Private Sector Experience in the mHealth Initiative & Bupa Ground Miles Challenge Award Andres Martin, Bupa

11:00AM Next Steps & Future Plans of Action

11:20AM Shuttle from USC to Doubletree Hotel


International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs). ITU allocates global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develops the technical standards that ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect, and strives to improve access to ICTs to underserved communities worldwide.


Page 9: 2014 Global mWellness Workshop


The Ming Hsieh Institute in the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering was launched in July 2010, after a generous endowment gift of $35 million dollars from USC Electrical Engineering Alumnus and Trustee Mr. Ming Hsieh.The central goal of the institute is to position the Ming Hsieh Department at the forefront of the world in thought leadership in the broad area of electrical engineering, and specifically in the development of intelligent technologies to empower mankind.

Key activities sponsored by the Ming Hsieh Institute include supporting ground-breaking proposals by our faculty members to launch research and other academic endeavors that enhance the electrical engineering department in significant ways. This includes venture funding for activities under three well-defined themes to initiate research and academic programs that are strikingly innovative and forward-looking.

Global mWellness Workshop Materials Funded by

Page 10: 2014 Global mWellness Workshop


ITU-WHO Mobile Health for NCDs Initiative

Special Thank You to WHO & the Global mWellness

Workshop Steering Committee

Global mWellness Workshop Participant Travel

Support Funded in Part by U.S. National Institutes of Health

ITU and WHO, the UN information and communication technologies and health agencies , have come together in a groundbreaking new partnership to focus on the use of mobile technology to improve NCD prevention and treatment. This partnership aims to contribute to global and national efforts to save lives, minimize illness and disability, and reduce the social and economic burden due to NCDs. For more information, visit http://mhealth4ncd.itu.int.

Page 11: 2014 Global mWellness Workshop



For the 2014 USC Global Health Case Competition, the USC Institute for Global Health is partnering with the ITU-WHO Be He@lthy, Be Mobile initiative. The collaboration will encourage students to explore and present on the fast-growing field of mobile wellness technologies. Students will have the opportunity to meet and network with the 2014 Global mWellness Workshop participants.

The annual intramural competition brings together teams of students from all disciplines to tackle critical global health challenges. After receiving the case, students must propose realistic, innovative solutions before a panel of expert judges, including members of the partnering organization the case was based on. The winning team represents USC at the International Emory Global Health Case Competition, which takes place each spring in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more, visit http://globalhealth.usc.edu/casecompetition.

Handheld Health: Constructing mWellness Solutions to Control and Prevent NCDs

Page 12: 2014 Global mWellness Workshop

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