2014 DMA DC - Digital Fundraising 101

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Digital Fundraising 101 Mikaela King, VP of Marketing, Defenders of Wildlife Heather Marsh, Director of Digital Marketing, ABD Direct Sean Powell, The Engage Group

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Digital Fundraising 101 presented by Sean Powell, The Engage Group, Mikaela King, Defenders of Wildlife and Heather Marsh, ABD Direct

Transcript of 2014 DMA DC - Digital Fundraising 101

  • 1.Digital Fundraising 101 Mikaela King, VP of Marketing, Defenders of Wildlife Heather Marsh, Director of Digital Marketing, ABD Direct Sean Powell, The Engage Group

2. IntroductionsHeres the plan1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.Fundraising and Your Website Email and Donation Systems Finding Supporters Content and Messaging Testing Data and Tracking Channel Integration Social Media Responsive and Mobile Getting Past the Basics Q & A Discussion 3. Introductions Heather Marsh ABD DirectMikaela King Defenders of WildlifeSean Powell The Engage Group 4. Why Charities Fail Online 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.Bad website experience on mobile Take too long to ask for money Not communicating Not testing Not giving donors a reason to connect Lack of urgency Not encouraging sharing Not making the next askBased on Flandez, Raymund. "Most Charities Fail at Online Fundraising Basics." The Chronicle of Philanthropy. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Feb. 2014. 5. 1. Websitefundraising basicstl;dr When you cut out all of the BS and get down to the basics of digital fundraising, the only things that really matter are: - your email list and - your website - your messaging 6. 1. Websitefundraising basicsEvaluate the opportunities to sign up for your email list. At the very least there should be an option to sign up on every page of your website. 7. 1. Website fundraising basicsbut make those frequent touch points compelling for prospective donors. 8. 1. Website fundraising basics 9. 1. Website fundraising basics Similarly, for donations, you want as few clicks as possible to make a donation. 10. 1. Website fundraising basics 11. 1. Website fundraising basics Other basic web tools that every fundraiser should have: Google analytics Lightbox functionality For email signup, donation alerts, etc. A/B/V Testing tools Google Experiments (buyer beware) Optimize QC Tools Browserstack, Browsershots, Browserling, etc. 12. 2. Email and Donation Systems Four main areas Email Landing pages/forms Reporting Data management Query and segmentation 13. 2. Email and Donation Systems Technical considerations Email and landing pages in sync Recency of updates/upgrade API? Triggered and/or scheduled messaging Custom ask strings SQL/advanced querying for building targeting segments 14. 2. Email and Donation Systems Other considerations Data portability Can you take your recurring donors with you when you leave? Speed to generate campaign reports To quickly diagnose issues Does testing feel like it is built in (weak) 15. 3. Digital Acquisition Building Your Email File Organic growth SEO Optimize website for fundraising & acquisition Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Google Grant E-Appends Petition Networks Ask for email on everything! (make it compelling) Remarketing Ad Buys 16. Search Engine Marketing Google, Bing, Yahoo Institutional adCampaign specific ads 17. Social Media Advertising 18. Display Advertising Contextual Behavioral Retargeting Segment your visitors based on what they look at (gift catalog vs. action vs. blog) Tailor the ads to those segments Do not retarget people who have converted Include clear call to action and/or promotion Think about timing urgent content should be retargeted immediately, something like a catalog can be retargeted later 19. Doctors without Borders Retargeting 20. Engaging the Newly Acquired Welcome series One call to action Invite to engage with social media Other ways to bring them closer to the mission Poll or survey Ask them why they joined Whats their story? More ideas? 21. 4. Content and Messaging Types of Messaging Appeals Action Alerts Event Invitations eNewsletters Cultivation Specialized Messaging 22. 4. Content and Messaging Appeals Issue Awareness Fundraising 23. 4. Content and Messaging Action Alerts Programs Engagement 24. 4. Content and Messaging Event Invitations Engagement Programs 25. 4. Content and Messaging eNewsletters Engagement Social sharing Cross-sell offers 26. 4. Content Cultivationand Messaging 27. 4. Content and Messaging The Magic Formula:Audience ID Key Audiences on Your FileOffer Develop Offers to Engage ThemMessaging Create Appropriate Messaging: Timing, Tone, Copy, Creative 28. Target Content to Specific Audiences Matching Audience to Offer 29. 5. Email Testing Develop Your Own Best Practices Testing Goals Improve Open Rate From Line Subject Line Unique Characters Day and Time 30. From Lines What Won? The Wilderness Society Jamie Williams, The Wilderness Society+7% 31. From Lines What Won? Jamie Williams, The Wilderness Society +4% Jamie WilliamsHowever, revenue declined by 37% 32. 5. Email Testing Testing Goals Response Rate, Average Gift, Revenue Ask String Descending vs. Ascending Dynamic versus static Open text box some interesting results for conversions and average gift (prospects?). Dare you to try it . Copy Short form vs. long form Graphics, Photos Square/horizontal None at all Very little copy/large image CTA 33. Call to Action What Won?CTR +12%, Revenue -22% 34. Call to Action What Won?CTR +34%, Revenue +141% 35. 6. Data and Tracking Audience Segmentation Low Dollar Donors Mid-High Dollar Donors Prospects Activists Sustainer Lapsed Donors 36. 6. Data and Tracking Smart Growth Tracking Return on Investment Setting Goals for Campaigns Monitoring Engagement 37. 6. Data and Tracking Learn Your System Use Free Tools Google Analytics Track Everything! 38. 7. Channel Integration Bringing It All Together Blog: Issue Awareness and EngagementWebsite: Education and AmplificationSocial Media: Engagement, Advocacy and AmplificationEmail: Advocacy and FundraisingMobile: Advocacy and FundraisingMail and Phones: Fundraising and Awareness 39. 7. Channel Integration Multi-Channel Omni-ChannelData Syncing Coordinated Messaging Tracking the Donor, Not the Channel Specifics: Online and DM Online and TM 40. 7. Channel Integration 41. 7. Channel Integration But It Doesnt Have to Be Complicated! 42. 8. Social Media Fundraisings favorite mythical unicorn!Engagement NOT Fundraising 43. 8. Social Media Where are your supporters? Largest Audiences: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Other Social Media sites: LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ Niche communities Care2, change.org Whatever makes sense for your audience 44. 8. Social Media Your Social Media Messaging Should Be: Engaging Fun Interesting Shareable What does your audience want? 45. 8. Social Media Examples 46. 9. Responsive Design and Mobile What is responsive design? Some Examples Why it matters to fundraisers 47. 9. ResponsiveDesign and Mobile 48. Responsive Design Defenders of Wildlife Traditional Donate FormResponsive Donate Form 49. 9. Responsive Design and Mobile 50. 9. Responsive Design and Mobile 51. 10. After 101 Whats next? 52. Heather Marsh ABD Direct [email protected] Mikaela King Defenders of Wildlife [email protected] Powell The Engage Group [email protected]