2014 Ali R (sea creatures)

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Scary sea

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  1. 1. Scary sea creatures!!!
  2. 2. The Sloanes viperfish (Chauliodus sloani) The fiercest predators of the deep sea. Light producing cells - photophores
  3. 3. The dragon fish Egg floats to the surface Bottom Dweller(nickname)
  4. 4. The goblin shark WATCH THIS! Watch out! Can be found at 40m!
  5. 5. Tiburonia Discovered in 2003 3m diameter twice me Arms instead of tentacles! Big Red Jellyfish
  6. 6. Stargazer Great camouflage! Speedy attack
  7. 7. I had to base this project on gratitude too, I no youre probably thinking how does this relate to gratitude, but mostly everything in the world is related to gratitude because you have to thank the people who supported what you like to do. For example I am thankful to the people who found out about these animals and that is also related to gratitude a tiny bit because you have to thank all the people who helped find out about these animals because if they had not helped, these animals would have not been found out. Gratitude