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Presentation for Mozzilla OpenCall with Accredtust.

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Mozilla OpenCall18/21/2013Mozilla OpenCall2

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Digital Achievement Curation & Verification Services

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8/21/20138/21/2013Mozilla OpenCall3Academic Challenges for BadgesAcademic & College Buy-inAcademic integrity (outcomes)Who is authorized?What programs? What courses?How to avoid badge inflation?

8/21/2013Mozilla OpenCall4CTO Challenges for BadgesWhat technology exists to issues badges?Do we have resourses to manage badges?How do we issue badges in Canvas?Where do we store badge data?FERPA ConcernsContinuityLong-term storage and retrievalForgeryValidation

8/21/2013Mozilla OpenCall5Our Discovery

LTI IntegrationREST API

OpenBadge API

3rd Party Storage and RetrievalEndorsements, Validation

BadgeSafe For CanvasFirst fully integrated badging system for CanvasLTI IntegrationCanvas API drivenSimple User InterfaceTeacher ViewStudent ViewMozilla Backpack ExportAdvance your future SM

Mozilla OpenCall68/21/2013Kyle PeckProfessor of Education / Research Fellow Co-Director, Center for Online Innovation in LearningPenn State University

If the US Department of Education has announced its support of the badging concept (which it has), as have other government agencies (NASA, NSF, NOAA, and others) and if open badges are going to be a valid alternative to or eventually a replacement for transcripts, wouldn't it make sense for there to be an archive? I know that it would not make sense for many badges (of the social type for example), but I believe that it would make sense for serious badges documenting learning. When the Mozilla project was announced I thought that it would include such an archiving service, but it did not. I talked with someone at Mozilla about that (Sunny? Erin?) and it was suggested that that sort of service might better be provided by an organization like Penn State. As the Open Badges group has determined, it seems that it should be up to the provider to provide the data about the badges, and it should be up to the badge holder to offer his or her record to the archive.

Is it just me, or would a national repository/archive where records of badges and providers as well as badges issued would be preserved?

Source: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/openbadges/Mozilla OpenCall78/21/2013Mozilla OpenCall8

Digital Achievement Curation & Verification Services

8/21/2013Standards Driven / REST API DrivenSupport Badge FederationRobust Signed Badge AssertionsLong-Term Carrier Class StoragePublic Key Infrastructure3rd-Party Validation of BadgesSupport for Multiple Authentication(Active Directory, SAML, Shibboleth, Persona, OAUTH2)

Accreditrust ValueMozilla OpenCall98/21/2013Accreditrust EcosystemMozilla OpenCall108/21/2013Accreditrust Is ExtensibleFacilitates Multiparty EndorsementsOptionally, Store Encrypted Meta-Data with the Badge AssertionMachine Readable Data StructuresGlossary DrivenMix & Match Between ConstituentsLinked meta-data between multiple partiesBest Practices less complicatedMozilla OpenCall118/21/2013Accreditrust ExtensibilityMozilla OpenCall128/21/2013EndorsementsNursing ExampleMozilla OpenCallBadge138/21/2013Work with issuing institutions (public, private and government) for long-term curation of badges.3rd-Party validationBadgeSafe Badge system for Canvas built on top of Accreditrust technologyProvide academic and technology consultingAccreditrust ServicesMozilla OpenCall148/21/2013Digital Achievement Curation & Verification Services

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