2013 Forum Snowboards Lookbook

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Highlighting the top snowboards, bindings and boots for men and women from Forum for Winter 2013.

Transcript of 2013 Forum Snowboards Lookbook

  • We Live ForumWe are different. We are a community. We share a point of view and a commitment to the one thing that makes us who we arefreestyle riding. We dont need a gold medal, overpriced product, or a season pass to have fun. We ride with our friends in backyards, in the streets, in the mountains, and wherever we can find snow. We make sacrifices to live this way because it feels like there is no other choice.

    This life isnt for everyone. When you are ready, we want you to join us.

    THE STATEMENT Year Twenty - Thirteen


    Jake Welch

    Peter Line

    Stevie Bell

    Andreas Wiig Pat Moore

    Nic Sauve




    Austen SweetinCameron Pierce

    Niko CioffiDaniel Ek

    Alek Oestreng

  • WHAT WE DO Year Twenty - Thirteen

    Most companies try too hard to be all things to all people, struggling to create a lot of different products, messages and images that only serve to contradict each other.

    We are focused.

    Whether were riding an urban roof gap, a huge park jump, or a backcountry wedge, we have specific technologies that help riders push the boundaries of freestyle snowboarding, and thats all we do.

    This is Forum.



  • KEY STORIES Year Twenty - Thirteen

    BOARDS - New! GrandPops





    GrandPops Another HoneyPot success gets brought into the line. From winning Good Wood to being the teams favorite, the pure pop and true stability of GrandPops is giving a rebirth to camber style technologies. Youll find that POP from tip to tail, and extra POP under your feet for that extra ollie height youve been looking for.


    The Holy Moly IIThe best just got betterway better!

    When you set out to create the best park board ever and still make it affordable things can get tricky, and when you realize you did it, thats when your snowboarding will get extra tricky.

    This is exactly what happened as Team and engineers came together in The HoneyPot to create a board with true Ollie power last year and came out with the best all-around park board we have ever created. Featuring the insane combined POP of a GrandPops profile and Car Bomb Carbon Booms from last years Good Wood Award Winning From The HoneyPot and made some heavy upgrades. Adding our Really Light Core, Light Triax with Carbon, a Really Fast Base and Swingers club this is undeniably snowboardings NEWest best park board and hence deserves the name Holy Moly II.

    Once again The HoneyPot prevails! Youre welcome.

    MSRP: $499.99 USD

    Year Twenty - Thirteen


    Packin pop.

    Featuring the talents of famed Toronto artist King Trash, the Youngblood GrandPops is designed to pimp harder than Buck Nasty on Thunderbird.

    A true twin, bred with borderline illegal game, the NEW GrandPops provides exaggerated ollie power thanks to the expanded flat zones, Swingers Club makes it fast and loose making this the Youngbloods favorite park board we have created yet.

    MSRP: $419.99 USD

    The YoungBloodGrandPops

    Year Twenty - Thirteen


    So sick you might soil yourself.

    You leave dishes in it, you might wash your hands in it, and sometimes late on Saturday night you piss in it - it is the Kitchen Sink and its damned versatile.

    Our newest freestyle fiend crams our sickest tech into one deck GrandPops, Car Bombs, Swingers Club, Super Buttercup. The result a pro caliber board that hammers down powerful ollies, spins with less effort and still handles dicey business in any terrain with ease.

    MSRP: $459.99 USD

    The Kitchen Sink

    Year Twenty - Thirteen

  • KEY STORIES Year Twenty - Thirteen

    Playful Pop. If you dig that combo of playful and power that Double Dog gives you, youre gonna love this twist of POP we gave it. Still offering that forgiving playful ride with rocker sections between the feet and on the nose and tail, now adding zones of Pop and spring just outside your feet. These added Pop zones provide additional surface area just inside the contact points at your nose and tail that allow you to really load up your nose and tail as you press into an ollie or take off of a jump. Now the only problem is ollieing over the entire feature every time.

    New! DoubleDog with Pop




    Double homicide.

    Tougher than tiger blood and deadlier than Dahmer, if killing it is wrong, the Destroyer DoubleDog with Pop doesnt want to be right.

    Newly added Car Bombs elevates ollies and takes your game to the next level. The NEW DoubleDog with Pop profile provides the power needed to stomp the burliest jumps, yet retains the same playful feeling and easy going control needed to butter around and pull out of serious rotations.

    Just watch your back, this board is under heavy surveillance.

    MSRP: $449.99 USD

    The DestroyerDoubleDog

    Year Twenty - Thirteen


    Indestructible inner city drifter.

    It starts with a potentially sketchy idea. Then some white stuff. Next thing you know you got a full-blown situation at hand.

    Thats how sessions go down, and whether it happens in the most decorated shitter in the world at Max Fish NYC or on a ledge near downtown, getting filthy is largely a matter of style. With super quick 0-to-60 Base, youll slide any rail or ledge with little worry of blowing your scene as it comes ready filed with Beveled Bad Ass Edges.

    Juiced up with the kind of pep only Pop Camber can provide, and a NEW 2 Year Warranty the Contract is likely to become a city wide epidemic.

    MSRP: $339.99 USD

    The Contract

    Year Twenty - Thirteen


    Its go time, bitches.

    Raising hell and tearing through the park has become pretty routine, at least for the Spinster. Yeah, shes always down for the rails but really gets fired up when taking down the jump line.

    With the playful power of DoubleDogs camber/rocker blend and Booter Boosters in the nose and tail, perfecting the ollie was yesterdays news; shes quickly on to the next one with the new faster Formula base.

    MSRP: $419.99 USD

    The Spinster

    Year Twenty - Thirteen

  • THE HONEYPOT Year Twenty - Thirteen

    The HoneyPot is our tech incubator, where we release new features to see how they work. Sometimes the ideas suck and get thrown out. The concepts that do eventually make it to production represent things that make snowboarding better, or at least more fun. With that goal in mind, each year the products from the Honeypot will change based on what were riding and whats physically possible. This year the focus was on responsiveness and maneuverability in any type of terrain to make the entire mountain our personal park.

    The HoneyPot

    Super Buttercup + Flat Rocker

    Utilizing the newly developed Super Buttercup and its lifted nose and tail construction next to the contact points, along with a new flat profile gives a rider the ability to maintain pop, power and stability while allowing for a playful catch-free ride. The outcome is a new board shape that is fine-tuned to butter, jump and jib every feature of every mountain. A truly versatile deck for the rider who owns the mountain, no matter what the conditions are.




    Foot Steer Triax + Spine of Power

    To achieve better response and maneuverability, we created two features that work together to deliver a ride that has all the pop and spring you would expect from a park board with a highly dynamic feel.

    A new glass layup that offers longitudinal snap and pop with a softer torsional feel. This offers a more playful feel with increased response and flexibility.

    The newly developed Spine of Power is a longitudinal wood stringer running from nose-to-tail that improves the longitudinal snap and flex for stronger ollie power and boost while allowing the Foot Steer Triax Glass to bend and flex around the central axis of the board.

    Combined, the two give you a responsive and maneuverable board that maintains the ollie pop and snap needed for treating the entire mountain as a park, whether its ice, pow, chunder or whatever is thrown your way.




    The hammer of the gods.

    A flash of brilliance has struck the lab again and inspired the freshest From The HoneyPot yet.

    This seasons offering blends an idea that a stiffer tip to tail bend mixed with a softer rail to rail flex makes for the most versatile deck yet. Beginning with what we call the Gnar Core with Spine of Power and its unrivaled end-to-end rebound with a quick layer of buttering fun thanks to the Super Buttercup twin shape. We then wrap it in Foot Steer Triax Fiberglass giving you ultimate torsional maneuverability, before mathematically adding in a NEW Flat Rocker profile for all-terrain versatility

    The result? A twin deck that is as maneuverable as it is responsive and as powerful as it is playful no matter what the terrain. How we combined these benefits is not the only conspiracy hidden in this board.

    MSRP: $389.99 USD

    From The HoneyPot

    Year Twenty - Thirteen

  • KEY STORIES Year Twenty - Thirteen

    The Good Vibes are spreading and it feels natural.

    Featuring mind-altering and award-winning new levels of board feel from the original free-flexing Hinge Disk and Split Baseplate. Good Vibes allow the board to flex naturally un