2012 Winter

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Transcript of 2012 Winter

  • Olivetan Benedictine SistersJonesboro, Arkansas 72403-1209

    Volume 29 No 1 www.olivben.org WINTER 2012

    The opening ceremony of the year-longcelebration of our Quasquicentennial Cele-bration was held on December 13. It waspreceded by a Triduum of prayer on December10, 11 and 12 in honor of our of our patron,Mary, our Heavenly Mother; the BlessedSacrament, to whom our Community has aspecial devotion; St. Benedict, Founder ofthe Benedictine Order and St. BernardTolomei, Founder of the Olivetan Branch ofBenedictines.

    Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, DD, offeredthe opening Mass and Fr. Vincent Udo,chaplain, concelebrated. Before the closing

    blessing, Bishop Taylor invited the HonorableMayor Harold Perrin to the podium to give aproclamation. Mayor Perrin read theproclamation and presented a framed copy toSr. Lillian Marie, concerning the contributionsthe Sisters have made in education, and health-care ministries in northeast Arkansas, especiallyin Jonesboro. The Sisters were based inPocahontas the first 11 years, then relocatedtheir motherhouse (headquarters) to Jonesborofor the past 114 years.

    Because the opening ceremony was specificallyfor the Sisters, invited guests were limited to thecommunity Business Advisory Council, including:

    Opening of Quasquicentennial CelebrationDr. Warren Shull, Ph.D., Dave Davidson,Charlott Jones, CPA, Guy Patteson and FranDavidson Robinson.

    The Knights of Columbus, Council 1702,prepared and served a festive meal. In additionto Tom Gschwend, the following helped inpreparing the meal: Frank Digaetano, RogerDe Roeck, Ken Newberry, Bill Kueter andHenry Gschwend. Wives of the KCs decoratedthe tables, made desserts and assisted in serving.These included: Rita De Roeck, Barbara

    Gschwend, Betty Newberry, Joyce Schmidt,

    Opening Mass - D

    eacon England, Bi

    shop Taylor and F

    ather Udo.

    Mayor HaroldPerrin and Sr. Lillian

    Marie Reiter

    Opening of Quasquicentennial Celebration

    Denise Malloy, Betty New

    berry, Joyce Schmidt

    & Pam UngerankL R: Bill Kueter, Roger De Roeck, Ken Newberry and Frank Digaetano

    (Bishop Taylor greeting the KCs) -Tom Gschwend not pictured.

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  • Greetings to allour families andfriends at the begin-

    ning of this New Year! This will be a specialyear for us since we are celebrating theQuasquicentennial the 125th anniversary ofour first Sisters coming from Switzerland toArkansas.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmascelebration, and like most of us are ready tomake some New Years Resolutions. St. Paulgives some ideas for these in his letter to theColossians 3: 12-15. You are Gods chosenrace, his saints; he loves you, and you shouldbe clothed in sincere compassion, in kindnessand humility, gentleness and patience. Bear

    with one another, forgive each other assoon as a quarrel begins. The Lord hasforgiven you; now you must do the same.Over all these clothes, to keep themtogether and complete them, put on love.And may the peace of Christ reign in yourhearts, because it is for this that you werecalled together as parts of one body.Always be thankful.

    On the note of thankfulness, I would liketo thank all of you for your Christmaswishes, your prayers and gifts. We greatlyappreciate all. You are daily rememberedin our prayers. May your New Year befilled with many wonderful blessings!

    Message FromThe Prioress

    VOCATION ACTIVITIES November 17-19, Sr. Mary Clare Beznerattended the National Catholic YouthConference in Indianapolis, Indiana witha group from Blessed Sacrament Parish.This years conference theme, Called toGlory was attended by more than 23,000young people, priests, religious, bishopsand laity from all over the country.

    Those in attendance participated in theMass, talks, and activities with Catecheticalpurposes during the three-day period.Probably, the most amazing moment wasduring the Lectio Divinia (praying withScripture), with over 20,000 youth, completelysilent, Sr. Mary Clare remarked.

    This bi-annual event is an opportunityfor youth to focus on their Catholic faith,pray, learn about the priesthood andreligious life, and share fun and fellow-ship with other Catholics.January 13 & 14 Sr. Elaine Willett and

    Sr. Glorea Knaggs attended the Dioce-san Womens Discernment Retreat, held atSt. Johns Center in Little Rock. Duringthe Retreat, the Sisters participated in pre-sentations and visited with young womenfrom the Diocese of Little Rock, who areinterested in religious life.

    Please continue to pray for those inFormation Programs and for more vocationsto the Priesthood and Religious Life.

    Sister Lillian Marie Reiter, OSB, Prioress

    Denise Malloy, and Pam Ungerank. DianaRuesewald from Weiner, also assisted indecorating and serving. Tim Malloy donatedthe wine and Dorothy Brodell provided alarge cake decorated with the officialQuasquicentennial logo.

    Sr. Romana Rohmer was the Emcee forthe after dinner remarks, in which she gavea brief overview of our first Sisters coming

    from Switzerland to Arkansas. Afterward,she recognized and thanked all those, whoassisted in the celebration. At. the close ofthe program, Sr. Mary Anne Nuce distributedcopies of Memories and Milestones, acommemorative souvenir book, written bySr. Henrietta Hockle, giving an overview ofthe history of the Sisters coming fromSwitzerland to Arkansas.

    Continue from page 1 Open of Quasquicentennial Celebration

    Deserts prepared by ladies

    Emcee - Sr. Romana Rohmer

    Barbara Gschwen

    d, Diana Ruesewa

    ld & Rita De Roec


    New Publication

    All those who sent in $10 to have theirname listed in Memories and Milestones. (asFriends of Holy Angels) are eligible toreceive a copy of the commemorativesouvenir book, written by Sr. HenriettaHockle. Pick it up, when you come for openhouse on your respective day (See scheduleon last page), or have someone pick it up foryou. If your name is not listed in the book,and are interested in receiving a copy, pleasesend name and address, along with a smalldonation to cover the cost, and you willreceive a copy. SEND: Attention: Sr. RomanaRohmer, Gift Shop, Holy Angels Convent,P.O. Box 1209, Jonesboro, AR 72403-1209.

    HOLY ANGELS CONVENTEchoes published quarterly by

    the Olivetan Benedictine SistersSister Henrietta Hockle Editor

    Sister Glorea Knaggs Associate EditorSister Monica Swirczynski Proof Reader

    Sister Marilyn Doss & Sister Miriam Burns PhotosSister Thrse Johnson & Sister Virginia Baltz Circulation

    Master Print Group Jonesboro, AR Printing

  • This year, the Hispanic CommunityService, Inc. chose Sr. Elaine Willett astheir honoree during the MulticulturalDinner and Dance on November 5, 2011.Sr. Elaine began the Hispanic Center in1997 and has continued to work tirelesslyto assist the Hispanics in their struggle tobecome active and productive members ofthe community. In appreciation to Sr.Elaine, Mayor Harold Perrin presented herwith a Key to the City of Jonesboro.


    In 1963, the City of Little Rock, Arkansashad 12 of snow and thick icy streets. HolySouls School was closed, so a great numberof neighborhood kids were out with theirsleds, sliding down H street, a very steephill by the school. I decided to join in thefun sledding all day long. Going down hillthat fast, resulted in a total whiteout as thespeed, I presume, was at least 60 mph.

    At one point that afternoon, while goingdown the hill, I spotted a totally white dogabout eight feet ahead of me. The next thingI knew and heard was a yelping dog, thatflew up above. I headed for the curb androlled over four or five times, yelling,Where is the dog? I just knew I had killedit. However, it was already a block awayheading for home. After that for months andyears, I was known as the Dog Killer Nun.

    That same afternoon parents were outtaking pictures of their kids, and at onepoint, I saw this one man with a pretty finecamera wanting a picture of me going downhill. Not knowing that it was a UPI photog-rapher then, I soon found out in two days.Fan mail and pictures began to arrive dailyfor months, mainly from the East: Chicago,Washington, DC, Massachusetts , Rhode

    REMEMBERING THE PAST Sr. Elaine is HonoredIsland, Florida and Texas. All were compli-mentary except one. It was on several TVstations, too. My friends in Detroit,Michigan saw it on TV and my Aunt inAustin, TX did also.

    I have a copy of the picture in Frenchfrom Toronto, Canada and it was also in theStars and Stripes newspaper in Germany.Since then, the picture has been publishedon a Calendar of Nuns and in a bookcalled Nuns Having Fun. So much for myfame and celebrity sledding on ice.


    OLIVETAN BENEDICTINE SISTERS IN JONESBOROWHEREAS: The City of Jonesboro is blessed with an abundance of outstanding organizations andvolunteers who give tirelessly of their time, energy and financial resources to improve the qualityof life here and throughout all of Northeast Arkansas; andWHEREAS: Among those organizations and volunteers, there are few who can match thecommitment, compassion, vision and impact of the Olivetan Benedictine Sisters and the work theyhave so tirelessly accomplished through Holy Angels Convent; and WHEREAS: The Community has its origin in Switzerland, by 1887, four Sisters had relocated toPocahontas to start a convent and school, and in 1898, the Sisters officially relocated the conventto Jonesboro; and WHEREAS: In response to a Malaria Fever epidemic in 1900, the Sisters were persuaded to opena hospital in Jonesboro, to help alleviate the suffering here in Northeast Arkansas, openin