2012 secondary schools psychology teachers conference

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21st Century pedagogy in the teaching of Psychology

Transcript of 2012 secondary schools psychology teachers conference

  • 1. 2012 Secondary Schools Psychology TeachersConference

2. 21st Century Pedagogy 3. Learning? 21st Centurypedagogy mLearning Blended learning eLearning 4. Some Inspiration 5. What is the process of learning in these spaces?What is the teacher doing? 6. What is the process of learning? 7. The Pedagogy 20th Century 21st Century Teacher as director of Teacher as facilitator oflearning learning What, when, how to learn Students decide what, where and how to learn One size fits all Personalised Teacher at the expert Student as the expert Individual Collaborative Focused on the acquisition Focused on the process ofof knowledge learning What to know How to know Assessment at one point in Assessment when thetime student is ready 8. Why is this important?Why doesnt the classroom reflect the world of work? 9. Transformation not modernizationModernization doesnt changethe process of learning 10. 1950s? Today?What year are you preparing your students for? 11. Transformation how do I know?LearningLearning FROMWITH TechnologyTechnology Passive Active 12. Where to start? 13. Step 1: Hand over the whiteboard marker 14. Step 2: Rearrange the desks in your classroom 15. Step 3: Give students choiceTopic ChoiceGroups they work inHow learners present evidence of their learningPace 16. Step 4: Use Student Voice to direct the teaching and learning 17. Step 5: Teaching and Learning as Inquiry 18. Step 5: Follow a process ofteaching-as-inquiryHand over the whiteboardmarkerRearrange the desksUse student voice to direct theteaching and the learningTeaching and Learning as Inquiry 19. Some points to ponder.