2012 North Pole Marathon The World’s Coolest Marathon.

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Transcript of 2012 North Pole Marathon The World’s Coolest Marathon.

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  • 2012 North Pole Marathon The Worlds Coolest Marathon
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  • Competitors will board an Antonov jet to fly to the North Pole Camp on 4 April.
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  • The camp floats about the high Arctic Ocean near the Geographic North Pole and consists of a small cluster of heated tents and a runway for planes to land.
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  • A dog sled ride on the landing runway.
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  • The North Pole is not situated on land but on water frozen water (or ice floes) on 12,000 feet of Arctic Ocean.
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  • A course of about 4.2km will be measured and marked out. Runners will repeat the circuit until the classic marathon distance of 42.195km / 26.2 miles is completed.
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  • Leads, or breaks in the ice, can sometimes be present and expose the Ocean below. If leads are plentiful, then the running circuit will be shortened to avoid them.
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  • The extreme cold at the North Pole means that people need some warm layers of clothing when not running long thermal underwear, warm fleece tops, a good down jacket with hood, fleece pants, windproof pants, and suitable boots for snow conditions.
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  • Clothes to wear when running Three layers of material on upper body a light thermal layer, a thin fleece layer and an outer windproof shell with ventilation zips. Two layers on legs thermals and a windproof pants. A balaclava, facemask, neck gaiter, hat and goggles to cover head and a pair of gloves and mittens to protect hands. One pair of sock liners, one pair of wool blend socks and a pair of trail running shoes. Snowshoes are optional.
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  • I dont think theyve noticed me yet!
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  • Charge of the white brigade
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  • Running by the camp
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  • Having a chat.
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  • Enjoying the hushed surroundings
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  • It might be best to avoid that pressure ridge
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  • Its easier with company
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  • The joy of finishing the North Pole Marathon
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  • Standing at the precise geographic North Pole. with Ranulph Fiennes (right).
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  • All good things come to an end: Time to go home.
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  • Richard Donovan Email: rd@npmarathon.comrd@npmarathon.com Tel: +353-91-516644 RACE DIRECTOR www.npmarathon.com Date: 5 April 2012