2012 Collection Lookbook: Underneath the Alligators

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Collection designed and photographed by Anu Lingala for the 2012 Cornell Fashion Collective runway show

Transcript of 2012 Collection Lookbook: Underneath the Alligators

  • Preppy // J.F.A.

    Youre a prep and thats a factOriginality youve always lackedI can see right through your act

    Youre a preppy, a preppyBy any other name, youd still be the sameTopsiders, alligators, Calvin Klein jeansArgyle socks, you look real keenThats not your life man, its Pierre Cardins

    Youre a preppy, preppyThink youre real hot, being who youre not

    Of all the preppies Ive been shownIve seen something youve always knownunderneath the alligators is afucking clone

    Youre a preppy, preppyYoure so fucking lame, you all look the same

  • She is sick and tired of her plain, boring, small town New England life. One night, on a whim, she cuts up all her old clothes and sews them back together, adding scraps and studs found at her favor-ite local charity shop shes forbidden from setting foot inside. Asking for trouble, but she doesnt

    care. They cant do anything about it once the clothes are all cut up anyways...She is a free spirt, awake, alive, young, excited. Cant wait to run away by herself and explore and

    see the world, but she hasnt quite mustered the courage just yet. Soon though.

  • The Fall 2013 collection is rooted in the fascinating relationship between two disparate subcultures: the punk and the prep. Both ideologies possess an origin and evolutionary history that is relevant

    to the political and socioeconomic nature of their most vibrant years. The 1950s prototypical preppy lifestyle and the 1970s punk rock scene that was founded on the subversion of the formers ideals,

    curiously share several of the same features (though in different contexts). An article I came across, The Punk Prep highlights the unexpectedly symbiotic relationship between these two subcultural sects. The collections title references a punk track mentioned in the article whose lyrics shun the

    preppies donning the classic Lacoste alligator logo. Through the research and development of this line, I have strived to explore the unexpected correlation between these subcultures via the narrative

    of a rebellious young woman.

  • Designed and Photographed by Anu Lingala