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Transcript of 2011 WAVE RISING SERIES_WEEK1

Photo of Chang Yoo Kyung Dance Company


2011 WAVE RISING SERIES STAFFArtistic Director/Producer Festival Coordinator Development Director Assistant Festival Coordinator Assistant Producer Selection Panel Young Soon Kim Nellie Rainwater Cliff Preiss Megan Kennedy, Hyemee Baik Kyunghwa Seo Keith Thompson, Emily Bufferd, Diana Crum, Young Soon Kim, Risa Steinberg, Christopher Williams, Charles Wright Monifa Kincaid, Catherine Roth Jinhee An Charlie Winter Matthew Charles Creeden Catey Ott, Amanda Hinchey, Unjin Kim, Megan Smith, Amelia Munro, Tim Hong, Jookyung Lee

Interns Graphic & Web Design Lighting Designer/Stage Manager Back Stage Manager Volunteers

WHITE WAVE TrusteesHonorary Chair John C. Ryan Chairperson of Board of Directors Cheryl Williams Board of Directors Stephanie Carlotti, Eunjung Cho, Young Soon Kim, Renee Robinson, Renato Tranquilino Company Lawyer Mark Crosby Company Accountant Hyung No Lee Financial Auditor William Tam

Special Thanks tothe volunteers who made this season possible, and all of the dancers and collaborators who participating in this years WAVE RISING SERIES. This program is supported, in part, by public funds from The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council Mertz Gilmore Foundation New York Community Trust Korean Cultural Service, NY Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Republic of Korea and is made possible with public funds from the NEW YORK STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS, celebrating 50 years of building strong, creative communities in New York States 62 counties. We also thank the Emma A. Sheafer Charitable Trust for recently awarding WHITE WAVE a capacity-building grant, and express our deep gratitude to our principal philanthropic supporter, the John Ryan Company.

ABOUT WHITE WAVEWHITE WAVEs mission is to act as a potent stimulus for change and expansion of the dance/arts world through creation of new dance works, production of dance concerts, and education through dance classes. WHITE WAVEs John Ryan Theater promotes and presents emerging and established artists through the annual Festivals Project, providing a venue for choreographers/companies to congregate, create, rehearse and present new dance works. WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company reaches out to people of all generations and cultures by producing full scale and multi-dimensional artworks. Its striking productions reflect themes and philosophies that are both modern and timeless. WHITE WAVE fulfills our mission to serve the dance field and the public at large through thefollowing activities:

THE COMPANY: For twenty years, WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim DanceCompany has appeared on principal stages across the U.S. and the Far East. Its annual New York City season consists of full-scale performances of both new works and repertory by Ms. Kim. The company also produces showcases, classes and workshops.

FESTIVALS PROJECT: Since 2001, WHITE WAVEs Festivals Project has beena vital component of New Yorks contemporary dance scene. We produce three annual projects, DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL, WAVE RISING SERIES and COOL NEW YORK, where both emerging and established choreographers and companies congregate, create, rehearse and present new dance works.

PERFORMANCE & REHEARSAL SPACE: WHITE WAVE John Ryan Theater,a 120-person capacity, 3000 square-foot dance studio/ theater, offers public programming and serves as a resource to New Yorks dance community: companies and performers can rent its space for rehearsals and performances at a deeply discounted rate.

EDUCATION: WHITE WAVE provides a wide range of dance educationopportunities to both professional and recreational dancers, as well as to children just discovering the joy of dance.

WELCOME TO THE 6TH ANNUAL WAVE RISING SERIESWHITE WAVE is thrilled to present the sixth annual WAVE RISING SERIES, featuring 24 dance companies in six different programs celebrating fresh and contemporary choreography. This showcase of some of the worlds best and brightest emerging dancemakers furthers WHITE WAVEs commitment to find, nurture, and broaden horizons for extraordinary artists. WHITE WAVEs Artistic Director Young Soon Kim founded the WAVE RISING SERIES in 2006 as a platform for companies who may not have the resources to stage full productions of new dance works. Tightly curated by Ms. Kim and a six-person panel of prominent dance figures, the festival offers rising choreographers the opportunity to present their work on a large scale, often for the first time, alongside a group of invited companies from among the most visionary names in contemporary dance. The WAVE RISING SERIES, which started by presenting local companies, now features innovative dancemakers from around the world. The New York Times wrote in 2008, (The WAVE RISING SERIES presents) a broad variety of work. Tickets are cheap and dancing plentiful; its a good mix. As with prior festivals, the SERIES roster includes both rising and eminent dancemakers from across the United States and beyond: two stellar Korean companies and a renowned ensemble from Israel will be on this years bill. The WAVE RISING SERIES is presented only a few weeks following WHITE WAVEs 11th Anniversary DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL, which began with a sparkling GALA Opening Night on September 22nd. For the following three days, we presented 15 spectacular dance programs at WHITE WAVE John Ryan Theater, each featuring up to eight choreographers/companies per hour. The DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL featured works by more than 120 rising dancemakers from throughout the United States and beyond, with troupes coming from as far away as Canada, Italy, and Japan to perform on our stage.

PROGRAM A10/20 (Thurs), 7:30pm* 10/22(Sat), 7:30pm 10/23(Sun), 4:00pma world where alarm clocks ring in the morning (excerpt)Danielle Russo Dance Company Choreography by Danielle Russo Performed by Andrea Dispenziere, Janice Lancaster Larsen, and Katie Mather Music by Robert Henke as edited by Michael Wall and Rudy Vallee Videography by Danielle Russo Text by Danielle Russo and Katie Mather Costumes & Set by Danielle Russo and dancers

Youve been misled, loveRainwater Dances Choreography by Nellie Rainwater Danced by Jonathan Campbell, Austin Diaz, Unjin Kim, Liz Montgomery Music by Colin Stetson Costumes by Erin Schultz


why we tellRachel Erdos Choreographed by Rachel Erdos Danced by Ori Lenkinski and Idan Yoav Original Music by Alberto ShwartzWhy we tell began as an investigation of Christopher Bookers opus The Seven Basic Plots, why we tell stories. During our journey through the seven themes, a new story emerged, that of an intimate relationship between a man and a woman. The creative process for Why We Tell took place mostly in Ireland, as part of the Blank Canvas Residency Program, Cork. Recently performed in Israel and Italy. www.rachelerdos.com

Waltz With Me RubyThe Anata Project Choreography by Claudia Anata Hubiak Danced by Brighid Greene, Claudia Anata Hubiak, Liz Montgomery, Erin Okayama, Zach Thomas Original Music by Joe Lessard and Andy Teirstein


PROGRAM B10/21 (Fri), 7:30pm* 10/22(Sat), 4:00pm 10/23(Sun), 7:30pm**ReflectionsLenora Lee Dance with Kei Lun Martial Arts & Enshin Karate, South San Francisco Dojo Artistic Direction by Lenora Lee Choreographed by Lenora Lee, in collaboration with Marina Fukushima, Ronald Wong, Dale Chung, Raymond Fong, Yukihiko Noda, and Lucas Okuma. Additional Artists on Video: Corey Chan, Nolan Chow, Junichiro Nakanishi, Keith Soohoo Media Design & Video Editing by Olivia Ting Videography by Ben Estabrook (videos projected) Lighting by Patty-Ann Farrell (videos projected) Music by Francis Wong with Kei Lun Martial Arts, Tatsu Aoki, Karen Stackpole, Melody Takata.The Asian American Arts Centre, has given generous permission for the use of excerpts from Uncle Ng Comes to Gold Mountain performed by NEA Heritage Fellow Ng Sheung Chi (Uncle Ng) in the Toisan dialect, 1980s. Recorded and transcribed by the Asian American Arts Centre, New York City, Copyright 2011.

Poetry by Genny Lim Voiceover by Alson Lee, Genny Lim, Raymond Fong, Karina Lee Howe, Todd Nakagawa Directorial Consulting by Ellen Sebastian Chang

This piece is inspired by stories of three generations of men as they realize their identity and community as Chinese Americans. It addresses the struggle for dominance and survival, the pursuit of wisdom, the relationship between yin (soft) and yang (hard), and ultimately the quest for peace. Key symbols are the Zhang Fei (black and white) lion the warrior; the female characters yin (compassion), and the martial arts themselves personal and spiritual discipline. This work was developed through the support of Asian Improv aRts, API Cultural Center, Chinese Historical Society of America Museum, Cameron House, Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation, and the CounterPULSE Artist Residency Commissioning Program. Reflections is supported in part by CA$H, a grants program administered by Theatre Bay Area in partnership with Dancers Group, Meet the Composer, Puffin Foundation, Zellerbach Family Foundation, Performing Arts Assistance Program, Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, San Francisco Arts Commission, and California Arts Council. Special thanks to Mark Chung, Michael Holscher, Catherine Hung, Alson & JoAnn Lee, Jean & Richard Lym, Gunthilde & Lew Perin, Elaine Wang and Tony Chuy of Praying Mantis Martial Arts Institute. www.LenoraLeeDance.com


SalomeTomomi Imai Choreographed and Performed by Tomomi Imai Music by Arvo Part

new duo (work in progress)patricia noworol dance (PND) Chorographed by Patricia Noworol in collaboration with ChristinaNoel Reaves Danced by ChristinaNoel Reaves and Patricia Noworol Music by Elaine &