2011 OTC Online Remote Adjunct Orientation

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Transcript of 2011 OTC Online Remote Adjunct Orientation

  • 1. Agenda
    Wimba introduction
    OTC Overview
    OTC Online Overview
    Policies and procedures
    Breakout Rooms by Department

2. Academic Calendar Fall 2011
3. Carla Bradley, Coordinator of Online Instructional Development
Philip Arnold, Director of Media Services
Mindy Gomez, Assistant Coordinator of Online Instructional Resources
Online Remote Adjunct OrientationFall 2011
4. Agenda
Wimba introduction
OTC Overview
OTC Online Overview
Policies and procedures
Breakout Rooms by Department
5. If you do not have computer speakers, you may opt to use the dial-in number and student PIN code.
6. Wimba Classroom
7. Where are you?
8. Where did you travel this summer?
9. Springfield
10. Lebanon
11. Richwood Valley
12. Hollister- Fall 2013
13. 14. 15. Projected Enrollment (Strategic Plan)
16. Growth of OTC Online
17. online@otc.edu417-447-8200
18. OTC Media Services
What We Do

  • Blackboard training and support for faculty and students

19. Recommendations for educational technologies to enhance learning 20. Audio/Visual productionKey Contacts
Philip Arnold Director
Chris Austin Coordinator
Jacque Harris part-time Blackboard Support
Krista Parker part-time Blackboard Support
Kristina Bridges-Templeton Videographer
Key Links & Resources
web address:http://www.otc.edu/online
21. OTC Media Services
22. OTC Online Instructional Development
What We Do

  • Online Course Development and Delivery Reviews

23. Faculty certification, CE and PD for Online Teaching and Learning 24. Master shell course reviews 25. Contacts for online faculty questions, mentoring, etc. Key Contacts
Carla Bradley Coordinator of Online Instructional Development
Mindy Gomez- Assistant Coordinator of Online Instructional Resources
Nicki Plemmons part-time Online Instructional Development Assistant
Work Study-
Key Links & Resources
web address:http://www.otc.edu/online
26. Faculty Center for OTC Online
27. Updated Online Syllabus Template
28. eLearning Outreach
What We Do

  • Workforce Development/Community Enrichment Development

29. Student Services/Support 30. Hybrid and Blended Program Course Development 31. Dual Credit Online, Online Articulation Agreements, off-campus proctoringKey Contacts
Vanessa Germeroth Assistant Director of eLearning Outreach
Kim Greene Online Outreach Specialist
Work Study Students-
Key Links & Resources
web address:http://www.otc.edu/online
Phone: 417-447-8200
32. Reminders from OTC Online
Response time
Meeting deadlines
Authentic learning activities vs. busywork
Instructor role in discussions(or other communication)
Email (not for assignment submission)
Administrative withdrawal
33. Academic Calendar Fall 2011
34. Proctoring
One proctored activity for each online class. Must be in Blackboard and must have seven-day access window.
Final exam dates are December 8-15.
Springfield Testing Center open 12-5 p.m. Sunday, December 11.
35. Administrative Withdrawal
Administrative Withdrawal from an Online Course
It is the policy of the College that a student will be administratively withdrawn from a course due to lack of attendance in seated classes or nonparticipation in online classes. (Policy 5.36)

An instructor will administratively withdraw a student from class if that student meets either of the following criteria in an online course:

Does not access (as designated in online grade book) the course for 14 consecutive days without contacting the instructor (in a sixteen-week course).
Does not submit total assignments equating to 20% of total semester assignments (e.g. assignments, discussions, exam, homework, etc.)
Students should be aware that administrative withdrawal for lack of attendance or nonparticipation may reduce the amount of financial aid they receive, delay their graduation or necessitate repayment of aid already received and does not relieve their obligation to pay all tuition and fees due to the College.
36. Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education
Encourages contact between students and faculty;
Develops reciprocity and cooperation among students;
Encourages active learning;
Gives prompt feedback;
Emphasizes time on task;
Communicates high expectations; and
Respects diverse talents and ways of learning.
Chickering, A. & Gamson, Z. (1987). Seven principles for good practice in undergraduate education. AAHE Bulletin (39)7.
37. HLC: 10-Year Reaccreditation
Findings for OTC Online
Accreditation by the Commission and by other nationally recognized agencies provides assurance to the public, in particular to prospective students, that an organization has been found to meet the agency's clearly stated requirements and criteria and that there are reasonable grounds for believing that it will continue to meet them.
38. Updated Review Process
Course development vs. course delivery
Online syllabus template
Growing needs of OTC Online (16-week and 8-week sessions) -> lesson labeling
Course objectives
Role of online instructor
Consistency in course menu
39. Navigation and Course Menu
40. OTC Online CE
Adjunct and full-time instructors receive a $50 tuition waiver each semester they teach. (Cannot roll over.)
OTL 125: Flexing Your Presentation Skills
OTL 201: Course Delivery for Online Teaching and Learning
OTL 210: Assessment and Grading for Online Teaching and Learning
41. OTC Online PD
If you do not have computer speakers, you may opt to use the dial-in number and student PIN code.
42. www.otc.edu
43. online.otc.edu
44. MyOTC
45. AccessOTC
46. Resources
47. Films on Demand
48. Embedded e-Learning Librarian
Written instructions and video tutorials about research and other domains of the library.
Via discussion Ask the Librarian forum and emails
Answered within 24 hours, excluding the weekend and holidays. But I do check my email on over the weekends and holidays.
Questions range from easy to in-depth
Where can I find Knight Cite?
I need help locating information from the 1990 census information on Journey to Work in the Bronx.
Resources used
All of the information gather comes from databases and internet resources. If not, I make it available online.
Tracy Ponder (pondert@otc.edu)
49. Adding Wimba
Use dropdown in Add Interactive Tool in Lessons, Dropbox, or other content area.
Select Wimba Classroom.
One Wimba classroom can be added to multiple course sections.
Wimba workshops and other workshops are offered and announced via email.
50. The Role of the Lead Online Instructor
Support online adjunct faculty
Serve as primary contact person for online instructors
Provide professional development opportunities
Schedule classes
Check syllabi for currency and accuracy
Provide course abstracts when changes are made.
Keeps instructors informed of any changing course material requirements.
Conduct reviews for online adjunct faculty
51. Breakout Rooms by Department
Use typed chat for Breakout Room or microphone.
Exchange contact information with other remote online instructors in department.
Ask questions regarding textbooks, course abstracts, and departmental final exams.
Share practices and ideas.
Evening ends when your Breakout Room finishes.
Questions: online@otc.edu