20 Rules for Selling Ideas to Your Boss

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Rule #1: You actually have to do stuff.

Rule #2: Avoid open warfare.

Rule #3: Never bluff your boss. Do your research.

Rule #4: Only talk numbers to numbers people.** Your boss may be ego-driven, not numbers-driven.

Rule #5: Talking louder is seldom aneffective sales strategy.

Rule #6: Never inflate results.Long-term trust is more importantthan short-term wins.

Rule #7: Dont obsess over whether you are treated fairly. Obsess over results.

Rule #8: No surprises. Ever.

Rule #9: Look the roleyou are trying to play.

Rule #10: Dont overcommit.

Rule #11: If you screw up,admit it. Then fix it.

Rule #12: Be yourself. Life istoo long to fake a role.

Rule #13: Relax. There is no Rule 13.

Rule #14: Pay more attention to the details of your business than your boss does.

Rule #15: Dont hang yourself. Only promise results you KNOW you can deliver.

Rule #16: Dont waffle. If you promised Ultra, deliver Ultra.

Rule #17: Keep your cool. Anger causes tunnelvision.

Rule #18: Do not get full of yourself. Always show respect.

Rule #19: When you get feedback, actually listen to it.Listen to my radio interview on selling ideas to your boss.

Rule #20: Your boss is a person, too. Watch for signs that today might be a bad or good day to pitch your idea.Listen to my radio interview on selling ideas to your boss.

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